Freedom-Fighting MEPs Demand Ursula von der Leyen’s Immediate Resignation [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This video was published to Youtube yesterday (Feb.18) by MEP Cristian Terhes and his colleagues, all European Members of Parliament. Below the Youtube video is this:

Freedom loving MEPs demanded the immediate resignation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who failed to disclose communication with the CEO of Pfizer. They also called for an ending of imposition of EU’s Digital Covid Certificate which is useless, unnecessary and discriminatory. One MEP also called for a compensation fund for the COVID vaccine injured and they all ended with a rising encouragement to the freedom loving truckers of Canada. (Press conference – Strasbourg, 16 February 2022)


Here are some notes:

  • MEP Stasys Jakeliunas (Lithuania): Ursula von der Leyen is part of a gigantic Covid-19 scientific fraud and propaganda campaign that has caused human rights violations and is a threat to democracy in Europe. That and her conflicts of interest should result in her resignation. Details: 1.she was involved in private negotiations with the Pfizer president before signing a deal with a private company. And she refuses to be transparent about this. 2. The same transparency principle is violated because parts of the Pfizer contract have been redacted. Von der Leyen has been acting as the chief sales representative for Pfizer in these vaccine deals, which is neither good governance nor science. 3. Further, she has advocated vaccines as the only way out of the pandemic, which is a lie. There are other treatments available which many doctors have testified to. 4. It is Pfizer’s belief according to documentation that the pandemic would last several years and that vaccination must be done. How do they know this? Why should we subscribe to this notion? 5. Von der Leyen has also been participating in censorship of scientific debate on social media since 2020. 6. She faces another conflict of interest over her husband’s work with 2 biopharmaceutical companies who lobby for market share of their products. She is also doing the same for vaccines. For these reasons she must step down, and an investigative committee must be established into how and why the pandemic started, how it was managed, and how to prevent this from happening again.
  • MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia): Concerning mandates and the prolonging for one year, into 2023, of the digital Covid certificate (DGC). We are strongly against this. It has proven to be useless and gives people a false sense of security because it permits people to be infected and transmit. It’s admitted by govts that it’s been a tool to pressure people into getting vaccinated. It is undemocratic, it blackmails citizens of Europe over their fundamental rights, their human rights and their constitutional rights. In some countries, without the DGC you cannot go to your job, enter a shop or public buildings, &etc. We know from scientific publications such as The Lancet that, even before we had the DGC, vaccinated people could spread the disease at almost the same level as the unvaccinated. But European institutions continue to ignore this. Fortunately, some govts have recently decided to abolish all measures and mandates. Austria, France and Italy are the worst countries for mandates in Europe, and for demonizing their people who want another kind of treatment and for ostracizing them from society. They have rights to choose, to have informed consent – we condemn this and cannot believe something like this is happening in Europe. Why would a country like Austria want to force their citizens to take an experimental medical product? Especially when we know the medical product is of a low quality and efficacy, with plenty of side effects, more than in the last 30 years? Why would a govt want to experiment on its own people when we don’t even know what the long-term effects will be? We are happy to see govts lifting mandates and to see people fighting for their rights. What we clearly have here is a PANDEMIC OF CORRUPTION and we are determined to get to the bottom of this. We need an investigation into this by European institutions, and we need accountability.
  • MEP Virginie Joron (France): (she speaks in French)  My countrymen are in the cold of Brussels to denounce the measures that are killing our freedom by those working on behalf of the lobbies. We need transparency, as my colleagues said, but the EU Commission has decided, without scientific foundation, that the vaccine certificate will be extended until June of 2023. Let’s remember that this date corresponds to the end of phase 3 of the vaccine trials. Yes, we’re in the middle of a clinical trial. Today, more than a million vaccine side effects have been officially recorded. But there are more than this because lots of doctors are reluctant to report them. In this database, we see children with strokes, myocarditis and pericarditis, as well as autoimmune problems after taking the vaccine for an illness that doesn’t even affect them. I propose once again indemnisation for the victims of the Covid vaccines. I thank in advance the decoders of fake news for their excellent work like last time. This proposal was made in September of last year and simply dismissed without debate. It’s a scandal. One day all these people – lobbyists, technocrats, and the media accomplices will have to answer for their acts. I will simply reply to Clément Beaune (ER: French minister of European Affairs, who insulted the convoy) that the only convoy of ‘shame and selfishness’ is the one sent by Macron (ER: the riot police), who has a great desire to piss off the French people, who count for nothing to him.
