For Whom The Bell Tolls Jade Helm 15 Is NOT A DRILL Russia To Start A Civil War Within The Borders of The USA


Russian soldiers have been coming in through Canada for months, infiltrating parts of our entire country. They have spread far and wide waiting for the order. The latest move by the USA to arm Ukraine has pushed Russia too far, and Russia’s response will be quick and severe. Recently a Texas Secessionist asked Russia for help, as it turns out their “help” might be coming to life. Russia plans to arm insurgents in the USA, specifically in the states of;  California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. This move by Russia is under the guise of arming Mexico. They plan to “supply weapons to guerrillas in those states”. Now it is no coincidence that the USA is responding to these threats with a “realistic” two month-long military drill which is called Jade Helm 15. The purposes of this drill are in question, one reason being the oddity of the length of the drill. The drills begin in Texas which according to the Obama administration is ‘hostile’, and have expanded to Florida and Mississippi. According to our military source, these are not just drills. Texas will be the first state to be under martial law, and the military needs to be fully prepared to take control of the cities and counties at a moments notice for a widespread full on lock-down scenario.  Furthering proof is the newly found ‘Death Domes’ that are popping up all across Texas. These Death Domes are dual use shelters, they are not just for storms. These domes are the perfect induction sites for the thousands that will be bused to their locations, because US citizens will arrive in droves under the declaration of martial law.

“EDNA, Tex. (AP) — Most of the time, the windowless building with the dome-shaped roof will be a typical high school gymnasium filled with cheering fans watching basketball and volleyball games. But come hurricane season, the structure will double as a shelter from the weather, part of an ambitious storm-defense system that is taking shape along hundreds of miles of the Texas coast. Its rugged construction, including double-layer cinder-block walls reinforced by heavy-duty steel bars and cement piers that plunge 30 feet into the ground, should allow it to withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour.” –MORE

The following slide show is filled with compiled videos that we have made, these are video reports regarding the growing tension between Russian and the US.

The other daunting fact that raises much concern is that the border of the United States is being virtually overrun with illegals, and to this day is still wide open. This raises concern about Russia’s allegiance with Obama. The hidden relationship, how else would Russian and Foreign troops be entering our country so easily? The reason for their invasion is because foreign troops will run the FEMA camps. Where the powers that be will house American dissidents in the event of Martial Law. Those dissidents include Christians, Revolutionaries (not to be confused with the agenda following insurgents), and anyone who disagrees with the regime and the powers that be. FEMA camps all across this country are beginning to come to life, and now Russia has planned a deadly move upon the shores of the Unites States Of America.

This move by Russia is following the response path of “an eye for an eye”. Historically America annexed the now US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

The Jade Helm 15 map is identical to the map that Russia is planning to “liberate through insurgency”. Such proving that Jade Helm 15 is not a drill Russia To Start A Civil War within the USA.

Jade Helm 15


Russia USA

As one can see the resemblance, both of these maps have similar points. These points show that this Jade Helm 15 ‘realistic military drill’ might actually be more than just a drill.

The actions taken by the US prove that something strange is going on, and that something just may be Russia arming insurgents inside the US. See Below for the translated article:

“03.24.2015. Speaker Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov said resolution of the US Congress, which calls on Obama to supply weapons to Georgia.

 US House of Representatives on Monday passed a resolution, the text of which calls for US President Barack Obama to send weapons to Kiev.

For this decision 348 Congressmen spoke against – 48.

“The House of Representatives urged President (USA) fully and immediately take advantage of the powers given to Congress and to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons systems to enhance the possibility of the Ukrainian people to defend its sovereign territory,” – said in the document.

Chairman of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov commented the news and turned to American colleagues.

– Dear members of the Congress of the United States of America. From US citizens often hear about the exclusivity of the US Constitution. According to your basic law everyone has the right to freedom of expression. “No political speech should ban only on the grounds that it is in favor of one side and not the other. None of the citizens can not be forbidden to act only because The stated their opinion is false or dangerous, “- said the US Supreme Court in one of its decisions interpreting the US Constitution.

Meanwhile, your words with your own actions. For believing in a false American freedom of speech suffered Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and many others.

We can not be happy that the US government takes all sorts of overt measures aimed at destabilizing the political situation in the neighboring Russian State promotes NATO to the East. All actions in Europe and the United States at the Russian borders are unacceptable, and so rapid expansion of the West (NATO enlargement) is, in fact, a manifestation of aggression.

The Soviet Union, to fight and which was founded by the Alliance, has died in August 1991. So what then is the purpose of NATO? And anyway, what is it still there?

In history there were many precedents, when the supply of US weapons in certain trouble spots of the world does not help resolve the conflict, but on the contrary, leads to a multiple increase in casualties among the illegal proliferation of gang and terrorist groups, to an escalation of conflict.

Let’s look at the results of the post-Soviet NATO activities:

– Millions of civilians have been victims of US military action and its allies in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, torture and abuse of prisoners have become the norm in Abu Ghraib, Camp Nama, Guantanamo, the use of drones to attack targets in various countries became regular. Thus, only in the period from June 2004 to September 2012 as a result of air strikes US drones in Pakistan were killed from 2562 to 3325 civilians. This may also include the US destabilization of the situation in Libya, Syria, Egypt and Ukraine, where the government is formed by US Vice President Joe Biden, and guns and killing civilians in the Donbas and Luhansk troops operate under the guidance of American instructors.

For those of you who do advocate for the welfare of the friendly Ukrainian people, recall that in the world many countries where there is not only democracy but also the most basic conditions for human life – is, for example, most countries in Africa. Why are you not worried about their problems? Why is such a concern is democratic freedoms in countries adjacent to Russia – Georgia, Ukraine?

I often wonder: “What interests haunts America in Ukraine?”. Representatives of our country to protect the country from invaders. More than 3.5 million of our soldiers died defending the Ukrainian lands from Nazi invaders. At the same time, some NATO generals, often in Kiev today are representatives of countries that were once allied with the army of the Third Reich war, including the Ukrainian people.

In the USSR passed the Ukrainian state. Together with the Ukrainians in the development of post-war union republic worked Russian, Georgians, Chechens, Armenians and Jews. None of the US dollar has been spent on the reconstruction and development of Ukraine after the Second World War. Moscow and Kiev since ancient times built statehood together Russian and Ukrainian peoples today are fraternal.

It follows that the United States has no right to advise Russia to behave with neighboring friendly people. Supply of arms Ukraine will be perceived by us as a signal to the appropriate actions – we will begin delivery of new weapons Mexico to resume debate on the legal status of the territories annexed by the United States, which are now the US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

We reserve the right to perform in Russia, Mexico, America conferences with questions raised about the separation of the above-mentioned state of the United States and delivery of weapons to the guerrillas there.

We advise you to think again and abandon, finally, the imperialist ideas of his greatness and permissiveness and start an equal dialogue with our country. Only in this way can achieve mutually beneficial co-existence on this earth. Honest, diplomatic cooperation – is the main factor of foreign policy activity of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this course should the whole country. Its reliable support acts Chapter Czech Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov, who is not just in words and in deeds demonstrated decisiveness execute any orders of the Supreme Commander and actions for the protection of Russia’s interests both at home and anywhere in the world. Russia is too tough for you, Humble, – said the speaker of the Chechen parliament Abdurakhmanov Dukuvakha.

Press Service of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic”



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