Linderman Unleashed: Rolling Stone, Conspiracy Theorists, Monsanto, Military Coup

Linderman Unleashed 9/18/15 EP18

By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

Rolling Stone, Conspiracy Theorists, Monsanto, Military Coup and Much More
This week on Linderman Unleashed: Am I getting this straight? Has Rolling Stone Magazine actually stated that we conspiracy theorists have been right about the bankers controlling the world? I’ll discuss this article from the magazine regarding the Libor scandal as well as a much newer “banking conspiracy”.

I’ll also be discussing how one third of Americans would support a military coup and why I understand their liking for this in a knee-jerk reaction to the corruption that we see on a daily basis but also explain why it would be a seriously bad idea. Did you know that in this poll, more Americans would support a military coup if the government violated the constitution? Where the hell have these people been the last hundred years?

Monsanto is surprised that California has declared Round-Up to be a carcinogen….really???? How long have they known this? I think they are more surprised that a state government has decided to buck the system and tell the truth (on this matter). I’ll also explain why it’s incredibly hypocritical for California to dis one carcinogen yet make other mandatory to be injected into children.

Another topic we’ll be covering today is Gulf War “syndrome” and why you should be looking into vaccines if you or a loved one have been or are in the military.

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