Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Transcript of Shocking Jane Doe Allegations

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Transcript of Shocking Jane Doe Allegations Acquired by TheRundownLive


  • Explicit Details of Intimate Massages Given to Epstein by Jane Doe & Ghislaine Maxwell

  • Epstein & Maxwell Interviewed Jane Doe as a Possible Grooming Candidate at Special Arts Summer Camp in Michigan

  • Jane Alleges Abuse at the Age of 14 by Maxwell & Epstein While Massaging including with Adult Toys, Explicit Behavior


By: Kristan T. Harris

New York, New York – (TRL) Tuesday & Wednesday an anonymous soap opera star and actress of 22 years was the first victim to take the stand to testify. As there has been little leaked information surrounding the trial, this maybe one of the first documented conversations in its entirety of what Jane Doe said on the witness stand. Thanks to crowd sourced donations we were able to afford these transcripts and bring you the raw data from within the courtroom. I was in attendance during this trial and have read the transcript and can confirm the accuracy of the documents.


Q. Now, Jane, I want to ask you, did there come a time in your life when you met someone named Jeffrey Epstein?

A. Yes.

Q. What year was that?

A. 1994.

Q. Did there come a time in your life when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein?

A. Yes.

Q. How old were you when that first happened?

A. Fourteen years old.

Q. Did that happen once or more than once when you were 14 years old?

A. More than once.

Q. Was there ever anyone else in the room with you when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein when you were 14 years old?

A. Yes.

Q. Who was most frequently in the room when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein when you were 14 years old?

A. Ghislaine Maxwell.

Q. I’d like to ask you to take a moment to look around the courtroom, and you can stand up if you need to if you can’t see. Do you see Ghislaine Maxwell in the courtroom today?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you please point to where she’s sitting and indicate an article of clothing that she’s wearing.

A. Right there in the corner wearing a — sort of a beige turtleneck.

MS. MOE: Your Honor, may the record reflect that the witness has identified the defendant?

THE COURT: It may so reflect.

Q. Now, I want to ask you more about that in a few moments, but first I want to take a step back.

Directing your attention to 1993, where were you living that year?

A. Palm Beach, Florida.

Q. How old were you in 1993?

A. Twelve, going on 13.

Q. I’d ask you to take a look at the binder in front of you. If you could please turn to what’s been marked for identification only as Government Exhibit 106. Do you recognize that?

A. Yes.

Q. What is Government Exhibit 106?

A. That is a picture of myself.

Q. Approximately how old were you when that photograph was taken?

A. Thirteen years old.

MS. MOE: Your Honor, the government offers Government

Exhibit 106 under seal.

MS. MENNINGER: No objection.

THE COURT: Government Exhibit 106 is admitted under seal, consistent with my ruling, to protect the anonymity of this testifying witness.

(Government’s Exhibit 106 received in evidence)

MS. MOE: Thank you, your Honor.

May the jurors turn to Government Exhibit 106, please.

THE COURT: Jurors, you may pick up the binder and please turn to GX-106.


Q. Who was living with you in your household in 1993 when you were approximately 13 years old?

A. My mother and two of my brothers.

Q. What type of work did your father do?

A. He was a conductor and composer.

Q. Directing your attention to the fall of 1993, what happened in your family at that time?

A. My father died of leukemia.

Q. What was your home life like after your father passed away?

A. It was not great. My father’s employer had canceled his health insurance without him knowing, and ended up in the hospital and died very suddenly. And basically, my family went into complete bankruptcy and lost everything, and we had to move out of our home.

Q. You testified that before he passed away, your father was a composer. Were you involved in the arts growing up?

A. Yes.

Q. Were your brothers involved in the arts?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you continue being involved in the arts after your father passed away?

A. Yes.

Q. Directing your attention to the summer of 1994, what did you do that summer?

A. Me and my two brothers, we went to camp for the first time, Interlochen Arts Camp.

Q. What is Interlochen Arts Camp?

A. It’s a camp for children with all kinds of artistic abilities: Music, musical theater, theater, orchestra. Basically, what we used to joke about being band camp.

Q. And where is that located?

A. In Interlochen, Michigan, which is northern Michigan.

Q. Did anyone else go to camp with you that summer?

A. My two brothers.

Q. Given your family’s financial circumstances at the time, how were you and your brothers able to attend summer camp?

A. That first summer, my oldest sister and her husband and her husband’s family all pitched in to send us to camp.

Q. What grade in school had you just finished when you started at summer camp that year?

A. Seventh grade.

Q. And when you arrived at camp that summer, how long had it been since your father passed away?

A. So the end of October ’93, so what is that, nine months?

Q. Did there come a time that summer at Interlochen Arts Camp when you met a man and a woman?

A. Yes.

Q. Where were you when that happened?

A. I was in the main campus area where all the students hung out during a break and where all the little cafes were and sort of the gift shop. And I was on a park bench or a picnic bench with my friends from camp. And we were eating ice cream.

Q. What do you remember happening next?

A. Well, we were sitting around and socializing. And we see this tall thin woman approach us. Well, she was walking with a cute little Yorkie. And the Yorkie came by us and we asked if we could pet the dog.

