Gene-edited food: corrupt government is at it again

Whom do they serve? It sure as hell isn't us and we'll not be safe or at peace until we take that fact on board and deal with it

Intro by Steve Cook

More shenanigans from Britain’s corrupt, reckless and irresponsible government, which proposes to line the pockets of its pals in Big Agra by doing away with the usual safety checks on genetically altered food.

The British people have a right to know what is or isn’t in their food so they can make their own choices as to whether to eat it. The government does not think so. That right is expendable when the profits of its pals are at stake.

If genetically altered food is as “safe” as  they say it is (but can’t really be sure because the safety checks have been dispensed with) then there is no harm in the public being told which products contain them.

An unwillingness to keep The People accurately informed as to which food they are eating does or does not contain genetically altered ingredients, tells us they have something to hide. Otherwise they would be more forthright.

We’ve been here before  with the vaccines: the usual testing and long-term studies skimped, glib reassurances as to  safety and efficacy that turned out to be a bare-faced lie with the result that millions now face serious long term health problems.

We, The People, make the continual and sometimes fatal mistake of assuming those in power are administering the nation’s affairs for our benefit, yet their observable ACTIONS and BEHAVIOUR evince the fact that that is not the case. The government serves wealthy corporate masters and money powers. The rest is pretence.

Quite frankly, if the government reassures us something is “safe” , we should be afraid, very afraid.

Whom do they serve? It sure s hell isn’t us and we’ll not be safe or at peace until we take that fact on board and deal with it.

Gene-edited foods will not be labelled in English supermarkets

Rachael Burford. SOURCE 
Genetically edited foods will not be labelled in England because they are “fundamentally natural”, the Environment minister has said.

George Eustice said the Government would not need to advertise products that have altered DNA.The Government is set to introduce a bill in Parliament on Wednesday that will pave the way for genetically edited plants and animals to be grown and raised for food.

Regulations for gene-edited, not genetically modified (GM), foods would be relaxed if the legislation is approved and would at first only apply to plant products.

The Genetic Technology Bill will allow DNA altered crops to be approved in just a year rather than up to a decade.

The technology is not currently used in Britain because of European Union laws.

Mr Eustice told Times Radio: “We don’t intend to label it because the thing about gene-edited food is it’s simply moving a trait, for instance from one variety of wheat to another.

“So it’s very unlike genetic modification, where you could be taking a gene across a species boundary.

“That means that the principle of precision breeding technologies like gene editing is they’re not doing anything that couldn’t occur through a natural breeding process.

 “That’s what makes them actually fundamentally a more precise way of doing a natural process.”

Gene editing involves effectively switching genes “on and off” in a living organism by snipping out a small piece of DNA.

Scientists have said it can lead to the production of food products that are more resistance to disease, pests and climate change.

Varieties that could also be produced through traditional cross-breeding methods, can be made much more quickly.

But critics have argued that the new regulations have not been scrutinised thoroughly enough.

Liz O’Neill, director of GM Freeze, said: “Gene editing is GM with better PR – there is much that can go wrong and UK citizens have shown time and again that they want it to be subject to proper safety checks.

“It’s time for the Government to start listening to ordinary people rather than those with a vested interest in a high-tech takeover of the food chain. ”

Mr Eustice said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will ensure foods are safe before they are sold in supermarkets.

“There’s nothing that couldn’t happened naturally, through a natural breeding process. However, what there will be is before they get a marketing authorisation, the FSA will conduct an assessment just to make sure that there aren’t any risks.

“So there will be that health assessment as we have with all of these types of crops coming onto the market, and that will ensure that there’s no risk at all to public safety.”

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