Gold Paper and Our Enslavement In a world of Perpetual War


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”-Thomas Jefferson

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

Know thy enemy.” was written in The Art of War, and “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” With this in mind I give you your true enemy. An enemy who works steadfast and unrelenting inside the folds of our country, and outside the boundary called rule of law. We see their work in the light of day… that which was scientifically prepared and carefully presented in increments for us to digest with deceit… in the dead of night. Their power is so formidable, their intelligence and insight so pronounced, they can appear as our very best partner, while undermining the very structure and fabric that identifies all future paths for our nation, by lies and deceit. I give to you, The Federal Reserve System. -Ken LaRive, 1999.

101 years of slavery…

Long ago… so long ago it now seems more of a myth, there was a country called The United States of America. It was a land of vast resources, a land of opportunity, a land of Liberty, and a land of dreams. People from all over the world came here, oppressed and enslaved by totalitarian church states, and some so poor they worked as indentured servants for seven years, just to get the price of passage…

All that changed just 101 years ago. And though many dates are important to us as a nation, with some living on in infamy, no other has more profound implication to our nation than the date, December 23, 1913.

Until that date, we had a country whose Congressional Statesmen, most overwhelmingly, adhered to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And though there were men in the folds of our nation who wanted to change us fundamentally, even to help international entries gain control of us from the inside, our constitution was still virtually intact, as laid out by our founders. But since that time, for all intent and purpose, both Liberty and our National Treasure has been stolen.

Of all of the stipulations of that mighty document, our Constitution, one element was thought to be primary to our amazing success, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5. If you have not read the Constitution, you are doing yourself and your children a great disservice. It is the variable key not only to unlocking your dreams, but a key to the very shackles you find yourself in today. Shackles, that you proudly polish by the threat of a gun… “Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.”

Right after that is another very profound clause, found in the same section 8. It stipulates that Congress has the power to “punish counterfeiters.” So with a “Once Upon A Time” story, I’d like to explain to you just what happened…

A traitorous Congress…

A few men, men very similar to those who hold office of power on both sides of the aisle today, now called Neocons on the Right, and Progressives on the left, are virtually indistinguishable in their actions. They promote themselves to be different, but once in office will ignore the original platform they used to get elected… It seems that they are quickly briefed… and that the remainder of their tenure is somewhat scripted… and they become virtually indistinguishable… Why? …because both are bought and paid for by the same set of lobbyists… And most all, almost to the last man, have done everything for their specific scripted agendas, even at the expense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as the NDAA and Patriot Act will attest. But just as most Americans have not read the Constitution, so too have they not read these manifestos of slavery, and that includes one of the biggest scams in our history, Obama-care..

The lost letter… and the invisible government…

In a letter found in the personal effects of my long deceased father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Makezitch, from a man named W. B. Vennard Sr., National Chairman for Americans for America, (1968), there was an amazing historical revelation that stimulated me to learn more: “A traitorous Congress, led principally by Senator Nelson Aldrich of New York, kin of the Rockefeller clan, and one Carter Glass, Senator from Virginia, unconstitutionally- (because this Act constituted an illegal amendment of the Constitution) -sneaked through Congress just two days before Christmas in 1913, when many in that body had gone home for the Holidays,(pushed through) The Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve Banks, a system owned and operated not by the United States Government, as many have been led to believe, but by a group of private Rothschild and affiliated bankers sent here from Europe for the express purpose of gaining control of this Nation’s money system, just as they had done in every nation in Europe with the exception of Czarist Russia, up to that time, and involved that continent in war after war. “

The Banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb Company, sent Paul Warburg to America from their office in Hamburg, Germany, to become the chief “engineer,” implementer, and spokesman for the newly proposed system, and voila, was appointed first Governor of the Federal Reserve Board. Yes, of course, there were those who emphatically opposed it on principle, and they fought this bill on the floor of Congress. In the middle of the fray, that goes on as a small act of defiance to this very day, one voice stood out as a loyal Constitutionalists, Congressman Lindbergh of Minnesota. He said: “This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs the Bill, the invisible Government by the Monetary Power will be legalized… The people may not know it immediately, but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed… The people must make a declaration of independence to relieve themselves from the (this) monetary power… This they will be able to do by taking control of Congress, the division of Congress into political parties is a crime…” I had to read this several times…

Since that bill was signed into law by President Wilson, this nation has been sliding down a slippery slope- The involvement of two World Wars, and from that time a barrage of so called “police actions,” and the reality of today is a heading to what can only be described as a “One World Government.” War is very profitable for the Military Industrial Complex, and there is no end in sight… Without a doubt, if we the people can not find the means to curb this domineering power, all will be lost. Well, read on, there is indeed a solution to be found…there is hope for us as a nation and society.

