Geoengineering Catastrophe: Nero Plays the Fiddle as Rome Burns

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Nero plays the fiddle as Rome burns. Yes I know we have all heard this line before but it is never so apropos as it is today.

The financial world is collapsing, and a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep.

The world quickly approaches another catastrophic global war, and a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep.

Our health is in ruins and worsening by the day, and a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep.

Our God given freedoms, rights and sovereignty are evaporating at an exponential rate of speed, and a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep.

But above all nothing, short of a full blown nuclear war, has the ability to trigger an Extinction Level Event (ELE) on this planet quicker than the current program of haphazardly (or intentionally) geoengineering our weather and atmosphere … and a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep …

What follows is a presentation by a great TLB Partner and contributor imparting to us all the information we all need to understand the dire condition this planets biosphere is in today … and there seems to be no stopping the attack on the very mechanism we all require to survive.

Please read on and listen. Then do something … anything to wake up all you can. Because the inevitable is well along the path of realization if … a vast majority of humanity continues to sleep.


Global Alert News

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2015

By TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

Corporate media continues to distract populations with completely irrelevant dramas while the power structure maneuvers to secure their stranglehold on the population while the biosphere implodes.

The former US military chief of staff becomes a banker for the top banking cartel one week after retiring from the military.

Who is making money from the ever increasing climate catastrophes?

The weather trading derivatives gambling casino is run by those that are directly involved with climate modification, no surprise.

New studies prove neurological disease and mortality are going off the charts and the studies state conclusively the increase can only be from “environmental factors” that are unknown (or unacknowledged).

The highly toxic fallout from climate engineering programs is contaminating the entire web of life. The ship is going down, all are needed to help sound the alarm.


Please visit Dane here at Geoengineering Watch


Watch this great discussion TLB had with Dane on TLBTV – Eradicating Programmed Ignorance.

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