Getting Your Dream Car … Buy It at Your Price

Getting Your Dream Car? Buy It at Your Price

By TLB Contributing Writer: Martin

Everyone dreams of driving their own car. While public transport in the US is decent enough for everyday use, the freedom and unrestrained mobility that having a car affords are reasonably enticing. Because of this, an auto loan or a contract hire and leasing agreement is often on top of every young person’s to-achieve list.

Looking for the car that fits you is not at all challenging, especially if you really are into the task. The Internet is already so full of sources that you can use to inform your decision. When your eyes are already set on a particular car, the next thing that you should do is negotiate the terms of purchase. This is where negotiation skills will be of good use. Here are a few pointers so that you can successfully tip the scale in your favor.

Be willing to share information

Most negotiators go to the table with only one intent: to win or at least have the upper hand. In effect, they tend to be overly conscious with what they say and do to the point that they appear mechanical and emotionless.

Like any interaction, negotiations work for both parties only when they are able to establish a trusting atmosphere. Both parties should be able to feel that the other is not out to take advantage of them, and that they can actually cooperate to get to a win-win outcome. So, work to establish rapport. Talk about various topics, even those that may not be related to the actual subject of the negotiation. Let the seller or lessor know that you are willing to make concessions, and you expect the same from them.

Lay out the points where concessions can be made

When buying something expensive such as a car or house, most people make the mistake of thinking that the price is the only thing that they should be concerned about. There surely are other aspects of the sale that matter as much or even more than price. How long should the term be? How much will the down-payment be? What is included in the sale?

Be sure that you are able to identify these so that you can still get the most out of the negotiation, especially when you somewhat don’t get the price that you want. Remember, getting the car at the price that you want is not the only way to ‘win’ your case. Maybe you can work way to getting more inclusions, or you can lengthen the payment term.

Engage in a offer-counteroffer exchange

The outcomes of negotiations reportedly become valuable to both parties only when they believe that they had a hand in making those outcomes. Because of this, you should really make an effort to transform the negotiation into an actual conversation where everyone is given a fair chance to contribute. When you make an offer, let the seller make a counteroffer, and then you discuss.

The rule of thumb is not to accept the first offer even if it already meets your needs. If you continue with the conversation, not only will you get a better deal, you will also be able to make the outcome as satisfactory to the seller as it is to you.

Talking to the lessor or seller is important if we are to get the most value out of our money, especially if we still apply for a loan to get it. The conversation will be a lot more beneficial to us if we know not only what to talk about but also how to talk about them.


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