Q. What happened then?

A. We started chitchatting, petted the dog. And the rest of my classmates had to go to class. And probably about a minute later, another man came and joined her.

Q. Once the man joined her, what happened next?

A. We continued chitchat, sort of talked to us. And the rest of my friends, my classmates, left, and I was there by myself. And I sat on the bench still eating my ice cream, and the man sat across from me.

Q. Did you have a conversation with that man and that woman?

A. Yes, I did. He seemed very interested to know what I thought about the camp, what my favorite classes were, what my least favorite classes, teachers, whatnot, what theexperience was like. And proceeded to say that they were big benefactors of this camp; and that they went there every summer; and that they gave different kids scholarships. And so they wanted to really know what a student attending the camp, what their perspective was on it.

Q. What, if anything, else did you discuss with them?

A. Well, they asked me where I was from. And I said I lived in Palm Beach, Florida. And the man said, What a coincidence, we live there too. What are your parents’ names?And I said, Well, my father just passed away. But my mother’s name is. And he said, I think we know your mom. It’s kind of a smaller town. We definitely know her. And I said, You know, my parents were sort of out on the scene, and my father was a musician, and so that would make sense. And he had a newspaper under his arm. And then heput the newspaper on the picnic table and said, Well, what’s your mom’s name? Gave my mom’s name. And he said, Well, what’s her phone number? And I just kind of went, Okay. He’s asking me for a number, so I gave it to him. And so I gave my mom’s, which, you know, at the time was just a landline.

Q. How did that conversation end?

A. It just sort of ended like, It was, you know, so nice to meet you and I’m going to call your mom. That was it.

Q. That man and that woman that you had this conversation with, who were they?

A. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Q. What was your impression of them at that point?

A. They seemed very friendly. I thought they were a married couple. They seemed inquisitive. And it made sense, I guess, if they spent time there, that they wanted to know what the classes were like and what the campus was like.

Q. Did you return home to Palm Beach when summer camp was over?

A. Yes.

Q. Where were you living at that point?

A. We were living in a pool house in one of my parents’ friend’s backyards.

Q. Why were you living in a pool house?

THE COURT: I’m sorry, Ms. Moe, can you come a little closer to the mic?

MS. MOE: Thank you, your Honor.

Q. Why were you living in a pool house at the time?

A. Because we lost our house and we were homeless.

Q. When you were staying there, did you have your own bedroom?

A. No.

Q. Where did you sleep?

A. I slept in a bed with my mom.

Q. After you returned home from summer camp in 1994, did you ever hear from those two people that you met at camp?

A. Yes.

Q. When was the first time you heard from them?

A. Well, it was a few days after I had started school again.

Q. What grade were you in at that point?

A. Eighth grade.

Q. What school were you attending?

A. Palm Beach County School of the Arts.

Q. Is that a middle school or a high school?

A. Middle school.

Q. So what happened when you heard from them? What do you remember about that?

A. I just remember coming home from school one day, and my mom said, Someone you met at summer camp, someone from their office called me. And I said, Oh, well, I don’t — oh, that’s right. I — I barely remember, because it seemed so long ago. It was maybe four or five or six weeks, but, you know, being that young, it seemed like an eternity. And I said, Yeah, I met –and they said that they know you. And my mom said, Well, we’ve been invited to his house for some tea some afternoon.

Q. Did you end up going to his house for tea?

A. Yes.

Q. What do you recall about going over to the house for tea?

A. He sent somebody to come pick us up, like a chauffeur. And we were driven to his house.

Q. What was your impression of the house when you first arrived?

A. Well, it was enormous. It was not a pool house in the back of someone’s yard. It was this giant, like, beach-looking house with a big white fence around it. And these giant gates​ opened up, and the car pulled in. And it was just this, you know, big beautiful house.

Q. Who, if anyone, went with you when you went over
for this tea?

A. My mother.

Q. What happened after you and your mother arrived at the house?

A. Well, somebody opened the door for us and let us in the house and escorted us through the house and to Jeffrey’s office, which was sort of like an open space.

Q. And after you got to the office, what happened next?

A. He was on the phone. He got off the phone, stood up, and introduced himself to me and my mother, and then sort of let us outside to the back patio, which had this great big dining table. And there was a big spread of, like, pastries and sandwiches and tea.

Q. What happened during the tea with you and your mom there and Jeffrey Epstein?

A. Well, he was very inquisitive and asked me questions about what I was doing in school, what my interests were, what I wanted to do with my life, and was asking us about our family, asking my mother. It didn’t last very long, I would say maybe 30 minutes in total.

But he proceeded to say, Well, I like to mentor young students who are artists. And I love music, and I love dance, and I gave all kinds of scholarships.

Q. How did that tea end?

A. It ended with him saying, Well, I am — I’m very impressed with your daughter and, you know, would love to see her sing next time.

Q. After the day that you had this tea, did you ever see Jeffrey Epstein again?

A. Yes.

Q. In the months after that tea, how frequently did you begin seeing Jeffrey Epstein?

A. On average, once or — once every week or two.

Q. We’ve been talking about a time period when you were 14 and living in Palm Beach. How old were you when you moved away from Palm Beach?

