Facets: Can We Take Back America Without Destroying Her?

Can we take back America without destroying her?

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

To take back America from an international oligarchy will not be easy. It will take a collective unity never seen before in America, and a savvy understanding of how the system works as well.


American slavery of the spirit

In the past, most Americans took their standing orders from a Government that stood over them with a power unchallenged, going mostly without question to war, suffering quietly through designed economic fluctuations, as we are weakened by systematic and systemically orchestrated breakdown of family by the disintegration of moral and ethical value, scientifically instilled by television and Hollywood. This has ushered in a new characterization of individual responsibility, entitlement, and slavery in many forms. To take back our government, one who takes its standing orders from us collectively by our Constitution has not yet been formulated by we the people, and never will. Without a leader of honor, a leader that holds a standard of truth, we will never be up to that task… we the people need a viable leader.

If a person opposes the government by force, no matter what the principle, he could spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth, or be forced to flee the country. Any plot to violence is considered traitorous. To a true patriot, these options might seem unacceptable, as he would indeed die for the ideals this country was founded upon. From the onset, however, and emphatically so, violence is not advocated in any way by this author as a solution. And yet it should be recognized that to oppose an oligarchy effectively might be a dangerous proposition on many fronts.  One could actually be deleted from existence… That power is real, and held in the hands of men who care for nothing but their own self interests.

Oligarchy power will do anything to remain so, and that most Americans are not up to the challenge to thwart them seems most evident. You see, rule of law and the voting booth are both tools and weapons, forged by intellect, free will, and yet our individual level of ability shows the task to be virtually impossible. Even after all we have been through as a nation, we continue to vote for men who were part of an elitist structure, and chosen by them. Voting, I am so sorry to say, has been little more but an illusion since the death of JFK. Look at what JFK was working on before his death, and you will see the reason…

In turn, our Oligarchical, shadow-government, takes its standing orders from international bankers, coordinated and orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. There is also a convergent network of conglomerate international businesses, and both have unlimited resources. Resources that can be used beyond the imagination to make their agendas reality, or to remain in power. They will use taboo, religious intolerance and interpretation, domestic and international false-flag operation, bogus information and contrived realism, and all without definable rules based on any code of law or moral value. They have the ability, by the use of media and press, to actually change and manipulate social norms for their purpose, by well developed physiological sciences that have come of age.

Our legal systems and Constitution are bypassed and controlled by these international entities, and are no longer accountable ether to the American taxpayer or to what is left of the United States Government and its Republic based on Constitutional Law. They remain well hidden inside of dark partitions, clouded by our own uneducated and inept ignorance, unreasoned fears, with both lethargic and convoluted states of mind and spirit, and an overpowered mindset instilled by sustained subliminal messages that has incorporated us to be both consensual and conventional sheep. It is slavery. Our ability to think collectively has been destroyed by a manufactured abyss, separating and dividing us as a nation. We want change, but we have nothing to change into, nothing any better to displace the status quo, status quo ante bellum. And, have no doubt, we Americans are in a state of war, and from every direction. To take this country back can mean but one thing, the return to our Constitution, and God-given civil rights, and that is America’s manifest destiny.

Overpowered? A Cloward and Piven, Machiavellian plan for Marxism seems evident, as it was taught to Obama at Columbia. It is a well documented diagram to turn the United States into a socialist state by overwhelming the system, and it is working. It is the beginning of Communism, totalitarian in dimension well masked by the induced fear, and the suppressed intellect of a populous educated by domineering government intervention.

Cap and trade and new taxes on the rich are the redistribution of returns, universal health care and the unionization of millions of health-care workers coerce, manage, and cement 30 million voters to our new Socialistic State, under the thumb of big government. Making Puerto Rico the 51st state and the legalization of 12 million illegal aliens would increase entitlements and welfare over the top, as they too will be guided to the progressive fold. Disintegration would occur when the efforts of the working class no longer have a viable rate return for the effort, and motivation dies.

The Patriot Act and the disregard for rights and liberties our forefathers died to protect is now standard fare. Stimulus and bailouts with unsecured monies printed by the Federal Reserve and flooded into a system without accountability dilutes our total worth to inflation, and we pay interest to them for the privilege. Those who see through this social manipulation are indeed dangerous to these usurpers, and can be counted in the growing ranks of American Patriots.

