Facets: Cuba Survives the Castro Cancer With Celebration

Cuba survives the Castro Cancer with celebration

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

For a decade, bogus information has poured out of Cuba like a sieve. The attempt to keep Fidel’s sickness and eventual death a state secret bordered on the ludicrous, but that is the nature of this dying regime. It has been the topic on Capital Hill for a generation, and the surrounding pubs as well, the same question: “Will Castro government survive his death?” Well … what a cosmic joke. What is left of this Tyrannical cesspool of myopic and selfish ideals, secured by bloody insurrections under a yolk of fear… perished long ago. From its inception it smelled of death, and now that odor is the regime’s rotting corpse….  All that remains is a burned-out remnant with a stench of feces. Yes, there is a special kind of contempt for a man such as this…

It is written on Cuban bathroom walls that brother Raul will take over leadership of the Cuban Communist Party, attempting to balance the military and intelligence system, appease the quagmire of nepotistic minister officials tied together in hemp rope, seasoned with sugar-futures and a fat cigar.

Castro is finally dead, and so is his regime, that is a given, and it seems that all that is left is a few nights of revelry and celebration, by those who are safe and sound in America, and the display of fake tears as well, culminating from a tattered and dissolving Communistic Regime who still demand on pain of death.  What tangibility remains in Cuba, will not be transformed by the whim of a new want-to-be dictator, but the prevailing winds that will soon sweep the world… That force that is Trump. He will say emphatically: “Make up your mind, are you for, or against…”

No doubt, Castro had a dream in those early days, cemented by his violent supporters. He proposed a Cuban light of his own design, and it would revolutionize the rest of Latin America and third world South America as well. He saw in his mind’s eye a beacon… for a final confrontation with the US… His cause, his justification, was said to be in opposition to an Imperialistic America, and his revolution, from inception, meant the ousting of all America from its shores. It imposed the installation of National-Socialism, somewhat Marxist, somewhat Communistic, that morphed, and not by chance, into Totalitarianism. He forged a path to this endeavor, but his fundamental lack of an economic education was his primary downfall. He should have also studied history, because his iron grip over the ideal of National Socialism is very well mapped out in history, as that idealistic combination soon self destructs.

Those who will fill the cancerous vacuum that Castro left behind, are little more than a rag-tag group of outdated ruffians, like vultures waiting on the sidelines for their chance to pounce. They have shared the same primary goal for decades: to keep the machine going no matter what the cost, and Cubans have paid dearly. Fidel’s aspiration to use the regime to restructure the world for his particular philosophical thought fell short about the time of President Kennedy. Cuba became a vacuum, where a few twiddle their cigar-smelling thumbs, growing fat as ticks using oppression as a tool.

The new functionaries can not claim the dreams of Fidel as their own, no matter how ambitious… or the political correctness they may use as smoke. No more similar is Josef Stalin to Leonid Brezhnev. Stalin was a visionary, though it is evident his ideology went against human nature, and as the thought disintegrated in a world where Totalitarian rule was eaten by free world radio and television, Brezhnev became a functionary to survive. Under the Brezhnev umbrella the dreams of Stalin was served up cold, and so Brezhnev could do nothing more than bolster the regime in like kind. This Communist Cuba is a dyeing ember, and will go the same way as all man-made perversions who thwart human spirit. The walls that kept the masses from leaving will fall, and the song of Liberty will ring.

Sure, our President Reagan played a viable part in the last days of the USSR, and after the fire died, the old songs and slogans were played to lifeless crowd, without a banner. (Putin created a new banner, where Christianity is reborn, and human rights are again considered God given, and yet, the old edifice of the KGB still lingers, and mafia manifestos move from Jew to Gentile, as it has for 2000 years… Amazing that the ideals of Lenin and Stalin once reverberated goose bumps in the same people who where forced to embrace voluntary servitude, are now disbelievingly reading the teachings of Christ. A gradual displacement of ideologies, or possibly quite suddenly… that Oppressive Communistic Regime will end the same way. In the end there was few left to rant, and when one would leak out, no one, not even Brezhnev, believed a word of it. The regime disintegrated from the inside out, as the true weaknesses unfolded one layer after another, like an onion. People can not be subjugated, and people hunger in quiet desperation, deep inside, for Liberty.

