Facets: The Main Promise of Donald Trump Is a Second Chance…

The Main Promise of Donald Trump Is a Second Chance…

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

America, something bigger than ourselves…

As the dust settles after this very profound election, we the people are seeing that we just might get what we asked for, and to some it seems an overwhelming proposition.  No longer can we blame the status quo for our plight, because we are now going to be responsible for our own future. You see, we did not elect a King, a dictator, but a spearhead… He will plow through the bureaucracy and hand the reigns to us, we the people. That is what he promises! That is what we united for.

States rights will give us a power long lost, and our Republic based on Constitutional law will again have teeth. We have had the profound realization that our civil liberties are not granted, but are inalienable, filling our minds and hearts with direction once again, with a banner on high. To a spiritualist, no matter what religion he holds as faith, the universal truth is that Liberty is God-given. It is a gift that will inspire us to put aside our petty differences, and to work together for something bigger than ourselves. That power cannot be denied.  That power comes when we unite.

In retrospect, it is becoming more and more evident that Trump has an acute understanding of our world, and the people in it. He knows the power elite first hand, and the average Joe scraping by without the ability to understand the reason for his plight, or any inkling as to how to fix it in a world of lies, manipulation, and unbridled control. In the middle of this reality, Trump got the attention of a dying middle class with enough verve to have them actually sit up and take notice.

It seems overtly evident now, as the dust is settling on an election that is unprecedented in scope, andhistorical, that his promises have never been granted in the history of humankind, without bloodshed. He pledged to open the door, pushing aside Washington elites, and to let a concept called “we the people” into the fray…  a fray as convoluted and complicated as the knotted cords behind our television sets.  Those who have voted Trump in, sat on the sidelines for generations without hope. Trump’s savvy insight tapped into that great-unresolved reserve, and actually got our attention. Yes, he supposedly had some gaffs, but where they? Looking back, they seem more like hooks… Hooks that pulled us together enough to make a difference, and looking at the numbers, it was our very last chance before all out civil war.

He got our attention, and then told us exactly what we were thinking.  That ability came from pure genius, in a world being driven, like sheep to the slaughter. He showed us possibilities we thought would never come without bloodshed… the blood of tyrants and patriots. He is giving us a chance to save our country, a second chance…

A strangled heart…

We, the American men and women, are the strangled heart of America.  Hard working, family oriented, moral and ethical, we are just waking up to the systematic destruction of our civil liberties and Constitution, along with a mind-bending realization that our children have an insurmountable debt, with slavery as their American heritage. Though the secular media will not admit it, the abortion issue gave Trump some of the Catholic and Evangelical vote… along with those who identified in their own way, through their own individual perspectives. This is how America becomes great!

The assault on our guns got us thinking of what else is under siege, and we did something, seemingly at the last moment: we stood together and said no. Never in my life have I felt so much hope, so much joy, and I am so very proud to call you my brothers and sisters. We saw that we war on the back of war for corporate profit, that lies and deceit spew like bile from sources we thought truthful, that we, and our way of life, are being challenged by ideologies that do not assimilate into the American mindset… and all of us, to the last man and woman, felt betrayed.

We now understand that those who seek to destroy us from the inside out are traitors, and we saw that when the light of truth was demanded… they scurried into the dark like the vampires they are. Powerful Vampires who feed on the weak, they create, the ignorant, that they endow, and they embrace the lost who stumble blindly without purpose in a maze of their own design. Those days we will work to put behind us, and yet, will have to be addressed again, with each generation. Liberty is not free. We now see that they can print uncountable money out of thin air, enslaving us… and this is no longer acceptable. They have doubled the national debt in eight years… more than all of our presidents since George Washington.  This is war, and they are winning without firing a shot. They are controlling our children’s minds in a a government run school, feeding us propaganda from a nationalized media, and we can dis empower them by turning them off.

On the news today, we see how reluctant the left is to accept Donald Trump as the Commander and Chief, with orchestrated marches and riots. Some are even being found to be paid crisis actors. There are government-controlled Hollywood celebrities and Marxist Progressive pundits maligning the results, from rigged elections to Russian hacks, without a moral compass. Yes, they make a mark on our society, like a skid mark on the American dream…

As we contemplate, collectively, what reaction we the people would have had if Trump had lost… Like Pandora’s box, the evil we have witnessed in this election can never be hidden again… it can never be put back. We now see that there is no power like a righteous power, and if we the people would have lost, the temper tantrums and crying on the streets at midnight, the destruction of property and the innocent suffering, would have looked like a zombie B movie. If Hillary would have won, American patriots would have spoken with the power of a true revolution, a revolution for truth and righteousness, a revolution that would have purged this nation of evil incarnate, so long overdue…

Those who woke up, and nudged others to do the same, remember the promises Mr. Trump made. Promises that stirred in our hearts a hope so long denied… our vintage writers have implied for a hundred years that American men “live their lives in quiet desperation,” and this can no longer be tolerated. Our voice was a resounding declaration; a unity that cannot be denied…  Give us Liberty! Give us Liberty!

Know this to all: America belongs to us! That is an ideal that can never die. That is a declaration that is ringing all around the world! We the people are going to reclaim or heritage! That is something men would die for, as our ancestors did. Liberty or death!

Fear dies in the Light of Truth

Indeed, there is a deep-seated fear in the hearts of America today, as we embark on this most profound journey together. We question if we are strong enough to actually manage our own lives, and our place in this world.  The Machiavellian mindset that has enslaved not only America, but also the entire world says no. Every dictator, every despot that has ever rose to power proved that so. But perhaps, if we are indeed given a second chance, to free themselves from the chains that bind their minds and hearts… this time… Perhaps, this time, it will be different. This time, let us make history… let us have Liberty, with the American way being Truth and Justice. We can do this, if we learn from our mistakes, and stand together as one nation under God.

Author’s note: One nation under God does not mean your faith stepping on the throat of another, but that we (ALL) be allowed to chose how we live, and that what we hold as truth, does nothing to diminish another who may think differently. If we deny another the ability to choose his own destiny, what made America special, Liberty from Tyranny, our Democratic Constitution based on Constitutional Law, and Bill of Rights, will be little more than a sham. If we can take up this banner together, as one, nothing will ever be able to rape us again. We will be the beacon of hope, for the entire world, and they will emulate us… The days we were forced into voluntary servitude, fighting and dying not for a worthy ideal, but corporate profit, will be assigned to the dust heap of history, along with the Socialistic, Communistic, Marxist, Progressive Ideologies that have been forced down our throats by Obama and his puppet masters.  They will make good fertilizer for the Liberty movement, and the United States of America.   

…and God help those who so choose to betray us again.  America is awake.


Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …

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