Freedom Of Speech: Media’s Actions Say – NOT If You Are Conservative (Video)

Freedom Of Speech: Media’s Actions Say – NOT If You Are Conservative


Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Today it does not matter if you are an independent or a conservative (and even for some moderate liberals) … if you do not subscribe to the radical progressive global agenda being forced down our (and most of the worlds) throats, you will be trivialized, and if that does not work … you will be destroyed! And this is far too easy to prove in the land of 24/7 impeachment farce based on a fart in the wind.

So if you stop to think … something far too many have forgotten how to do, being a Conservative, and even an open-minded Independent in many cases today means you are basically the enemy of all things Liberal or Progressive, all things righteous, and … all things (by their definition) American! You are a NAZI, a Fascist simply because of what you think and believe in, up-to and including the Constitution (racist document by racist white men) … and you need to be … not stopped or taken down, but … destroyed!

NO those are not overstatements in the least!

Lets take a look and see just how pervasive this scenario is today.


  • How many Conservatives marched through city after city in America burning and destroying the life and livelihood of mostly the poor and minorities they professed to represent?

  • How many Conservatives occupied a significant portion of an inner city to the detriment of its occupants both in livelihood and in total lack of security. This allowing for murder, rape, robbery, personal attacks, property destruction, business owner shakedowns, etc… without penalty for the perpetrators, or justice for those they have harmed or destroyed?

  • How many Conservatives were paid and bused into (from out of state) cities with protests specifically to incite and perpetrate violence and destruction on communities they wont have to live in after the fact … ?

And the list of appropriate questions could go on and on …

Something tells me the answers are quite clear … well at least to us non-Progressives … Yet it is the Conservatives and Independents that are labeled as NAZI’s or Fascists … How the hell does that make ANY sense at all ???

Today we live in a world where even Orwell would shake his head in disbelief.

I want to focus on a growing issue, social media and its vast and growing hold on so much of this country’s (and indeed the worlds) attention. Unlike the MainStream Media (MSM) which is slowly (but surely) dying right before our eyes. Today if you or I try to open some eyes to this reality on the mainstream social media platforms, we are de-platformed, put in detention, shadow-banned, or given some other algorithm smack-down. If (heaven forbid) we dare to complain about this, we are called crazy, conspiracy theorists, or told we were fact checked and found to be peddling false information.

These Progressives will never admit their absolutely seditious and/or treasonous actions such as, partaking in the violent overthrow of government, and silencing first amendment rights for those they don’t/wont agree with … actions they commit, fund, or allow without ramifications …

It is not my mission with this commentary to bog you down with facts most should already know. What I would like to present here is several videos from Project Veritas helping to explain in more detail what actually is hidden behind the curtain Toto has yet to pull back.

Big Social Media is NOT our friend!

… unless you are a BLM or ANTIFA member … then come on in, sit down, prop your feet up, and help us ruin a few more Conservative or Independent lives … because Uncle (Moneybags) Soros says we should!

  • To say I am pissed is an understatement!
  • To say America is in trouble is an understatement!
  • To say America is already is a soft civil war is NOT an overstatement!
  • To say TLB intends to help do something about this is an understatement!

How do you see this ending ???

Please watch these vital videos to understand why the first amendment carries no water on Big Social Media and tyranny is rampant!


Content Moderator: ‘If Someone’s Wearing MAGA Hat, I’m Going to Delete Them for Terrorism’


Another Insider Details Political Censorship; Current HR Exec ‘No One Has White Man’s Back’




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