FBI Deputy Dir “700K McCabe” Recused Himself From Clinton Case A Week Before Election

FBI Deputy Dir “700K McCabe” Recused Himself From Clinton Case A Week Before Election

by Rick Wells

Judicial Watch reveals now Deputy FBI Director McCabe, whose wife got $675,000 In Clinton related Cash, remained as her protector and obstructionist, recusing just one week…

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One might wonder why FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe didn’t just recuse himself on the way to the voting booth on Election Day or not bother with the charade at all, given that it had no impact on his ability to insulate Hillary Clinton from being investigated.

McCabe didn’t even bother to make it look somewhat legitimate and believable but if she’d won none of that would have mattered. Clearly he felt he needed to be able to state for the record that he had recused himself while at the same time never relinquishing obstructive control over the “matter.”

His solution was to wait until the last minute, a week before the election and then he’d take over again after she was the president-elect. There was just that one problem, the crook didn’t win. Judicial Watch has obtained an email sent by McCabe on November 1st, 2016, exactly a week before the election.

McCabe wrote, “As of today I am voluntarily recusing myself from the ongoing Mid Year investigation [code name for Clinton investigation]. I will continue to respond to congressional requests for historical information as necessary.” Does anyone really ever voluntarily recuse themselves? Isn’t it always in response to some kind of negative pressure?

It’s important to remember that McCabe’s wife, Jill, ran for the Virginia State Senate, utilizing $675,000 in funds provided by Clinton associates through various mechanisms, including Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

In addition to that memo, as part of the FBI response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request,  was an internal FBI document which contained an overview of McCabe’s recusal and related talking points so they’d all be saying the same, safe thing. It was written under the pretext of suggesting talking points “to inform discussions with employees or interested parties in the community.”

That October 24th document cited a front-page Wall Street Journal article from earlier that same day which listed the many potential conflicts of interest related to McCabe and his wife’s campaign. Though the existence of the conflicts was not new information for those involved, the unwelcome publicity did demand a response.

In response to the assertions, the document suggests the talking point, “It was not until he assumed the position of deputy director in February 2016 that he had oversight of the investigation, well after her political campaign had concluded,” be used.

Questions as to McCabe’s role in Jill McCabe’s campaign were to be follow a scripted denial along the lines of, “No. Then-[Assistant Director] McCabe played no role, attended no events and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind.”

That lie was exposed with a June 2017 Circa News report that featured a photo of “McCabe wearing a t-shirt supporting his wife’s campaign during a public event and then posting a photo on social media urging voters to join him in voting for his wife.”

The Inspector General of the DOJ is currently whether McCabe revealed the contributions on his ethics report as is required as well as possible Hatch Act violations. There is suspicion around the timeline of events surrounding the State Senate campaign and the Clinton investigation.

The announcement of  Jill McCabe’s campaign came in mid-March 2015, shortly after information that Hillary Clinton had stolen government documents and stashed them on a server in her home bathroom became public, on March 2. It was five days later, that Terry McAuliffe met with the McCabes and strongly encouraged her to run for the Virginia Senate. She announced her candidacy on March 12th and soon $675,000 in her pocket.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton declared, in response to the news, “The FBI is compromised. Mr. McCabe should have been nowhere near the Hillary Clinton investigations. That he saw fit to recuse himself only days before the election further demonstrates the FBI’s Clinton email investigation was a sham.”

Clearly the internal correspondence Judicial Watch acquired is proof of this one aspect of a much larger criminal operation and its cover up at the FBI.


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