Fitton – DIRTY COPS Mueller, Strzok Investigation “Irredeemable Mess” Trump Needs To End [Video]

Fitton – DIRTY COPS Mueller, Strzok Investigation “Irredeemable Mess” Trump Needs To End

by Rick Wells

[Judicial Watch’s] Fitton describes the cesspool of dirty cops Mueller, Strzok and their conflicts of interest that is the Mueller witch hunt as an “irredeemable mess” President Trump needs to end

Liz MacDonald interviewed Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton about what he described as “a mess” at DOJ and the FBI and their political witch hunt being led by dirty cops Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

In the setup MacDonald plays a clip of President Trump stating his disdain for the double standard where the lies of Hillary Clinton are ignored and covered up while a single instance of fabricated falsehood is used to destroy Flynn.

President Trump said, “Hillary Clinton on the Fourth of July weekend, went to the FBI, no under oath, it was the most incredible thing anyone’s ever seen. She lied many times, nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and it’s like, they ruined his life. It’s very unfair.”

MacDonald then plays a brief montage of Clinton’s lies being refuted by Comey as the result of FBI investigations. She then proceeds to the actual interview, asking Tom Fitton about the dirty cop that played multiple key roles in both the Clinton cover up and sham investigation as well as various attacks against President Trump, Peter Strzok.

She points out that Peter Strzok, who interviewed Clinton and worked on the sham investigation into her server, was the individual who personally changed the language in a draft of James Comey’s statement.   [VIDEO BELOW]

He watered down the severity of her actions from the initial term of grossly negligent to a declaration that she was extremely careless. That was an important action that provided Comey the wiggle room he needed to let her off the hook, as “gross negligence” is a stated punishable offense in the statute.

Fitton notes that Sara Carter is reporting that Strzok “also interviewed General Flynn, so he not only was an anti-Trumper, he was pro-Hillary Clinton, according to the reports. So as far as I’m concerned, both investigations have been irredeemably by the presence of this individual on the investigations.”

Fitton points out, “He was no clerk, he was running the Clinton ‘investigation,’ essentially, and as a top counter intelligence official in the FBI, certainly was key in the collusion ‘investigation’ by the FBI and later Mr. Mueller.”

“I don’t believe that General Flynn lied,” says Fitton. “I believe he was ambushed by the Comey-Yates Justice Department, and the FBI reportedly concluded initially he wasn’t lying, all of a sudden it was decided that he was lying.”

Apparently the FBI was willing to claim whatever Mueller needed them to claim, so that he could score some points and appear to be closing in on the President’s inner circle. Fitton says, “I tell you, this ‘investigation’s’ a mess.”

He then points out, “Mueller, by the way, removed this man from his position back in July. Why is it we’re only finding out about it now? My guess the IG report into politicization of the FBI is due or is about done and they leaked it ahead of time.”

“Mueller needs to answer some questions about the involvement of this person in all of these key decisions,” says Fitton, “from the dossier, Clinton emails, obviously, the targeting of Flynn and subsequent prosecution of him. What a disaster.”

Fitton says, “The President needs to step in, frankly I’d consider a pardon of Mr. Flynn, and I’d shut down the Mueller investigation at this point.” He goes on to describe the 302 narrative of the report of the FBI interview with Hillary Clinton as being available and as being “an absolute joke.”  He says, “The investigation has been a sham from the get-go.”

Fitton makes the point that “What was watered down was language supporting the decision not to prosecute, they were never going to prosecute her and they decided it long before they met her.”

He goes on to describe revelations in the tarmac FOIA documents that the FBI was more concerned about leaks regarding the improper tarmac meeting than they were about the meeting itself, misconduct consistent with the level of corruption that existed and is still present at DOJ and the FBI.


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