Feinstein Introduces New Federal Bill to Confiscate Guns if Snitches Feel Unsafe


Two weeks after Elliot Rodger stabbed three people and shot three more, a trio of legislators from California, including Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, have proposed a new federal law called “The Pause for Safety Act”.

The law would allow anyone at any time to seek a “firearms restraining order” against an individual to prevent them from purchasing any new firearms and also to confiscate any firearms they may already own. They’re so confident the law is good that states will be bribed into complying through a federal grant program.

The press release on Sen. Barbara Boxer’s website says:

The Pause for Safety Act would encourage states to take the following steps to help prevent gun violence:

  • One, ensure that families and others can go to court to seek a gun violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a threat to himself, herself or others from purchasing a firearm.
  • Two, ensure that a court can issue a gun violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of firearms that are in an individual’s possession if the court determines that the individual poses a threat to himself, herself or others.
  • Three, ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing state and local gun databases when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

The bill would bribe states to comply through a grant program:

The measure would create a new grant program – the Pause for Safety Grant Program – to help support these efforts. States that take action to enact these preventive measures would be eligible for the grants to provide resources for courts and law enforcement as they implement these measures.

“We must do everything in our power to keep firearms out of the hands of those who pose a serious risk of harm to themselves or to others,” Senator Feinstein said. “I’m pleased to work with Senator Boxer on this bill, which creates a new grant program to encourage states to allow family members and others to seek court orders to temporarily prohibit dangerous individuals from possessing a firearm. The bill would allow those who know the most about the condition of someone who poses a risk of committing violence to take steps to remove firearms from that individual’s possession.”

Here’s some colorful commentary by YouTuber Dahboo77 who put out a “Red Alert” about this bill:

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