Federal Tyranny As FBI Roundup Of Protesters Continue

By The Lady Federalist

Today, in the State of North Carolina, federal tyranny reared its ugly head – again. Beth Chelle Austin, a Lady Patriot, made the difficult decision to surrender herself to the FBI for questioning. Her alleged crime? Going to Bunkerville, NV in the summer of 2014 to take photos at the Bundy Stand Up. She and Marie Parker (no relation to Eric Parker) traveled there together, and may have been among the people in the photo posted Tuesday by Idaho 3%.

ID 3%

It’s reported that Marie was arrested first, and somehow allowed to call Beth from the detainment room the day before. Unfortunately for Marie, the FBI made such a showing at her place of employment, that she was reprimanded by her employer. How nice for her that exercising her Natural Right of Free Speech in 2014, as codified in the First Amendment, had such a positive effect on her life. She informed the FBI that she does not have any photos for them, and has no way to get what they want.

Bundy Ranch Standoff

Both women have been very strong through this ordeal, though I can well imagine that they are very shaken up by it. The Austin’s family attorney was available for Beth today, helping to secure her release. Beth also told the “just doin’ our job” boys that she does not have any photos from that event, nor access to any. She is now home with her family, pending further action by the feds.

 Neither woman was apprised of what the actual charges against them are, at least not that they have been allowed to say at this time. They were most certainly not told of the charges at the time of arrest or questioning, which is a clear violation of the Sixth Amendment. Not that the Bill of Rights or the Constitution mean anything to our current federal government. They’ve even been ordered to NOT speak with each other now that they are out of jail. They’ve also been informed that if “intent” is found, they will be arrested. Intent of what?

The feds operate by way of making up the rules as they go along, which we have seen play out with our Political Prisoners in Oregon and Nevada so far. I’d venture a guess that they will at least be charged with the same BS “conspiracy” that all the rest are charged, and perhaps even with “brandishing a camera on a public highway”. Considering that independent journalist Pete Santilli is still jailed for exercising Free Press, and “the pen is mightier than the sword”, perhaps the new proverb is “the camera is mightier than the AR”?

Camerman insert

Now is the time for all men and women of conscience to take personal inventory; to determine whether or not they are made of the same stuff that these women and our Political Prisoners are. It is most definitely not the time to hide, stand down, or scrub your social media associates. Believe me, the feds already know who we are, who we know, and what we do. They know where we go, with whom we associate, and what we believe. Frankly, it’s just too late now.

 On January 26, 2016 the assassination of LaVoy Finicum by the government started a back-burn the likes of which they have never before seen! We either fan the flames for Liberty, or we embrace the shackles of Tyranny. I know which one I will choose. Do you?

May Liberty Prevail!

By The Lady Federalist – DontComply.com


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