Today we are being primed for war, by fear and hatred, and there are no means for the average person to reason it out. Promoted by a media dominated and controlled by these mega-corporations, new enemies are being created and destroyed in a never-ending process, and with it our national debt is the virtual fulfillment of Lindbergh’s prophecy. He warned us, as so many others along the way tried to do with no avail, and today the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air just to pay the interest on that debt… And since this is not taught in school, and the new American mindset is the never ending need for government involvement in every aspect of their lives, no declaration of independence seems evident at this time.

Still, a few are questioning why, for instance, that our borders are not secured, or how UN mandates are said to now trump what is left of our Constitution, and the answer is a simple one, though most disconcerting for a Libertarian.

You see, it is designed that way, without a doubt, as paying for a fence and security is not in the best interest for a power structure who wants to bring the entire world under their dominate control, a New World Order as it were, without borders. And, as they well know, American sovereignty will be abolished without border security, and combined with both debt slavery and the hidden tax of inflation, our destruction is secure. Ask yourself…. why would an international conglomerate of bankers and industry care for what happens to America? We would, America, to the last man and penny, be absorbed into their collective, and this is happening right before our eyes.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

On July 1st, 1957, William McChesney Marten, then Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), was quoted in a testimony before the Senate Finance Investigating Committee: “The only right Government has is the right of repeal.” Think for a moment just what this means. You see, it was just 12 years prior, on July 1st, 1944, “that the nation was placed under international control through our fiscal system by means of the Bretton Woods Agreement. The plot was hatched in the woods by the international bankers which established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank of Reconstruction and Development. The “Convertibility Clause” of Bretton Woods, tied all foreign currencies to the U.S. Dollar, which in turn allowed any member nation with U.S. Dollars to convert them to gold, thus bringing about the hemorrhaging of our gold in Fort Knox.” (Note: No audit of Fort Knox has been available to the American Citizen for over fifty years. Our National Treasure has been squandered, and we are not allowed to know, who, when, where or how.)

In that traitorous acquisition, both the pound and the dollar has been devalued, and every time we have this devaluation, our future is culled and placed in a foreign bank, as is the same when money is printed out of thin air. When the Federal Reserve prints unsecured money, it is one more nail in our coffin, a burden designed to enslave us, and our future no longer belongs to us as we the people.

The shadow Government…

The International Monetary Plan in Prospective was published in February 1968 in what was called a monthly review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. You had better sit down:

Recent developments in international finance, highlighted by the devaluation of the British pound and speculative activity in the London gold market, have created considerable interest in the future viability of the international monetary system. Policy-makers, of course, have been vitally interested in this issue for a number of years.

The most notable accomplishment, however, has been directed toward the problem of assuring an adequate long-run supply of international reserves. This accomplishment occurred at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 1967, when a resolution was unanimously adopted to proceed with a plan to establish, within the fund, machinery for the creation of a new international reserve facility.” Yes, a new international Federal Reserve System-W.B.VSr.)

Discussions were rifle at the time, and there were many thoughts published on this matter in that year, 1968, the year I was drafted to Vietnam. One blaring accusation by Congressman Wright Patman, who was then chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, during a Joint Economic Committee of Congress, stated that William McChesny Martin was, “guilty of malfeasance and nonfeasance in office.” And on February of that year the Los Angeles Times quoted William McChesney Marten to have stated: “An increase in the price of gold, in effect a devaluation of the dollar, is nether necessary or desirable as a solution to the nation’s gold outflow and imbalance of payment problems… we’re overextended and over committed and we’re trying to do too much too fast… perpetual defects are the road to the undermining of any currency… the United States is on a wartime economy and has to pay for the war.”

Yes, a wartime economy that has continued to this day. And since Bretton Woods it is insured to continue unabated and perpetually, as without it the ceiling would fall in… and that is why they want to continually lift the debt ceiling, unless, of course, spending is curbed… but there is too much profit to be made for the war machine, international banks and international corporations, with men holding duel citizenship in our very congress pulling the strings. War is a racket, and America is being systematically dismantled…

Paper Gold… (Perhaps a straight shot of Tequila Gold may be in order to finish this essay.)

