France Poised to Be First Nation to Sanction Google


By TLB Contributor: Susanne Posel

The French National Commission of Information and Liberty (CNIL) has been given the green light to sanction Google if the corporation does not comply with a legal ruling to remove information from all versions of its website when it grants the user the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF).

France would become the first nation to openly impose sanctions on Google if they do not comply.

The CNIL explained: “In accordance with the (European court) judgment, the CNIL considers that in order to be effective, de-listing must be carried out on all extensions of the search engine and that the service provided by Google search constitutes a single processing.”

Back in May of 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruled in favor that an individual’s private data can be under complete control of the individual “when it comes to search engines” and can be removed by that individual.

Indeed, the “right to be forgotten” can have its darker side wherein if information about an individual is removed from the web to conceal events or collaborations from the public.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing; as well as Facebook, will be greatly challenged by this ruling which advises these tech corporations that “a search on a person’s name yields a results page that amounts to an individual profile. Under European privacy law, it said people should be able to ask to have links to private information in that ‘profile’ removed.”

The ruling explained: “The operator of a search engine is obliged to remove from the list of results displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name links to web pages, published by third parties and containing information relating to that person, also in a case where that name or information is not erased beforehand or simultaneously from those web pages, and even, as the case may be, when its publication in itself on those pages is lawful.”

In November of 2013, the Paris High Court (PHC) has ordered Google to block access to search results containing pictures of the sado-masochistic sex party Max Mosely, former Formula One racing president, attended with 5 prostitutes.

The PHC requested that Google set up a “censorship machine” to protect celebrities from having posts of their nefarious activities on the web with headlines such as “F1 BOSS HAS SICK NAZI ORGY WITH 5 HOOKERS”.

Surprisingly , Oswald Mosely, the father of Max, was “the head of the UK Fascist party and a friend of the Führer.”

The News of the World website, owned by Rupert Murdoch, where the pictures originated, has been declared illegal in separate cases in France and Germany.


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