Facets: Incontrovertible – A Film for Coppers, Soldiers & Firefighters


Incontrovertible: A Film for Coppers, Soldiers and Firefighters

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Those who think that 9-11 was an “inside” job came to that conclusion first by suspicious speculating, and then hard research. It was a convoluted journey… a multifaceted and complicated expedition into swirls of self-denial, where sanity, reason and reality lie. The shock and awe of what this film revels questions the very fabric of our society and those who lord over it with power and control… a power that can print money out of thin air for their own personal agenda, and hide in plain sight.

It has a gravity that can crush our previous perceptions of society, and the future of any semblance of Liberty… as our precious America and that of the entire planet is weighed in the balance. It is so big, so mind shattering, so blatantly relative to our survival as a responsible and self-directed species, the fear of this truth has not made it to a Federal Court. This suggests that those who perpetrated the most profound terrorist act in the history of the world, an act with repercussions not only of war, but of mankind’s dynamic enslavement, is above and beyond all rule of law.

It is on the lips, in every language and religion, from coffee shops to board-rooms worldwide for well over a decade, and yet systematically stifled by the American media… a designed, and well-orchestrated taboo. It is an industry that projects its ideologies on an average of 4.5 hours a day, from 2.6 televisions per household, and has been found to be incontrovertibly complicit in its cover-up, long before 9-11 occurred. The enormity is beyond the scope of what we consider sanity, and fear of what this means grips our very souls, and yet, if we do not look… if we do not demand accountability, our lives and the lives of our children will no longer have value.




“INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream media’s propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

This film is intended to be viewed by Police Officers, Firefighters and all those serving in the Armed Forces as they are among the best placed members of our society to have the ability to change things for the better. If you have friends or family who are serving, please pass this film onto them.”



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