An oil moratorium with a George Soros/Petrobras insider-trading connection with Brazil, and the billions borrowed from China to build a deep water infrastructure there, goes unreported but for the very fringe of journalism. And as we get deeper and deeper into Government growth and their control over our lives, US sovereignty is sacrificed, and our Constitutional rights are shredded increment by increment into a controlled New World Order designed by them. We protect our sovereignty by protecting our borders from intrusion, and the reason Progressives are so opposed.

Taboo memories

A frozen press of silence indicates we no longer have a free press, as billions in bearer bonds are found in the false bottom of a suitcase on its way to Switzerland with two Oriental carriers not detained and unreported shows the true scope of our lack of truth in media. An independent 9-11 report is stymied, while patriotic Tea Party Constitutionals are blasphemed, slandered and singled out by the IRS. Catholics and Evangelicals were considered potential terrorists, and yet so easily forgive and forget. What have we become?

A desperate optimist might contend that if we do not stand fast now, we will indeed be at a point of no return. Some history analysts challenge that the point was reached in the middle seventies, some since before the last depression, and others that it was an illusion as far back as 1776.

One primary American trait of lasting strength is American optimism, translated by our work ethics, and though this cannot be easily quelled, taking back America, even just dwelling on the idea, seems ultimately a lost cause in our present circumstances. Most historical realists would say that the primary obstruction for taking back America by the people would be a lack of sound and reliable leadership, with a plan of action worthy of the effort. Is it possible we have that man in our final hour? Will we be allowed to elect a President not hand picked by them…? I say no. They will attempt to bend both heaven and earth to thwart that.

Author’s note, a reiteration:

To say that our system of government is an illusion is frightful to consider, but it is true. To say that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are but an illusion fills us all with loathing, but that is indeed true, and our reality. To say that we no longer have a Republic based on Constitutional Law, and that it has been replaced by an International Oligarchy, seems to borderline on insanity, but that is also true. To say that this election is our last hope, and that only Trump can save us, seems ludicrous, but this writer can see no other alternative, and no other option. When Trump says he will “drain the swamp” if he is elected, all I have mentioned above, and much more, will be laid on the table. 


America is just waking up, and though they sense something is wrong, they do not know yet the depth of their predicament.  In their trusting stupor, our country has been taken over, and tightly bound to stay hidden from view. Cut that cord and you will come face to face with a most formidable enemy with roots of biblical proportions. Trump knows not only the game, but how it is played, and there are no rules. He knows first hand the institutions, corporations, and singular manipulators that enslaves us all, and there are no morals, no ethics holding it in check… No value, no truth, no moral Christian compass… 

Know this. If Trump gets elected, we as a people will have to roll up our selves, and help him in any way we can. It will be a war like nothing we have ever encountered before, with scientifically and surgically designed propaganda orchestrated by information that has been gathered on each and every one of us for decades, and collectively fed into a computer with the ability to orchestrate and manipulate us out of the equation, and yes, even out of existence. 

To take this country back will not be easy, and we will truly have to hold the same standard our forefathers had to both unite and prevail: “Give me Liberty or give me death.” 

Americans, and the world, are walking blindly into an abyss of vast proportions, and we face an enemy who knows our collective minds better than we know ourselves. An enemy who would rather us burn to black embers then to release their hold. They have infiltrated into every fold, every grain, every nook and cranny with unlimited finances that can buy even a soulless army to lay siege on us, and from the inside out. Yes, sounds like a Cliche. but they would indeed stop at nothing. They want it all, the earth, and our very souls as well.

They are of a higher intelligence, with state of the art computers that can manipulate the future, suggesting alternate scenarios that can blindside us from every direction. Our only hope is to have a savvy leader who can navigate and negotiate us out of our chains.  Donald Trump, seems to be our only hope in this generation, and yet there are those among us who will vote with the hope of acquiring a new phone, or “free” tuition. We will find out in less than two weeks if we have enough Patriots left to get him elected. It will be, without a singular doubt, a quest to make America great again, with or without the approval of our masters, and the movement, the Liberty movement, will not die. 

And one more profound idea to consider… Do you fight an enemy without rules of engagement with Love and respect? Look at the history of our last century, filled with death and destruction, and realize first hand who profited? That, sir, is the face of our enemy.  If we went after them, there would be no need to kill each other, as indeed, all wars are bankers wars.



Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …


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