Freedom & Liberty: Ours to Choose or Lose

timthumb[1]By: Chaplain Robert Poynter, TLB Contributor

If you know their plan you can turn it around. I have examined this point and have written articles on such points. How to create the down fall of America. However the gist of the article written, after examining the facts went like this (This is an excerpt from an article written in 1919):

Corrupt the young, get them away from religion and interested in Sex, Make them superficial and destroy their ruggedness.

Get control of all publicity and control the media, Get their minds off government and more into athletics, Sexy books and other trivial matters, control the schools and what they learn.

Divide the people into hostile groups and have them infighting amongst themselves on matters of no importance.

Destroy the people’s confidence in the leadership by ridicule and disgrace.

Preach Democracy and seize power as fast as you can.

Encourage government extravagances and destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent of the people.

Encourage unnecessary strikes in general industry and incite riots by encouraging civil disorder.

By specious argument cause the breakdown of the moral standards of old such as honesty, sobriety, self constraint, faith in pledged work and ruggedness.

Cause the registration of all firearms on the pretext of security with the end goal of total confiscation leaving the population defenseless.

Does any of this sound familiar with what is going on in today’s society? This isn’t anything new, this led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Mao in China, Mussolini in Italy, Stalin in Russia, Hitler in Germany, all of them used the same strategy.

We have taken God out of everything we do and have put our trust in our government. We have turned into a society where everything goes. There are no moral standards anymore. Our children are indoctrinated in schools and discipline has been removed from the hands of the parents. Children today believe everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Our own government has us fighting over racial and ethical issues, Our debt is rising so fast that we are going to collapse from within if we don’t stop the spending.

All of this happened because people refuse to get involved. They go about their lives as if nothing is going on and refuse to talk about Politics or Religion period. Ask anyone you know and they will give you the same answer. I don’t discuss politics or I don’t discuss religion. Well if we refuse to discuss what’s happening, then how are we going to make the needed changes?

Ask yourselves, is this what we want to leave our children and grandchildren with? We have a society today that according to our own government statistics over 48% are on some kind of government assistance. Our countries debt to other nations is rising, our government is spying on its own citizens, so all the criteria mentioned above has been met. The only question left is when they will pull the plug on us and collapse our once great nation.

When do we end up under total control of our government or better yet the United Nations or the One World Government? The only thing standing in their way is our Second Amendment and they are trying real hard to get that. How will we go down in history? How will our generation affect the way history is written? It is said that Freedom is one generation from being destroyed. Are we that generation? More on this subject to come, but for now I leave you with some very interesting things to think about …

Ultimate Tyrrany

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  1. Today we are in what is known as fascism, Mussolini said it best years ago when he described a fascist state: A Fascist state or government is when the bankers and corporations control the government. Make no mistake about it, we are controlled by the Feds at the Federal Reserve and big corporations. Congress makes most all it’s decisions based on these two entities .

  2. Just try to find a lawyer to sue the bastards in our government involved in criminal operations and burglaries now.
    All the illegal, unconstitutional and criminal acts that the US government is engaging in now is under the guise of “FOR NATIONAL SECURITY”…… The fact is that the US government Homeland Security agents are now engaging in Domestic Acts of Terrorism against citizens…..The fact is they are committing numerous burglaries on targeted “WATCH LIST” Activists and those speaking out against the government or Obama. I have been personally targeted for numerous harassment, “hate crime” burglaries and it is common knowledge that gag orders and SO CALLED “REASONS for NATIONAL SECURITY” EXCUSES have been used to deny the information requested in my FOIAS and Public Disclosure requests. This government is a criminal operation now and using laws created to coverup their criminal acts from being exposed to the public.
    When will the lies and coverups be stopped????

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