GMO, Global Alert 2yr Scientific Study Certifies GMO Is Poison & Cancer Causing

GMO-sm[1]By: Autocollisionman

There are various agendas and proposals worldwide that are either implemented or on the table from Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) to Ted Turners admissions on video the globalists want us dead.

In fact, this was the driving force (the globalists mindset) that sparked the idea of our new film SHADE the Motion Picture that will be available this December.

ABC reported; U.S. deaths surpassed 2.5 million for the first time last year, reflecting the nation’s growing and aging population. The increase of about 45,000 more deaths than in 2010 was not surprising. The annual number of deaths has been generally rising for decades as the population has swelled. “If you have an older population, of course you have more deaths,” said Qian Cai, a University of Virginia demographer who studies population trends. “That doesn’t mean the population is less healthy or less vital.” Before last year, the largest number of deaths was 2.47 million in 2008. The number of deaths can jump up or down from year to year, depending on whether there was a bad flu season or other factors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the report Wednesday. It’s drawn from a review of most death certificates from last year. The report found that the rate of deaths per 100,000 people actually dropped to an all-time low. That was offset by the fact that there are so many Americans — about 314 million.

Other methods of depopulation worldwide include toxins in our water, air, poisons in toothpase, poisons in food, and more.

An excerpt from an Activist Post article reads; Studies Prove GM Foods and Roundup Lethal The recent and long-term French study from the University of Caen found that eating genetically modified corn and consuming trace levels of Monsanto’s Roundup chemical fertilizer caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. This study has been deemed “the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats.” The study found: Up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffered premature death

Rats that drank trace amounts of Roundup (at levels legally allowed in the water supply) had a 200% to 300% increase in large tumors. Rats fed GM corn and traces of Roundup suffered severe organ damage including liver damage and kidney damage. The study fed these rats NK603, the Monsanto variety of GM corn that’s grown across North America and widely fed to animals and humans. This is the same corn that’s in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn tortillas and corn snack chips. The study caused Russia to ban imports of U.S. GM corn due to the cancer risk. France and most of Europe have effectively banned feeding GM crops to humans and Monsanto was found guilty of ‘chemical poisoning’ earlier this year. In the Unites States, one in two men and one in three women get cancer.

What role does GM corn and soy play, which are common in most processed foods? Walmart sells GM corn to its customers without labeling it as such. Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov, and his colleagues were determined to discover if Monsanto’s genetically modified soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction. They found that after feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups. Scientific studies have linked Monsanto’s GM corn to organ failure.

Other studies have linked GM foods to cancer. Monsanto’s GM-derived rBGH (which is a genetically-altered growth hormone given to dairy cows to make them more milk) was shown to increase the production of IGF-1 from 70-1000%.

IGF-1 is a very powerful hormone that has been linked to a 2.5-4 times higher incidence of human colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Even Monsanto’s employees refuse to eat GM foods.

As the Health Ranger opined, GM foods appear to be the new Thalidomide, that morning sickness drug from the late 1950s that was quickly recalled for its deadly side effects.

It must also be noted that world famous researchers that expose the dangers of GM foods are routinely threatened, fired, ostracized and their findings denied by questionable “experts” with conflicts of interest. Studies proving GM food health risks are also routinely rejected by bought-and-paid-for government officials.

2yr Scientific Study Certifies GMO Is Poison & Cancer Causing … watch!


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  1. “Even Monsanto’s employees refuse to eat GM foods.”

    I believe that the most important question asked (its not mine, I just help in continuing to ask it), thus far, is still left unanswered, especially by Monsanto, et al:

    If GMO/GE products, which are claimed to be safe, healthier, and have received extra testing, viz; special ‘biotech industry science’, especially coming from Monsanto and the Governments alike; also claiming that GMO products is the only way to feed the world – then why are ‘they’ fighting so hard to hide ‘their’ products from the world – MON$ANTO and all of ‘their’ supporters, actually spend hundreds of millions of dollars, to make sure, that ‘their’ special scientific laboratory creations, will not be known – why are they so afraid to label ‘their’ products, for all to see?

    Organic foods have labels on them, identifying that fact – as a matter of another fact – organic farmers must pay registration fees, along with other fees as well, whereas the conventional, and or GMO/GE farmers, quite often may receive grants, and very often, they receive tax payer funded subsidies.

  2. Thank you – I believed that there was an overwhelming need, to remind ourselves, that there is something much more sinister, behind the goings on with MON$ANTO, and their would be $upporter$.

  3. OUTSTANDING comment NecktopPC and although TLB has written on this subject in the past it’s exposure to the masses cannot be over done … THABKS !!!

  4. THE MOST WIDELY USED HERBICIDE IN THE WORLD CONTAINS COMPOUNDS (POE-15) MORE TOXIC THAN DECLARED – the most toxic compound is not glyphosate, which is the substance the most assessed by regulatory authorities, but a compound that is not always listed on the label, called POE-15. Modern methods were applied at the cellular level (on three human cell lines), and mass spectrometry (studies on the nature of molecules). This allowed the researchers to identify and analyse the effects of these compounds.

    The health and environmental agencies and pesticide companies assess the long-term effects on mammals of glyphosate alone, and not the full formulation. The details of this regulatory assessment are jealously kept confidential by companies like Monsanto and health and environmental agencies.

    Conclusion and consequences: This study demonstrates that all the glyphosate-based herbicides tested are more toxic than glyphosate alone, and explains why. Thus their regulatory assessments and the maximum residue levels authorized in the environment, food, and feed, are erroneous.


    The European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER)

    The world-wide dominant herbicide contains compounds more toxic than expected as new research shows

    Press Release 01/13

  5. the key dillemna as i see it is with anti bodies natural selection has dealt with a billion year old environment and tailored its anti bodies to the environment now it is suddenly encountering an unknown it has no idea what to do and so genetic irrationality occurs. we are doomed worse our removal from the planet will leave a radio active hell hole where only imagination can pursue what mechanisms will evolve. our volcanoes will spew radio active isotopes with 50,000 year half lifes. The world my fellow beings is done if we are destroyed, only science and intelligence can save us now along with the abolition and irradication of all geneticly modified organisms

  6. There are none so stupid or devious as those who proclaim GMO’s or Monsanto’s intentions are not deadly.

  7. Where are your sources NeCrom-X? Has the study been debunked, by who? and under what grounds? Why does monsato spray their fields in full-body suits? You can debunk anything you want with a few dollars and a little bit of clout. These stories keep coming from different sources. are they not worth looking into? It’s not fear-mongering, it calling out an organization that has not yet given satisfactory answers and hides behind power and bureaucracy!

  8. Once again the french study was debunked multiple times. How about some real sources and facts before you start trying to panic everyone over nothing. I’m not a fan of big corporations but scaring everyone over GMOs is just fear mongering they don’t have any evidence that they can harm you and Monsanto isn’t the only company making them. There are non profit GMOs that benefit human kind but no one ever looks at them. It is always GMO/Monsanto as if they are the only ones. Look up……

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