Facets: Dogs & the Muslim With Short Pants

Dogs and the Muslim With Short Pants

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

My old dog Dutch, rolling in the grass. I miss him.

A few days back I deleted someone on FB who had been commenting positively on many of my essays and postings for months. I went on his page and he was posting what I consider abject horror, one after the other. A young black man sticking his finger in a bowl of lighter fluid to light his cigarette, spilled the entire bowl on his lap. It was horrible to watch as he and a friend tried to put that fire out. It escalated when his cloths caught fire.  I remember his screams, and I still do. He (my FB friend), and his friends, thought it was so funny…

On the side bar, there seemed to be an endless stream of such videos, and I clicked on one of them with a puppy. It was a little dog hurt on a dusty road and unable to stand. A car slowly turned it wheel and rolled over its legs. I can’t get the image out of my head.  The dog at first whimpered and then tried to bite the tire, and they backed up, and did it again. I turned it off, but it isn’t off, and even though I unfriended him, blocked him, that image is still there. It was there when I woke up this morning…

Loving Muslims

But I have one thing to say about that. Here in America we love animals, and dogs especially.  I could hear the men who were doing this, and they seemed to be speaking Arabic.  I see that there is a concerted effort to get us to hate Muslims these days, and what an amazing way to promote hatred for an entire race or religion. Just like my father hated Japs, and Kikes, and I hated gooks, today we are being promoted to hate Muslims… If you put a subtitle under such a video saying all Muslims hate dogs, an ignorant person will hate every Muslim they see after that, and for the rest of their lives…

I have traveled to four predominately Muslim countries, as I drilled for oil, and I worked with all kinds of cultures, from Nigerians, Filipinos, French, Mexicans, Scots, and hundreds more. I have sat and talked with them all, giving them respect, as they gave it back.

I have seen dogs in every country, even the Muslim countries, like Saudi, Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea,  and India. I have never seen anyone ever abusing one. The first fight I ever got into as a teen, was pulling a guy out of his car who was dragging a cat by the neck tied to his bumper. His three friends knew better not to get involved, because I was pretty angry…

Once I was walking with a friend in Equatorial Guinea returning from a produce market, a dog got hit on the street by a speeding truck. It broke his back leg, and he hopped to the sidewalk holding it up dangling, whelping in pain. I looked around at the people. Everyone on the street, hundreds, all stopped what they were doing and looked horrified. Good and loving people full of empathy, and all of them Muslim. Don’t be coerced to believe that all Muslims are evil.

I once had a Muslim boss who broke out into tears as we talked into the night. He said: “I can’t believe that Americans have three thousand abortions per day. How can they kill those children?”

A few days later I saw him coming to the pits to visit with me. His pants were so short they came over his work boots, and I asked him why. He thought the question was incredible,  and he stood there thinking about how to answer it.

“It is because I love Jesus.” He said. “Jesus is our most revered prophet, and very well respected. We try to emulate his amazing Love for humanity, and his humbleness as well.  He was a humble man. Not God, just a good and Loving man inspired by God, and when we saw that he washed feet, it stays in the heart of many Muslims.  My short pants are a reminder of that.”

Do not be fooled. Not all of what you see is real. Learn by travel. Learn by asking empowering questions, and waiting for empowering answers. Give respect for anything you do not understand, and take the time to attempt to learn it. It will open a facet in your mind and heart where the light of truth will enter.

The world is complex, and we are being played on our presumptions based on ego and ignorance.  It is taught in both the Christian Bible and the Koran, to love your neighbor as yourself, and yet there is a duality in both, a convolution that is your responsibility to learn. Judge not, is found in both…

God bless us, one and all.

The world is all attitude. It is what you make of it. It is what you create from the Love in your heart, or the evil in your heart. It is the dreams you dream, or the nightmares you formulate…. It is the truth you hold in your heart, by your own volition, or the lies and unfounded faith of others you hold as your own. No one is responsible for you, but you. No one can control you. No one can hurt you, unless you let them.



Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …


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  1. I would agree that if we could obliterate the Koran, those people would become really human again.

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