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Ask Yourself – Do we deserve America?

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Does it matter who you vote for if both sides are destined to do the same thing? It has all been said before, and like an old broken record we replay it every four years. Elections have become what some describe as a dog an pony show, that those running are hand picked by the establishment to promote a hidden agenda, a mindset for the good of the party and not what is primarily for the health of our economy, or the adherence to both our Republic’s rule of law, or our  Constitution.  Few do the homework necessary to make a viable decision, but the blame is not entirely theirs. Information is withheld, truth is intentionally distorted, and without that no intelligent decision can be made. Most are content to vote party-lines with the hope of selecting one that will reflect their mindset, soon forgetting the many past disappointments. And it is becoming more evident that both of these very powerful parties are being dominated and controlled by the same entity, a cabal of corporations and lobbyists backed by central banks. and headed by the Federal Reserve.

Some try to make a difference based on an understanding of the times we live in, but find the men we are allowed to vote for liars and fakes. Once in office, they do what they are told to do.

We have faced war, depression, civil strife, loss of liberty, destruction of morality, and our industry is now found on foreign shores. Our enemies are many, manufactured by them, and some are found in our own camp, flaunting behind the ivory towers of a powerful and growing oligarchical government.

Today I interviewed three secretaries and four affluent Lafayette oilmen in their own offices. They told me emphatically how much they hated Obama, and how they felt he had betrayed them and our Constitution. In the course of the conversation they admitted that they did not know much of anything about the Federal Reserve, and none could tell me the National debt. Only one had ever heard of George Soros. Two had heard of the Patriot Act, but knew little or nothing about it, and two of them laughed and said they were not very political, just too busy.

All of them basically said the same thing: “We must get those ultra-Liberal Socialists  out of the Whitehouse.” In the course of the conversation, however,  it became evident that they did not have a grasp of what a Progressive really is, and other than the bailout, America’s involvement with the Car Industry, and Petrobras in Brazil, …no other case could be sighted. None knew of George Soros’ involvement with Petrobras, or the possibility of insider trading. None knew that the Federal Reserve charges interest on every dollar they print. None could tell me where their (FR) offices were located. None knew anything about what a gold standard was, and much more… They were successful capitalist, but did not know what that meant but that government should get out of their way…

In a meeting I attended with the Veterans Administration several months ago, I asked a group of WW2 veterans if they had ever heard of Ron Paul. One said: “Yes, he plays for a band.” I said: “He is a Libertarian.” “Oh yes,” said one, “…I have heard of them. They’re the ones who don’t believe in the Trinity.”

This year I witnessed the last moments of a convicted killer on UTube. He had killed his girlfriend and her lover when he caught them together in his own bed. He was asked if he had any final words. He said: “I didn’t know I loved her so much.”

So, what is the point?

We have a very long way to go, …to take this country back. We have lost the soul of what this country once was, and have no worthy or understood reason for its being. The idea of individual responsibility has been lost to most all. We the people in a Republic is a concept not understood, nor the idea that we will get what we collectively deserve, or that anything is our fault. The concept of individual responsibility is mostly lost, as we look to government for directional ques.

Can we educate ourselves in two years? Can we find strength of purpose, and work together for a common cause when we no longer know the rules or have a care to? Can we find honor, moral principle, demand truth, or even recognize it when seen? Can we pick up a standard for the good of America not selfishly motivated, without some draft or mandate to force us? Can we put aside our petty differences for a greater, more worthy cause?

We have been cleverly taught to be sheep, and for so long our minds now think that how we perceive what we are told comes from an original thought. We are primed to fight among ourselves, to disrespect differences both real and imagined, and that division is our primary downfall as a nation. Divide and conquer is a well known idiom, and the manifesto of our own Military Industrial Complex,  the Federal Reserve, and the conglomerate corporate mega-industrialists duck-taped to international bankers.

One might speculate that the only sure-fired way to take this country back might be to pull everyone out of the White House and start over. Unfortunately, most all Americans wouldn’t have a clue what to replace them with.

The only man I see that could have helped America was Ron Paul, but I’m told he wasn’t good-looking enough to win, too old, and not a dynamic enough speaker. To some Americans, the color of a man’s skin, how nice he and his wife looks dress up for a ball, his smile, is more important then what he has done, or proposes to do.

No, it isn’t very promising  Seems the only way a populous can move together in a positive direction, is to herd them. A singular word like “Change” worked very well in the last election, because the meaning of that word stuck in each individual’s mind like a hook. A simple method to unite, for those who are simple minded.  And there are enough of those voting to win. I have always been thought of as an optimist, but for the life of me I can find no solace when I look around. My life, and the lives of my family are in the hands of people who text while driving, people with the symbol of Christianity on their bumpers speeding to a dot in the distance, and not the least bit embarrassed when we meet at the next light.  As a Libertarian, I think we have far too many rules, and not enough individual accountability, and yet, it looks like we are incapable, as a culture, and as a nation, to self govern.


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