Genetically Engineered Aspartame (AminoSweet): Health Tyranny Never Tasted So Sweet


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

How far will Biotech companies such as Monsanto go to sell their poisons? Even with consumers awakening to the health hazards of their products, these companies will stop ant nothing, no subterfuge is too evil to continue their profit making schemes, or is it something much more sinister?

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener is tied to many severe health maladies such as seizures, cancer, heart palpitations, and other life destroying conditions. This is no longer a guess or an assumption, but a time proven FACT! But due to the awakening of people like those here at TLB and you, the afflicted and poisoned consumers to this health wrecking substance, and the resulting reduction in our consumption, the manufacture changed the name to AminoSweet and are even touting it as a Natural Sweetener … REALLY … just how the hell does that work?

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Aspartame is a synthetic combination of the amino acids aspartic acid and l-phenylalanine, and is known to convert into highly toxic methanol and formaldehyde in the body.  Aspartame has been linked to over 40 adverse health effects in the biomedical literature, and has been shown to exhibit both neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity  What business does a chemical like this have doing in our food, drinks and children’s vitamins, especially when non-toxic, non-synthetic non-nutritive sweeteners like stevia already exist?

Yes this poison is even part of the “so called” healthy vitamins we lovingly give to help keep our precious children healthy

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The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well guarded secret since the 1980s (but not anymore due to articles like this). The research and history of aspartame is conclusive as a cause of illness and toxic reactions in the human body. Aspartame is an extremely dangerous chemical food additive, and its use during pregnancy and by children is one of the greatest modern tragedies of all.

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Now be aware this could not be accomplished without the knowledge and complicity of our government agencies such as the FDA who are tasked with our protection from just such subterfuge. These biotech powerhouses through extremely well connected (politically) individuals like Donald Rumsfeld exercise massive influence and thus control over the very mechanisms of our supposed protection. Yea you trust this government to guard and protect your health … RIGHT ???


Attached you will find several videos that break down this subterfuge in much more detail including the real intended function, the facelift (name change) and a thorough documentary detailing the complete history of Aspartame and the political powerhouses complicit in its original approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We at TLB stopped believing a long time ago that this government is in any fashion “Protecting our health” because there is just to much blatant evidence to the contrary …

It is well past time to start (if you have not already) being very discriminating on what you buy to eat or feed those you love because without this discrimination, we are in fact … poisoning not only ourselves, but also … our children …

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