  • MEP Cristian Terhes (Romania): Terhes thanks a German journalist for not caving in (the journalist’s name is not given), who reported on von der Leyen signing a contract in April 2021 for 1.8 BILLION euros worth of vaccine sales with Pfizer. This journalist requested access to the documentation of communications between Pfizer CEO Alfred Bourla and von der Leyen. The journalist received a reply from the EU Commission that they couldn’t give out personal messages sent between these two people. The journalist then filed a complaint with the ombudsman’s office. In Sept of last year, the ombudsman’s office said they would start an investigation. A few weeks ago, the ombudsman released the results of the investigation saying there was ‘maladminstration’ in the refusal of the EU Commission / von der Leyen to disclose these communications. Is this the kind of Europe we want, where an UNELECTED President is doing personal negotiations with the head of a private company that will affect our basic, fundamental rights? We are ENTITLED by law and by the treaty of the European Union to have access to these documents. But SHE should have been the first one to disclose this information to all MEPs, journalists and citizens. We are all affected by these decisions. Thanks to the Ombudsman, who did not cave in doing her job despite being pressured and threatened. (He shows us the redacted pages of the Moderna contract, many of which are almost fully black. See featured image.) And the Pfizer contract is worse. Should we feel safe when the head of the Commission is negotiating privately with a company CEO? It’s not a state, it’s not a government. We have become objects of these people. They strip away our rights because they have commercial agreements. So we had to vote in a plenary session yesterday on the ombudsman’s report of 2020(?). I thank my colleagues for demanding that the contracts with the pharmaceutical companies be released, and that such contracts cannot contain clauses whereby their information is not to be released. Yet the European People’s Party (EPP) came back with a proposal to REMOVE the language demanding that the pharmaceutical contracts be transparent. So why don’t they want people to have access to these contracts? The EPP also wanted the language REMOVED as to the EU Parliament encouraging the ombudsman’s work and to ask the Commission to publish transparent versions of purchase contracts. Journalists need to ask the EPP group why they don’t want us as citizens to see the contents of these contracts. It’s a problem in itself that MEPs like him cannot see these full contracts. We had a vote yesterday and this is how the vote went (he holds up a chart). 187 (27%, most were from EPP) voted against allowing citizens and journalists to see the full contracts. On the other side, 500 (72%) MEPs voted for the EU Commission making available immediately the full contracts, and that no clauses going forward should limit transparency. All the 500 were from both left and right, excluding the EPP. The European Union right now is in a deep crisis, a crisis of leadership and accountability. Two ongoing investigations right now show that Ursula von der Leyen is not fit to hold office. I join my colleagues in demanding the immediate resignation of von der Leyen.
  • MEP Christine Anderson (Germany): (starts at 29 minutes) Since November, what we’ve seen is incredible. People are taking to the streets and challenging their governments. In Germany, hundreds of people stroll every Monday night to protest the restrictions placed on them, for example (she gives examples from other countries). They’re all doing so despite so-called ‘democratic’ govts threatening them for these actions. The Canadian truckers stand out most, for their boldness, courage and determination. They’re an inspirational model to people in other countries. You have given us hope that freedom and democracy can still be restored, which gives me hope personally to keep on fighting. It’s not enough for a handful of MEPs to stand up and fight: we need you the people to stand up against these govts. Please stand up to your governments and follow the Canadian truckers’ lead. They are doing exactly the right thing.



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