A. When I moved away? 17.

Q. I want to focus now first on the first few months that you spent time with Jeffrey Epstein when you were during those first few months, when you spent time with JeffreyEpstein in Palm Beach, who was typically there with you?

A. At Jeffrey’s house?

Q. Yes.

A. I was there by myself.

Q. And when you would spend time with Jeffrey Epstein at his house in those first few months, who, if anyone, was there?

A. Ghislaine Maxwell.

Q. What was your understanding at the time of what the relationship was between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

A. I didn’t really understand. They never really shared that information. I just assumed that they were married. And then at a certain point I thought maybe they’re best friends. And then I thought, Well, maybe she works for him because he would ask her to do things, make phone calls and things f
or him. So I guess I was just confused.

Q. When you would see Epstein or Maxwell, how were those meetings typically arranged?

A. It would be Ghislaine calling the house or Jeffrey’s office calling the house, like an assistant or something.

Q. Now, you mentioned earlier that you would go to the meetings alone. Just to be clear, did your mothergo with you for these meetings?

A. No.

Q. Why not?

A. She wasn’t invited.

Q. How would you typically get over to the house?

A. Jeffrey would send his chauffeur for me.

Q. Did you have your driver’s license at the time?

A. No.

Q. Do you recall the driver who would pick you up?

A. Yes. I don’t remember his name, but he was a sweet Latin-American man. And I know his wife worked at the house as well.

Q. When you began spending time with Maxwell and Epstein, what was your impression at the time of how old they were?

A. I thought approximately the same age as my parents, my mom.

Q. And again, just to be very clear, how old were you when you first started spending time with Maxwell and Epstein?

A. 14.

Q. What kind of activities would you typically do when you spent time with Maxwell and Epstein during those first few months?

A. We would spend time at the house and sort of chit chat and — or eat in the kitchen or hang out by the pool, sometimes going to the movies. Casual stuff.

Q. What, if anything, do you remember about spending time at the pool during those first few months?

A. Well, I remember maybe the first time I went to the poolside. And I walked out there. And there was at least four women and Ghislaine all topless, and some of them were naked.

Q. What was your reaction to that?

A. Well, I was just shocked because I hadn’t seen that before.

Q. In those first few months when you spent time at the house in Palm Beach, did you have conversations with Maxwell?

A. Yes.

Q. What kinds of things would she talk about with you?

A. Well, we would chitchat, talk about school. She would ask me, you know, what I was up to, and ask me if I had any boyfriend at school.

Q. During those first few months, as you were getting to know her, how did Maxwell come across to you?

A. She seemed a little bit odd and quirky; but, you know, she would kind of like tease me at times and — but she was nice.

Q. How would you describe me, you know, what I was up to, and ask me if I had any boyfriend at school.

Q. During those first few months, as you were getting to know her, how did Maxwell come across to you?

A. She seemed a little bit odd and quirky; but, you know, she would kind of like tease me at times and — but she was nice.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with Maxwell those first few months when you started spending time with her?

A. In the first few months, I felt like I think she might have said, I’m sort of like an older sister. Because I at least thought that she was the same age difference maybe as my oldest sister, but I wasn’t sure.

Q. And at that time, approximately how old was your oldest sister?

A. Twenty-seven. I’m not great at math. Sorry.

Q. Did there ever come a time when Epstein ever gave you any gifts or money?

A. Yes.

Q. Approximately when did that first happen?

A. It happened probably a few visits in.

Q. What do you remember about the first time that that happened?

A. I just remember that he said good-bye to me and was going to lead me to the front door. And he put cash in my hand. And I was a polite kid who didn’t want to look. And I said, No, it’s okay. And he said, No, no, no. It’s okay. This is for your mother. I know she’s having a hard time, so it’s not a big deal.

Q. After that happened, did he ever give you any money again?

A. Yes.

Q. How often would that happen?

A. Almost every visit.

Q. Did there come a point where he began paying for things for you?

A. Yes.

Q. What kinds of things did he help pay for?

A. He helped pay for some voice lessons, he bought me some clothes, things for school.

Q. In your conversations with Maxwell, in that first few months that you were spending time with her and with Epstein, did you ever have any conversations with her about boyfriends?

A. Yes.

Q. What do you remember her telling you?

A. I just remember her telling me at one point when I said, No, I don’t have a boyfriend, she said, Well, remember when you do, that once you fuck them, you can always fuck them again because they’re grandfathered in.

Q. What was your reaction to that when she told you that?

A. Well, I giggled because I didn’t understand what “grandfathered” meant, first and foremost.

Q. Did there ever come a time when you went shopping with Maxwell and Epstein?

A. Yes.

Q. Approximately when was that?

A. Sometime at the end of 1994 or —

Q. Did they buy you anything?

A. Yes.

Q. What did they buy you?

A. They bought me some — some pants and some shoes, like, sort of loafers. I remember some shirts, like, sort of a preppy button-up shirt, like a cashmere sweater.

Q. During that trip, did you go shopping for anything else with them?

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