GMO Hope & GMO Tyranny: Winning can be so Frustrating

GMO-Labeling[1]By: Roger Landry. The Liberty Beacon

Recently we have seen several pieces of legislation passed concerning GMO’s, one pro and one con, one at the state level and one at the national level. For any of us who engage in this struggle it is easy to guess which (the pro or con) was perpetrated on the federal level –

  1. Connecticut House Bill 6527 passes. This bill will require food that is either entirely or partially genetically altered to be labeled with the words “Produced with Genetic Engineering.” (Although, to be fully instated, a particular set of circumstances must be achieved)
  2. U.S. Senate Shuts Down GMO Labeling Bill (The Sanders Amendment). Voting 71 – 27 against an amendment to the sweeping farm bill that would have let states decide if they wanted to require labeling. Sanders’ measure also would require the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to report to Congress within two years on the percentage of food and beverages in the United States that contain genetically engineered ingredients.”

America, the home to the Ag giants already seriously lags the rest of the world in restricting GMO’s and thus the corporate power they exercise. The power these entities wield over this government is mind numbing and speaks to the ingrained corruption and cronyism that is no longer the exception but is now the norm, or business as usual in Washington. But what would one expect in their home territory and seat of dominance.

Connecticut House Bill 6527 although passed will require that five states with an aggregate population of 25 million to adopt a similar labeling provision. It was also determined by lawmakers that two of those five states have to border Connecticut or be New York and New Jersey. One must understand that for this type of a bill to succeed in either New York or New Jersey has the same chances of success as a snowball has of surviving in hell being that both of these states are fraught with the same corruption and cronyism that affects our federal government. This bill was called a “compromise” because in order to pass these provisions where required. Now we have a bunch of state politicians who can claim to their constituents that they are working for their best interest, knowing full well that no such ambition exists. Can you see the game being played?

The other legislation of importance concerning GMO’s took place in the Senate where the Sanders amendment to the sweeping farm bill was defeated. This would have let states decide if they wanted to require labeling. This amendment also would have given states the federal immunity to chose their own course of action on the issue. “Monsanto and other major corporations should not get to decide this,” Sanders proclaimed, “The people and their elected representatives should.” Also required in the amendment is for the government to inform us of the percentage of food and beverages in the United States that contain GMO’s. Can there possibly be anything sinister about this request … unless Big Ag is aware this will collapse its house of cards, and it would! The Senate proves once again that “states rights” are a facade and the federal government will not relinquish control of our food supply. Considering the strangle hold these Ag giants have on our elected representatives is there any wonder?

Now we have Vermont and Connecticut recently passing laws to require GMO labeling, but according to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), sponsor of the amendment, local leaders fear that Monsanto and Big Ag will sue individual states on the basis that they are circumventing federal authority. The game is always afoot and these Ag giants seem to have great success at staying at least one step ahead of We The People.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am beginning to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel and I have faith in the absolute power of the people! We are awakening in vast numbers to the destructive health and environmental implications of GMO’s, and spurred on by a global awakening and push back against this health tyranny, we will be victorious!

This all boils down to who will lose this game. Big Ag lead by Monsanto has almost unlimited money, almost absolute federal influence, considerable (but shrinking) global influence and an awful lot to lose, they will go down swinging. We the people have 320 million Americans, and 7.5 billion global citizens and we have EVERYTHING to lose, so by virtue of our very existence I have total confidence … WE WILL NOT !

Here are two great articles that speak to both these pieces of legislation, they also contain the links to the sources for this commentary:


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  1. “Cradle to Grave” Monsanto’s program in which farmer’s are/were offered x amount of dollars per acre if they would implement the “Cradle to Grave” program which included new poisons with names like Terminator. No more was ‘Roundup’ able to roundup and keep in check that which Monsanto said would happen with it’s use.. Rather, it was not only failing to do what Monsanto guaranteed , making pest control less virulent , it was making the pests more virulent. In ways no had ever seen before.

    Thus “Cradle to Grave” in which the plant is doused with killing compounds from the moment it emerges from the soil through development and right to harvest.

    on another notes.

    I feel we must no longer refer to these entities as their corporate collective name but rather as the individuals that they are. “So and so from Monsanto. Mr blah blah from Bank of.”

    Time consuming yes. But important. As we must be able to focus our intent not on something so vague as a business but on each and every individual person ,from the bottom up, that has partaken in these crimes against humanity.

    Of course,all are welcome to “come on back” to the side of goodness and Brotherhood and for those who chose to do so we then must forgive them.

    But for the others

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