GeoEngineering Scientists will Decide who Lives, who Dies

GeoEngineering Scientists will Decide who Lives, who Dies

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

If anyone thinks GeoEngineering Programs are still in ‘the closet’ or a ‘secret’ or ‘a conspiracy theory’… then you have been living under a rock or you have faulty neuron cells in your brain. Even worse, you know about GeoEngineering but you are in denial.

From Public EPA hearings, Public protests in county and city board rooms, Public protests on city streets around the world, the alarm bell has been ringing to raise awareness and make an anti-GeoEngineering statement about the dangers of present and future weather control programs.

One example of hitting the streets and waking up the public sheeple, is the upcoming Global Chemtrail Summit, hosted by Matt Landman this May 7th at PSU Hoffmann Hall, 1833 SW 11th Ave, in Portland, Oregon. Matt is the founder of Actual Chemtrail Activists on FB. Matt does not just sit around posting pictures of the sky, he gets out and burns shoe leather to spread the word. No opportunity is lost on Matt… face to face… handing out flyers on a street corner… or making a public appearance. We at TLB are grateful to Matt for giving us a heads-up when he finds something in his research that is pertinent to exposing new GeoEngineering information.

Now the reason for our headline

Another Researcher and anti-GeoEngineering activist is Jim Lee. Jim is a long-time friend of TLB staff members and an Adviser on GeoEngineering to The Liberty Beacon Media Project.

How to describe Jim Lee… hum mm… I’ve got it, “Take No Prisoners.” Jim has been active in the exposure of GeoEngineering Programs for a good long time. While most of us were looking up and wondering why the sky did not look the way it used to, Jim was already compiling evidence that gave the answer.

As we have reported in previous articles, Jim Lee has testified before the EPA in Washington and has taken on the Scientists (Lobbyist as Jim calls them) in Public Debate as well as on social media with his pages, websites and videos. Waring to ‘wrong-doers’: If Jim starts researching you, there is nowhere to hide!

We present his latest video that is sure to cause some consternation to those in the pro-GeoEngineering movement…. Even Bill Gates!

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Research Links and About Jim Lee:

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