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This event began June 1st and will run through July 4th. Joining this protest and/or participating in this planned event may not be  the safest thing to do at this time in our country’s history (and that statement alone should make you mad as hell), but if action is not taken in the form of peaceful protest NOW … well …

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy

This July 4th we are hoping to be able to protest on every street corner, City Hall, Fireworks Celebration, Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, etc. against the treasonous and completely insane rolling out of UN and U.S. Military and Police TANKS and ARMIES in our streets for “Jade Helm,” as well as the evil NSA Spying Programs and the federal takeover of our municipal police departments. Things have gone far past the point of insanity.

The best way to do this safely … is to peacefully protest in massive numbers!

We are going to send letters, messages, phone calls, you-name-it, to every military, police, Congressional, civic, church, etc. leader telling them that these evils must stop immediately.


There will be several more articles and radio shows culminating in the July 4th peak of this event. This article is focused on the constant militarization of local hometown America police forces. Future shows and articles will focus on NSA spying on Americans and Jade Helm 15.


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

TLB is a proud co-sponsor of this event.

Most Americans are sitting idly by and watching as our freedoms and rights are being destroyed or trampled over right before their eyes. They offer up the excuse that if you are doing nothing wrong, there is no issue. Please tell me WHO defines “nothing wrong”, because it most certainly is NOT you.

Americans may one day very soon wake up to find an armored vehicle on every corner, a squad of armored and heavily armed military style police patrolling their neighborhoods, and helicopters and drones buzzing across their skies from dawn to … dawn. The really scary part of my above comment is that is is morphing into reality NOW, and right before our eyes.

Who do you think these municipal troops serve? The supreme court has already ruled that police have no responsibility to protect the public, their mandate is to EN”FORCE” the law. America is (as we where promised) being fundamentally transformed, but not to our benefit. This is a transformation into a police state and the proof can no longer be ignored.

Freedom 01

With this massive influx of battlefield equipment, training and accompanying funds, the federal government affords our cities and towns comes … strings, influence and control never bargained for by the local citizens, but none the less a blatant reality! Big brother in Washington now pulls the strings of many local police departments, making them a de-facto extension of an over reaching and overzealous federal government. And the police state matures.


All across the country, heavily armed SWAT and paramilitary teams are raiding people’s homes in the middle of the night, often just to search for drugs, and far too often without a warrant. It should enrage us that people have needlessly died during these raids, that pets have been shot, and that homes have been ravaged. Our neighborhoods are not war-zones, and police officers should not be treating us like wartime enemies.

Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment flows from the federal government to state and local police departments via the 1033 program. Departments use these wartime weapons in everyday policing, especially to fight the wasteful and failed drug war, which has unfairly targeted people of color.

As a new report makes clear, it’s time for American police to remember that they are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not wage war on the people who live in them.

Read more in a report by the ACLU here: War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing


Visit this this event (click on linked text below) to find out more and become involved … because if you are looking to your government to save this republic … you are in serious need of a mind shattering wake-up call !!!


Please share this event on FaceBook to all concerned friends and forums … It is well past time to wake up and push back America !!!


As discussed above, we are all becoming more aware daily of the constant militarization of local hometown America police forces, and the implications and the ramifications these developments imply.

So in the wake of Ben Swann’s “Truth in Media” episode covering this topic … We felt it a great opportunity to engage him in a discussion on this topic, being that his usual outstanding research is fresh on his mind. This is not just a rehash of his show as we have taken several tacks to cover the topic in some areas not broached by his outstanding episode.

TLB discussion with Ben Swann 01

This is a topic we in the liberty movement need to have a good understanding about because this government we live under today, has an ulterior motive for everything, even if it may appear generous and benevolent to the casual observer!

Ben speaks to this issue in a fashion many of us have come to trust and look to for information untainted or corrupted by the Mainstream Media. TLB is proud to have Ben Swann as a partner in the constant struggle to eradicate programed ignorance perpetrated by this government and their willing puppets the Mainstream Media. This is a show you must not miss!

Click on the graphic below to listen to the recorded discussion

TLB radio

See more by Ben Swann here:

TLB Presents Ben Swann & Truth in1033 program Media: The Root of Police Militarization


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