Before continuing to the overt punchline, let us recede a bit to the year 1763 when our ambassador, Benjamin Franklin was asked why the so called Colonies had been so prosperous. His statement rings true, even today “Because we issue our own money.” he said. Soon after, the very next year in fact, England prohibited that practice and that was the primary cause of the Revolutionary War of 1775, and realize here that every war that has been “declared” in the history of this nation… has stemmed from this very cause. So what I’m stating here, emphatically, is that banking cartels have tried to put their boots on our throats from the very first… In 1811, for instance, Congress voted to not renew the charter of the First Bank of the United States, and from that came the War of 1812. And why? Because International Bankers knew that “debt free” money, as printed according to our Constitution, is also called “honest money” and it could not be tapped by them. They could not get a cut in our unprecedented prosperity otherwise! They knew that without control of our monetary system, and the amazing industry and people who came to our shores from all corners of the world could not be dominated… and because of this primary reason… The Civil War was precipitated.

Martin further stated: “Rather than increase the price of gold as a solution to the payments imbalance, he called for active cooperation among nations of the world and the IMF in the creation of a much-discussed ‘paper gold” (also referenced to the S.D. Rs-Special Drawing Rights and paper gold- W.B.Vsr.) drawing rights on the IMF as a supplement to international reserves… Reserves used by countries in international dealings now consist of gold, U.S. Dollars and and British pound sterling… Gold and the U.S. Dollars are the most prized universally, especially since the pound has devalued… As our deficit has mounted over the years, many foreigners holding dollars have asked for gold- still the ultimate in acceptability as international money. Some countries have “cashed in,” fearing that the United States would raise the price of gold, therefor a devaluation of the dollar… and in effect repudiating some of its international debt.”

Wonder how China, Russia, Japan, and India might feel about this, and if history is any indication of future events, wouldn’t that be the primary catalyst for war? In 1968, Louis B. Lundberg, chairman of the Bank of America, made a startling suggestion: “The Federal Reserve Board’s powers be vastly extended to include control over the entire U.S. credit industry, not just commercial banks. The Federal Reserve Bank, which is not part of the Government but is often sympathetic to government fiscal goals, now has controls beyond regulation of interest rates and reserve requirements of commercial banks. The Government’s policy is fiscal irresponsibility and it presents a clear-cut danger to the world economy… We cannot continue to run such sizable deficits in our balance of payments, at a time when our gold stock is being reduced, without seriously undermining world confidence in the dollar.” When that was written the National Debt was $336 Billion, and the annual interest on that debt was 14 billion. At this time, our debt is 17.86 trillion, and there is no viable way to determine if that number is accurate, or in actuality, what we actually pay in interest, or even to whom. No complete audit of the the Federal Reserve has taken place as of yet, though this year we are told it will happen…

World War three has already begun…

We are being drawn into a world conflict, a World War three, for this very reason alone… for corporate and banking profit. We Americans are such good and trusting people… We think our cause is a noble one… that we are bringing something called democracy to the lands we destroy, from the outside in to the inside out, and in the process, make fortunes for those who finance it, from banks who fiance both sides to international corporations who make tools of war, and we pave the way for them with a debt that enslaves our very future, so big it can never be paid, at 55K for every man woman and child in this country… It is a debt so big, and growing so fast, it is unsustainable… and when we foreclose on this debt, the American entitlement society and working men alike, will not be able to wrap their minds around just how bad it may become… and as we will kill each other for the scraps that are left, bankers, like carpetbagger vultures, will own us all, lock, stock, and barrel. Let me say this again, for the sake of clarity… it could get so bad that most everyone left alive, after a month without lights, will beg government to quell the chaos by force… and the men who will rescue us, will not be the US Army, Navy, or Marine, but Solders of Fortune like Black-water, working with an international force called the UN. Only then… will America find it in their hearts and minds to state a Declaration of Independence, and the blood of tyrants and patriots will be the fertilizer for a New America, born again in Liberty, or, more likely, I’m so sorry to say, be absorbed into a One World Order. You see, once a Liberty is lost, only blood will get it back, and very few care so long as a football game is on, especially if they have money on the game… Liberty is not realized by most, until it is lost…

If we can come together, if we can restore Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5, all un-Constitutional activities will wither and die. Yes, it is said that the root of all evil is man’s love for money, and so if we can show that Liberty is profitable, that truth is profitable, that peace is profitable, and that our Constitution ties us to prosperity, America will again be a beacon of light for the entire world, just as we once were.

God bless America, and the entire world as well.

“A great industrial nation is controlled by it’s system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world– no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” — President Woodrow Wilson

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