Facets: Liberty and The Oath

Liberty and The Oath

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

At my desk on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1970, West Pacific Vietnam

Back in the year 1959, three boys walked together laughing all the way to the Pitt theater. Back then young kids could do that with relative safety in New Orleans, and the sidewalks were made for us. That neighborhood today is a war zone called Old Gentilly, and it is the heart of the murder capital of the entire United States, except perhaps, Chicago. What is left of my old neighborhood is mostly sidewalks, and after Katrina, they go nowhere. What the hand of man destroyed, nature continued, and now the hand of man is finishing the job in what can only be called a Progressive breeding ground.

With about a dollar in our collective pockets, we would share a box of popcorn, able to buy a fountain coke each with what was left. We thought about the newly air-conditioned theater and its darkened recesses that lit up our world, and that day on the marquee it read in bold letters, “High Noon.”

Looking back, it seems a complicated script for a nine year old to grasp, but we understood it well enough. An old sheriff was about to get married to a beautiful girl, and in the process retire from law. Unfortunately, on the very same day, an ex-con put away by the sheriff years ago was returning on the noon train to meet up with his former gang to exact revenge. What incredibly bad luck! But the amazing part was that every person in town, including his wife to be, even his deputy, wanted him to leave on the stage. During the movie our young minds grappled with the reasons why. It was sometime near the very end where it finally made sense. Will Kane, played by Gary Cooper, was an Oath Keeper.

Years before, he had taken an Oath, and his decision had nothing to do with retirement. It had nothing to do with the dollar a day he was paid, or the fear that gripped his very soul as he realized that he alone was to face this evil man and his gang who wanted him dead. In the mix of this twisted plot he painfully understood that the people he had risked his life, for all of those many years, would not be coming to his aid. But still, his oath was stronger.

And so it seems, just a few of my generation are asking themselves, what would an honorable man do in our world today? What should an oath keeper do in a world of power hungry men without principle, and what of the seemingly mindless and lazy cowards who would sell their own children into the bondage and servitude of debt while watching a Saints game with a six-pack? How can you remain an oath keeper when you look around and find yourself alone?

The truth I can hardly admit…

I knew little to nothing about politics, the workings of my government, the dealings of international bankers and institutions, the shadows of the Federal Reserve, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and my selective ignorance as well. I considered myself, in my own mind, a political writer for fifteen years. I lived the lie.

Every day I walked about polishing my self-made collar, and looked about me with arrogance and disdainment for those who weren’t as enlightened, those not quite so savvy, and I could argue like a devil’s advocate for hours. I was under the umbrella of my teachers, and then my editors…One would think I would be ashamed of that fact, but amazingly I am not, and just the contrary. You see, I was a product of my environment. I argued about foolish things to mostly foolish people, and that is the rub. Truth had nothing to do with what motivated me or most anyone I knew, nor does it to most writers of these times, but to the illusions of self importance, with a talent to proclaim a view with selfishly motivated volition. It was my ego that motivated me, and I wanted to be considered enlightened, to get respect and praise for my endeavors.

Looking back, there were some who seemed to realize America’s plight, but for personal reasons remained silent. Their primary responsibility was to keep their job, for family. How terrible that must be for a person of honor, where truth is sacrificed for a life style.

But then, something profound happened around midnight four years ago while surfing a YouTube historical speech, and I saw a man talking about the future, my future, a man who had consistently warned us all for three decades, and what he said is now reality. I saw in his words a profound truth, a truth so weighty and insightful, that it struck me to the very core, and yet his deliverance was that of a humble man, with the measured words that comes from the knowing, a brave perception honed into consciousness by truth. His name was Ron Paul.

He is a man of honor and of genuineness, an oath keeper, and he has been betrayed, just like every American.

What? Me worry?

Mark Twain said: “Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain’t so.” There is also the old adage that “History is written by the victors.” attributed to Winston Churchill, but of unknown origin. And so, in this profundity of American folklore twit, where does an honorable man fit in? Where does a seeker of truth go, when a so call truth-seeker is reviled and scorned by the very controllers of media?

