Feel’n Sorry for Hillary? Wish you had Voted for Her & Not Trump?

Feel’n Sorry for Hillary? Wish you had Voted for Her & Not Trump?

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

If you are suffering “Voter Remorse”… Don’t. I have actually had discussions with friends that thought perhaps they had been too harsh in judging Hillary Clinton on election day when they voted for Trump.


With over 36 years of lying and finagling her way through life in the public eye, how anyone could feel sorry for Hillary is beyond any neuron connections in my brain. I want to reassure anyone that is anywhere close to having voter remorse that you did the right thing when you did not vote for Clinton. Good Grief, as Charlie Brown would say… Look at the record! The trail of dead bodies behind the Clinton Machine alone is enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

Hell, Hillary Clinton cannot even take a walk without lying about it as evidenced in the following article.


Woman Who Took ‘Chance’ Pic With Hillary In Woods Has Sick History With Her

by Amanda Shea

The election may be over, but Hillary Clinton’s secrets aren’t as another just spilled out after her little trick on Americans today just backfired in a way she never expected. While trying to look down to earth in an allegedly “chance” meeting in the woods with a supporter, she picked the wrong woman to pose with since she has a history with her that the two of them probably didn’t want out.

Hillary thought she was going to be the clear winner in this election and never considered a backup plan for herself in the event she lost. It appears that she isn’t quite sure how to continue on with her life outside politics and the White House as she’s aimlessly gone about the last couple of days in a daze of shock and confusion.

Seemingly trying to maintain relevance and keep the public’s attention on herself, she devised a plan to look like she just happened to run into a somber Hillary supporter on a hike in the woods and took a picture together like a couple of smiling gal pals. If the purpose was to make people miss her, it backfired big time when the truth about the person in the picture only reminded us what a liars Hillary and CNN are.

The news network, that shilled hard for Hillary during her run, reported that Margot Gerster was walking with her daughters when out of nowhere her path crossed with Hillary and Bill. Not only do the logistics of that make no sense since Secret Service would never let events go down like this, but Gerster wasn’t a random citizen at all, she’s a Democrat operative, American Lookout reported.


Proof Gerster knows Clinton

Perhaps Gerster was having regrets about this really bad idea to act like meeting Hillary on a hike was all a coincidence, since she deleted her post from Facebook and made her account private. Fortunately, political whistleblower Jack Posobiec caught screenshots of other pictures Gerster has with Hillary before that happened, proving the two know each other since they are seen having dinner together before this “chance” meeting in the woods. CNN didn’t seem to care about that detail since they are still shilling for Hillary and reporting lies on her behalf to help her look good in the aftermath of the election she lost.

It’s comforting to know that our country dodged a bullet by not electing a liar into office who continues to prove who and what she’s about even after the fact. Hillary ought to give honesty a chance for once, as well as CNN, if either of them hope to repair even the smallest amount of trust they lost during her dishonest campaign.
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