Geoengineering, JADE HELM 2015 & Sentient Mass Extinction



Mary Carmel (TLB)

There is too much area to cover, when trying to explain the constant attack on humanity and the planet, by the elite. If there is a subject that would take precedence at the moment, it would be geoengineering. It is literally going to destroy  the earth and all of it’s inhabitants soon. Very soon. If you connect the dots, it is no coincidence that people are getting sicker, wildlife is dying, natural disasters are getting worse, and our military is preparing us for something we are not even being told about. A lot of them do not even know themselves, nor does the average person that does not pay attention. I believe, if they did, and stopped for a moment to make the choice between survival, or ignorant bliss and a paycheck, the many voices across the world, could have one last chance at stopping the madness being inflicted upon the masses. This is a global assault on everyone. No one is exempt. Time is running out, so please take the time to see the video below. Share this information with your friends and family, especially those in the military. MC


Dane Wigington is a contributing writer here at TLB, and his continued effort to spread awareness about geoengineering is monumental. Please visit his website at: for additional information, and articles on the subject.

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