French Health Ministry Uses Healthcare Workers To Set an Example

ER Editor: We just have to make this cultural commentary after several years in France. It is so exquisitely French to PUNISH someone for perceived wrongdoing. To take revenge, to get back at someone. Even if the punisher ends up suffering as a result. We do not jest. Among people on a personal level, between government and citizens, it is to be expected.

A reminder that Italy recently reversed this policy against care workers, while the Supreme Court of New York ruled to reinstate non-vaccinated workers. See

Italy Ends Ban on Non-Vaxxed Healthcare Workers


The parliamentarians accomplices of the ignominy with regard to the suspended personnel? The minister justifies the punishment for the example! The risk of contamination abandoned

Translation of text-in-photo below: Madame Firmin refuses to reinstate non-vaccinated professionals not because they can contaminate but because they set a bad example to at-risk people

We are at the end of October 2022, no one can believe in the effectiveness of the injections, at worse they aggravate the disease and make it three times more contagious. And yet Madame Firmin, Macronian and Philippian deputy minister, confirms her refusal to reinstate unvaccinated professionals

His explanation; the value of example…for fragile people

She does not dare to say that there is a reduction in contamination , she does not even accuse them of being able to contaminate…………………. THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED BECAUSE THEY ARE SETTING A BAD EXAMPLE

The bad example????? How, then, should young 30-year-old caregivers be treated like 90-year-olds? And why not RIVOTRIL (ER: like Midazolam, the drug of choice with which to inject the elderly in France)

THE COMPLETE FILE IS HERE (ER: We are inserting a part of this below – browsers will translate)

The French today doubt the very existence of a rule of law in our country, but I will not go back over the current affairs which are raising awareness in public opinion. I would simply like to evoke the very recent past.

Millions of French people today have the certainty that the public authorities lied to them, that the institutions did not function correctly and did not protect. Yet what happened in past years is forgotten.

The crisis and doubt have exploded since 2020 during the so-called Covid crisis, and parliamentarians have the means to rebuild confidence in the Republic. They would have to prefer science to the media orthodoxy…

No one should forget the thousands of old people sacrificed in 2020, no one can ignore the fate of thousands of French people deprived of jobs, ostracized from society as a result of lies now proven. The law of August 2021, revised in August 2022 is totally in contradiction with scientific knowledge. Not to repeal it is to distort the blow with the rule of law.

Finally, what can we say about the hundreds of doctors who have dared to save lives and who are threatened by the Order?

What more can we say about this propaganda denying the risks highlighted by scientists by continuing the injections.

I still remember a certain Olivier Véran (ER: former health minister, the 2nd during the plandemic) who in the spring of 2020 authorized a lethal molecule for the elderly in respiratory distress, suffering from covid. He refused them the treatments offered by Professors Raoult and Perronne and left them no chance of survival. Rivotril indeed accentuates respiratory distress, as Vidal reminds us.

Between March and May 2020, 13,464 “additional” doses of Rivotril were delivered. This could represent a third or even half of all deaths during the pandemic! 

In a rule of law, would the commissions of inquiry have contented themselves with a simple observation?

At least would they have compared the mortality between the nursing homes where we treated and the others?

The minister’s response to the Senate sends shivers down the spine: treating respiratory distress with a molecule that aggravates respiratory distress


How much longer will opposition parliamentarians be complicit?


Translation: “Reinstating unvaccinated caregivers is out of the question, it is not desirable, we are still on that line.”

France still last… our leaders are just losers who rush us into limbo!

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Here we are ! In accordance with its electoral commitments, @GiorgiaMeloni will reinstate the thousands of non-vaccinated caregivers suspended by the previous government. France is therefore the last country in Europe to maintain this despicable measure.




Translation: oh hell I just found the fart check France TV info on the vaccine pass, just a nugget, while we said it was going to happen. look we had seen it 100% right

Translation: We now know that mRNA vaccines prevent transmission. Every person vaccinated is a step towards overcoming the crisis. Let’s relax the eligibility criteria and focus on numbers. Let’s encourage everyone who wants to be vaccinated


Menstrual abnormalities lasting months after Covid-19 vaccine ‘very worrying’ says doctor TURKEY, Israel

Data collected from Israel’s adverse reaction reporting system shows that some women experienced menstrual disturbances for more than 12 months after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. These data are worrying, according to Dr. Shelly Cole, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Texas.

 Method: This study is a quantitative and descriptive study and was carried out among 590 undergraduate students studying at a Central Anatolian State University in the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year. The data was collected by the researcher through an individual interview with the students and a questionnaire prepared in accordance with the literature.

35.9% of vaccinated students experienced health problems in the days following vaccination, and the most common health problems were fatigue, cough, sleep disturbance, psychological discomfort, feeling sick to the stomach. heart and perspiration. Most post-vaccination health issues lasted 2 days, 3.7% of participants were diagnosed with hypertension, 2.7% were diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, and 10.52% of participants visited doctor for menstrual irregularities and received treatment. It was determined that 12.2% of vaccinated students gained weight after vaccination


A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association


confirms that unvaccinated people have LESS symptoms when they contract Covid than those who have received two or three doses.


“malignant cancer of the lymph nodes”…evolution since 2020…?

FDA is urged to release findings on vaccine safety

In July 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quietly disclosed findings of a potential increase in four types of serious adverse events in older adults who had received Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine: heart attack acute myocardium, disseminated intravascular coagulation, immune thrombocytopenia and pulmonary embolism.

Few details were provided, such as the magnitude of the potential increased risk, and no press releases or other alerts were sent to doctors or the public. The FDA promised it would “share further updates and information with the public as they become available.”

More than a year later, however, the status and results of the follow-up study are unknown. The agency did not issue a press release, notify doctors, publish the results in preprint or in the scientific literature, or update the vaccine label.

Reanalysis of Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials by Fraiman and colleagues indicated that mRNA vaccines were associated with one additional serious adverse event per 800 people vaccinated,  3  far more than the 1 to 2 per million reported for vaccines in general. 10  Fraiman says he and his colleagues asked the FDA to warn the public based on their reanalysis and replicate their study, but that didn’t happen.



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