How can our children learn the meaning and gravity of an Oath in a world where it is ridiculed? Who but a choice few would seek death before dishonor as a standard, when the newest generation is weaned on Ninja Turtles and Peewee Herman? Can something be salvaged in a feel good world where anything goes? Yes, it most definitely can, and is. I have seen it firsthand. Ever wonder why the followers of Dr. Paul cannot be swayed? It isn’t brainwashing, but the effort of learning, and once understood can never be denied. Truth is like that.

It is said that a new generation is emerging, from the gobbledygook of conditioned minds to an intellectual revolution in thought. It is called the Liberty movement.

Since the election I have tried to fathom just what is facing America, and few will disagree that it will be extremely daunting. Though I don’t know exactly how it will turn out, it will be a monumental challenge for those who hold a higher standard. As a Libertarian, I find myself mostly betrayed by the Tea Party movement and of course the Republican Party, both I originally thought I would have given my life to defend. I saw that the original premise the Tea Party had was sound, and I reveled as we started our meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance and a solemn prayer. The Republican Party has lost their standard long ago, possibly with the incarnation of the Federal Reserve, or even further back with Lincoln’s destruction of State’s Rights during The Civil War. Perhaps we were not fools, just played by a stacked hand, as the original thoughts that galvanized us as patriots disintegrated under our trusting eyes, Teocon infiltration on the cusp of a Progressive mindset.

In spite of this cold duplicity, the Liberty movement is alive and well, but continually strangled under the guise of liberty as transcribed by the Tea Party, and it is one of many. Emphatically, they are not Oath Keeper at all. They couldn’t be that and back Mitt Romney, who is a Neocon. And in my estimation, so far, there are forty identical similarities between these two men, enough to give them the same mindset. An Oath Keeper knows the difference between the honor of an oath, and the spooning and swooning under the pressure of power.

I’m still that young boy who realized Have Gun Will Travel and the Knights of the Round Table meant might FOR right, and even as a scout my oath was: “On my honor I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my Country…” That an oath was a man’s word, and his truest measure, and I learned it from other men, other oath keepers. I took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both domestic and foreign when I joined the Navy, and I feel compelled beyond measure to do just that. I want my liberty back, my state’s rights returned, and my honor restored, for myself and my grand-kids. Anything stolen from me I want returned, as is the national dept that will enslave my children and their children forever. I will resist any spending, and the hidden debt that it creates out of thin air, as it was not created by me, or approved by me, it is not my own. I will help in any way I can by the Republic’s judicial system to bring to full justice anyone who disregards our most precious possession, our constitution.

I remember the fear in Cooper’s eyes, and I have that too. I’m sure our enemies see that, and bet we will back off. But there is something stronger than my fear, more valuable than even my own life, something far greater than myself. Give me Liberty, or give me death. You see, I am now convinced that if you can’t find something to die for, you have very little to live for.

Voluntary Servitude…

So finally, just a singular thought to the man who is fighting within himself, weighing both option and redress for the decision to be an Oath Keeper. Its apostate is, without a doubt, that of a traitor, its affirmation is to just say no. Slavery can only occur when the oppressed resigns himself. The day you visualize and believe will be the day you take control of your own life. And just at the last moment, like when Cooper looked around for enemies and saw that indeed his friends came through for him… It is found to be human nature to resist the yoke of dominion, and there are people of like mind who will stand with you at high noon. Those who oppress us hide behind mountains of paperwork and red tape, but when sough will withdraw like a roach caught in a flashlight. They are circus clowns and illusionists, and come from gypsy stock, and their primary study is deceit, (please also read the comments here). This mindset has worked extremely well for them to the point where they are poised to control the entire world with central banking. How very nice for them, but in my mind they do not own me, and that will be their undoing. Servitude is voluntary.

Only one country, beyond Iceland, still resists them, and when you find out who they are you will have to take pause. You will realize that you are living the lie too.

Always Faithful.

Ken LaRive


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