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We highly recommend the Freedom Alliance Party initiative to you. It presents a strategy we must all  get behind in order to sweep aside the tyrannical power grab orchestrated by the globalist crime syndicate.

We are at war and this is a war we will not lose if we all take positive action.

The freedom movement is huge and growing fast. But it needs a coordinated plan of campaign to focus its considerable energies into unstoppable power.

The Freedom Alliance and it campaigns and manifesto present such a workable strategy.

Please visit the Freedom Alliance website and take a thorough look at its manifesto. This is something well worth supporting. The briefing by FA founder, Jonathan Tilt, below gives us a do-able strategy we can all implement for handing the globalists a devastating defeat.

We’ve preceded it with an article from the FA website by James Goad and followed it with a second video – from the Freedom Alliance conference in August 2022 –  that will give you more insight into the potential that the FA movement represents. In that video, Jonathan Tilt gives a fascinating briefing at the 4 hour mark.


Where The Power Lies.

by James Goad.

It is hard to feel any real sympathy for today’s politicians. Despite this, I felt a pang of sympathy for Liz Truss this week. She was paraded before the media making the second major U-turn on the mini-budget she crafted with Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. Already having abandoned the scrapping of the 45% upper rate for income tax, she was forced to reinstate the corporation tax cut. She was even persuaded to state how much additional tax was allegedly going to be raised by the hike. It was pure humiliation.

If anyone was not in any doubt as to how toothless and controlled the office of PM is, then surely this has now been removed. It’s as if the powers-that-be are not even trying to hide anymore. To rub it in, Ms Truss’s choice of her friend Kwarteng as Chancellor was overturned just 38 days after his appointment. His replacement is worthy of note: the ultra-globalist shill Jeremy Hunt. A man brought in from the political wilderness to play by the rule book. Hunt has the obligatory Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree from Oxford. Funny, that.

The knives have been out for our new Prime Minister ever since she stepped into the role. Evidently the budget she and her friend Kwarteng had conjured up had not been run past the shadowy clique who run this country. The choice of the Conservative Party members has been an irritant, now brushed aside, to the true sources of power in London.

It should have been clear to everyone over two years ago that the government is not in charge. In March 2020 the government’s initial approach to COVID was to let it spread naturally allowing immunity to develop. A realistic approach, given that the evidence indicated that the virus had been present and spreading since Christmas 2019. The lockdown to ‘save the NHS’ allegedly came from the advisors from the SAGE committee. This was window-dressing. The scrapping of the initial approach and subsequent lockdowns which dragged on for two years was dictated to then-PM Boris Johnson by representatives from the Bank of England (BoE).  The circumstances behind the change of course were related by Jennifer Arcuri, Johnson’s former mistress.

‘Mark Dolan: What would you say to (Boris Johnson) if you spoke to him this evening?

Jennifer Arcuri: I would say: “tell them about the meeting that occurred 10 days before the lockdown with the Bank of England and I want to know how that government was refinanced. Tell them about the crash that already happened that no one’s giving ears to because we’re going to hide it…let’s talk about those meetings behind close doors. Let’s talk about what’s really going on because that’s not been allowed to be talked about on the media. So let’s talk about the new financing, where we’re going with this and what these lockdowns are really for…” ‘

This was in addition to a good deal of other dark shenanigans discussed on the Delingpod podcast, also last year (listen from 34:45 onwards for the juiciest bits).

On the face of it, the BoE also seems responsible for effectively ruining the Truss administration. The nobbled PM is now no more than a placeholder in Downing St until she can be replaced. Probably by Hunt. The deck will be stacked ensuring a globalist is installed in No.10 at the next General Election (probably next Spring.). Betting odds favour Tri-Lateral Commission member Sir Keir Starmer, who will play the game like the good globalist he is. Failing that, Hunt will do. Either way, the Cabal wins.

The placement needs to be seen in the context of the impending death of the current fiat currency system. The PM in place for this final transition cannot come up with independent approaches like the Truss-Kwarteng double-act. There’s no room for creativity; there’s a script to act to and a to-do list to carry out to effect the Great Reset. Then we welcome central bank digital currencies (programmable digital money) tied to social credit scores. This will include the transference of privately held assets to the corporate parasite class, otherwise known as ‘stakeholders’.

What are the positive take-aways here? The Cabal are showing their hand ever more boldly. The way in which the PM was wheeled out to read from a script in an almost ritual act makes it clear who is not in charge. The entities behind the curtain are increasingly not bothering to hide their actions. If events this week haven’t revealed the truth of the political window dressing in Whitehall to Mr and Mrs Normie, then when the truth does finally dawn on them it’s going to be too late to stop the Great Reset.

There is still time to stop what’s coming. Join Freedom Alliance – For Future’s Sake and stand as a candidate in local and General Elections. Oppose the bought-out legacy political parties and help wake up those still asleep.

Westminster Panto as The WEF Come Out Of The Shadows.

Jonathan Tilt, leader of the Freedom Alliance, discusses the latest instalment of the Westminster panto. Is Klaus now so desperate that he is no longer hiding his control of the Conservative party? And why a snap general election with a Labour victory will send us hurtling towards digital slavery.




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