Facets: The Creature From Jekyll Island Strangles America

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Since 1910 the Federal Reserve System has been in question. Codified in Congress in 1913 along with the income tax system that we still have today, it is indeed the originator of the term New World Order. Many times in the past patriots have tried to untie the strangle hold it has on America, and they have always failed.

Thomas Jefferson

What I know of the Creature of Jekyll Island, I learned from Ron Paul. 

Created just prior to WWI, 1914-1918, the Federal Reserve System was used to facilitate the US government’s Congress to have immense borrowing power, provide international banking conglomerates huge profits in the form of interest income, and to assist and instigate a newly coerced American government to inflame the nation’s citizens to support WWI. Since that time they have grown to immense power, directly influences every US citizen, and dominates our Government.

The concept of a central bank is nothing new. It is indispensible for big central-government’s power and control, and its influence extends dynamically around the world. 

Its danger to our Republic was discussed by Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, as our founding fathers saw well this entity was at our gates.

G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island had this to say:
1. The Federal Reserve is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
2. It is a cartel operating against the public interest.
3. It’s the supreme instrument of usury.
4. It generates our most unfair tax.
5. It encourages war.
6. It destabilizes the economy.

 Our young people are not taught in school about their countries history and operation, and if we are going to take back our country we must know who the actual enemy is. It is time to educate our children of who we are, and what we have lost.

Below are the tools you will need to know. The rest is up to you…

Bigeye.com has an essay by G. Edward Griffin, and also a very informative trailer for America: From Freedom to Fascism but Aaron Russo.

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  1. The Federal Reserve & IRS were passed through threats against and bribery of Congress members. The wealthiest Jews & WASPS on Wall Street have used both creations to ROB CITIZENS & PLUNDER THE ECONOMY.
    These MEN bought the PRESIDENCY for WILSON as they have for CLINTON!

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