Germans demand that their govt restricts migration to prevent further attacks following murder of police officer


ER Editor: Furore has erupted over the stabbing of a policeman, Rouven Laur, and his subsequent death by a young Afghani national, in Germany illegally for some years.

Twenty five years old, trained in martial arts and unemployed, Sulaiman Ataee had two young children; he went on a stabbing spree in Mannheim city centre last Friday, aiming to get Michael Stürzenberger, a right-wing political activist who had criticized Islam. Ataee had applied for asylum way back in 2014, following his arrival in 2013 as an unaccompanied child, but was rejected. He was eventually granted a residence permit for having fathered a family some time recently. More details can be found at Remix News.

This video is deliberately blurry but shows something of what happened —

A clearer view can be obtained on this X post, but it cannot be embedded here.

Ataee’s real target, Stürzenberger, seems to have been saved by the actions of this man —

Translation: An unnamed helper tearfully described how he held the attacker Sulaiman Ataee and was attacked himself until he had to let go of Ataee. Without him, Stürzenberger might not have survived.

eugyppius gives us a more detailed account of reactions to the event —

Mannheim Updates: The stabbed policeman has died, the assailant Sulaiman Ataee was a years-long illegal resident of Germany, and discourse about the incident continues to be very, very stupid


The Daily Mail below reports the reactions of local people to the stabbing in a way that surprises us. We’re hearing a tone that’s critical of mass migration in a fair way from an MSM outlet. Worth checking out.

Now, if only something tangible and decisive were done about the migration problem. 


Germans demand that their government restricts migration to prevent further attacks after an Afghan knifeman killed a police officer and stabbed five others at a political rally

Germans have demanded that their government restricts migration to prevent further attacks after an Afghan knifeman killed a police officer and stabbed five others at a political rally.

Sulaiman Ataee, 25, launched a frenzied attack in Mannheim city centre on Friday, stabbing well-known Islam critic Michael Stuerzenberger, police officer Rueven L, 29, and several bystanders in a horrific incident which was live streamed on YouTube.

Residents in the city in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg were outraged over the attack, with many demanding stricter rules on immigration.

Local resident Julia, 27, said her opinion on migration had changed following the deadly stabbing rampage last week.

‘I’m now a lot more aware of the dangers of Islamistic terror after what happened on Friday and it made me think that we might need to draw a line to restrict immigration and decide whether people actually need asylum or not,’ she told MailOnline.

Residents in Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, are outraged over a frenzied attack by Afghan migrant Sulaiman Ataee, who killed a police officer and stabbed five others on Friday

Residents are calling for tougher rules  on immigration following the attack by Ataee, who immigrated to Germany from Afghanistan in 2014 when he was just 14

‘It makes me increasingly angry as well that our society is so open to migrants and takes everyone in, but then there’s people who are radical and violent, so much so that a police officer gets killed. It is truly shocking.’

Even the left-leaning Green Party, after years of urging Germany to take in more asylum seekers, is calling for tougher measures against Islamic extremists.

Leader Ricarda Lang urged decisive action on the ARD talk show Miosga and acknowledged her party’s previous reluctance to confront the issue head-on.

She said: ‘Islamism is the enemy of a free society. And it must be treated as such and must be combated, in terms of security policy and society as a whole.

‘There can be no excuses, no justifications.’

In a notable move, Lang also called for the closure of the Islamic Centre in Hamburg, a place she described as a hub for radical ideas.

She added: ‘I still can’t understand why it is still open.’

Frustrated pensioner Rolf said that he thinks that Germany and its government will be outraged over the death of Rouven L. for a week, but will return to normal after, with no changes to be made following the brutal attack.

‘It is intolerable,’ he said.

Just last year the country saw an influx of 680,000 and 710,000 people, which brought the overall population in Germany to a new record of 84.7 million, according to its national office for statistics.

‘We can’t take in the whole world, that just cannot work,’ Rolf told MailOnline.

The 70-year-old said he had noticed German public services taking a hit and attributed this to mass migration.

Pictured: Police officer Rouven L., 29, who was stabbed to death anti-Islam rally in Germany

Pictured: Police officer Rouven L., 29, who was stabbed to death anti-Islam rally in Germany

‘I went to hospital to get help with a hernia, but I only got an appointment three months later.

‘There’s just too many people that come here, it just cannot work and we need to do something about it,’ he added.

Before his retirement, Rolf was a lorry driver, which earned him a small pension.

But he said it doesn’t reach very far, since most of it is spent on taxes.

‘And then someone new comes here and they get more money than me after working all my life, and I can’t even say anything about it without being branded right-wing,’ he said.

‘In ten years, Islam will have taken over Germany. I’m old, so I don’t care anymore. If I was younger, maybe, but now I don’t give a s***.’

Homeless woman Petra, 57, told MailOnline: Migrants have a right to be here, but I don’t think it’s right that some, not all, get more than the Germans that are here.

‘There’s Germans on the streets, like us. I think everyone should be treated equally.’

She used to be €800 (£680) in debt, which spiralled into losing her flat and insurance.

Petra is now homeless, and struggling to even afford medication like paracetamol in the pharmacy.

‘You used to be able to get medications written up [onto your insurance], but now that’s not the case. Everything’s gotten really expensive.

‘You start asking yourself whether open borders are worth this, Petra added.

‘The country can’t do it anymore. People have health issues and can’t pay to treat them. it’s about time the government does more for its people, for everyone.’

Her boyfriend, 52-year-old Mario, was in an accident that left him unable to work and he also ended up on the streets of Mannheim.

‘It’s not fair,’ Petra said. ‘Everyone should be in it together. Everyone wants something to eat, to drink, a flat with affordable rent.

‘Everything went downhill since Kohl and Merkel [were in power].’

Mario believes the situation worsened after former German Chancellor Angela Merkel started leading the country in 2005.

‘Everything changed. Refugees now get more than us.’

Personally impacted by the attack on Friday is 25-year-old Anja, whose father and brother are both part of the local police force.

‘This could have been my brother and I now have to live with the fear that it could happen again,’ she told MailOnline.

She said she knows many migrants who assimilated well, but there’s always some people who haven’t.

‘I think everyone should treat each other with respect and should be open-minded, but migrants should also respect the rights and responsibilities that come with living in a new country, especially in regards to women’s rights,’ Anja added.

Romanian Dana, 45, recently moved to Mannheim for a career change.

She told MailOnline: ‘Those who immigrate should abide by the rules of that country and don’t expect everyone to give them everything on a silver platter.’

This sentiment was echoed by 65-year-old local Christa, who said: ‘I’m generally open to immigration, but I think too many people come here without having an expectation of the culture here, so the cohabitation is sometimes difficult.

‘I think migrants also need to make an effort to integrate and I don’t see that with many of them.

Flowers and candles are left in Mannheim city centre as tributes to the victims of the attack

‘They come here and think they can live the same as where they came from but that’s just not the case. Everyone needs to adapt.’

She explained there’s a flaw in the system, which the stabbing attack in Mannheim last week highlighted yet again.

Christa said: ‘I don’t think it’s tenable anymore that we can’t deport someone like that to Afghanistan.



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