Likewise, a massive displacement, the dreams of Fidel fell with the slow-sinking and increasingly enviable Soviet Manifestation, and yet, seemingly to the very end, Fidel never gave up hope that his original vision could still ignite… It seems evident that his once strong and inspiring words fell on deaf ears, like a reticulated broken record, propped up by his deep need to control… And then, as the old guard of tyranny he so long sought to emulate, a claw that gripped the USSR from as far back as the Bolsheviki Revolution, it began to melt into its own footprint.

To the very end Castro promoted the idea that it was the American embargo and the strangled relations of an imperialist American Economics that invariably burned the life out of Cuba. He was very persuasive early on, but little to no one believes that today. Anyone could trade with Cuba, Latin America, Europe, Canada, whomever, and Cuba wasn’t even completely locked out of North America, as third parties collected their commissions. No, it was Fidel’s ignorant and evil dreams that subdued Cuba, and his bloody hands that destroyed any opposition, could not see the advantages of free trade. Hitler and Stalin had their believers too, and the earth shook with their terrible dreams, but who will listen to Raul and his nuevo-league of bean-counters and functionaries? It has come to pass that men can no longer be held in check by instruments of power, not for long… as is the story of other Communist Regimes that have collapsed in agony. Even their own hot air could not keep them aloft.

Forty years ago Cuba was thought to be a central stratagem of the Cold War, and there was the real possibility of a thermonuclear exchange. It was a close one, to be sure, where even the memory of “The Bay of Pigs” would have been obliterated, in comparison. Times have changed, and a missile has far longer range, submarines lay in wait, and there is no safe harbor.

Cuba was once a Spanish Colony until the Spanish-American war. From then on it was dominated and occupied by U.S. economic interests until Castro’s rise to power. Its history is a simple one.

To our military strategists, Cuba was a geographical threat, where the Mississippi River’s transportation to the Atlantic could be blocked. If these two channels were defended, between the Straits of Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula, our European exports would be safe to the Atlantic. It was known that Cuba could not accomplish this alone, and had to have the help of a super power. From the fall of the Soviets, Castro has tried to make Cuba available to others, even approaching the Chinese, but to no avail. The world has changed, and so the dreams of Fidel turned into a quagmire of outdated mandates.

Some have thrown future linking possibilities into the air for Cuba, like Russia, North Korea, and Iran, but non have the will or the fortitude to go the distance. It is certain that being just 90 miles from our pristine Florida beaches would not be tolerated by the US, on any level. It is my understanding that the Chinese is now drilling in the international waters off the coast, free trade at work. Fact is, Cuba’s main focus these days has been the leftist movements of Venezuela and Bolivia, extending themselves on the front lines, an inspiration to other Latin American Leftists to do the same. It is a wonder, will Venezuela or Bolivia turn to Raul for further motivation? More likely Raul and his bean counters will be looking for cheep oil and gas, a true American innovation, with probably a bit of bloodshed as cartels stretch to grab, and that is no small exchange.

Surely, Raul will be given an ultimatum by a Trump Presidency, along with the necessary instruments to bring Cuba into the 21st century. Raul Castro, so it is told, has been reaching under the table for the United States to lift sanctions, and embargo restrictions. The so called embargo, so long the justification for failure by Cuban Political propaganda, is now a middle finger hand gesture, not only in the face of this egotist with a booming voice. but to the life of a man who did not have the moral compass to put the good of his people first, and milked their sweat and tears for his own.  He decimated a once abundant land, mashing vitality and hope under a yoke of his control,  It was powered by the hot air of a booming voice that hatched a dark enslavement that history will describe… Castro, leaves this world far worse by his reign of power, the memory of his iron fist is fresh, and his death a cause for celebration.


Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …


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