Four Best Tips on How to Take Care of Your Invisalign Aligners & Your Teeth

Four Best Tips on How to Take Care of Your Invisalign Aligners and Your Teeth

By TLB Contributing Writer: Martin

Nowadays, Invisalign plastic aligners are a huge hit, and it’s a very popular alternative for those who don’t want metal braces on their teeth. These braces have met this kind of success due to the fact that they look subtle when they are put on the teeth. They can be worn, and other people won’t even notice you have them. You can get the best ones from Invisalign Calgary AB, Canada.

We’re hoping that this article is going to help you make your life easier while wearing Invisalign. These next few tips and tricks should come in handy for everyone who’s wearing Invisalign aligners, so take a look.

Keep the aligner trays clean

Bacteria can get into your aligner trays – if you don’t keep them clean, of course. To avoid all of the bacteria that can get there, you should rinse your trays with water and then brush them with a soft toothbrush. You can use a gentle soap as a cleanser, or you can simply soak them in a solution made of water and white vinegar.

Be careful about stains

There are some foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. If some leftovers get between your teeth and the aligners, this can intensify the staining process, and it can even leave your aligners to look unpleasant. Turmeric, tea, wine, and coffee should be drank carefully. Always clean your teeth before putting the aligners back on.

Don’t throw away theprevious set of aligners

When you’re under treatment with clear aligners, as a rule, you’ll wear one set of trays for about two weeks; then you’re going to get a new set. When that happens, you need to keep the old one. In case something happens to your aligners, and they get damaged, or you lost them, you’ll need the old ones to help you keep the teeth from moving in the unwanted ways until you get a new set.

Brush your teeth more than twice a day

It’s kind of easy for food – leftovers – to get behind the Invisalign braces and then stay there trapped. In case this happens, you’ll have a not-so-pleasant look every time you show your teeth, and you’ll also start to have bad breath. Let’s not even mention cavities.

It’s a good idea to get the braces off and brush your teeth many times a day – just a quick scrub, besides the every morning and every night brush you do anyway. It will not only boost the look of your smile, but it will also help you avoid worse case scenarios that can happen for people who wear Invisalign braces.


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