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Trey Gowdy has a new urgency for getting the docs Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray have been hiding from Congress, threatening to use force and blaming President Trump for the…

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House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep Trey Gowdy was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Sunday on the topic of Congress versus the Justice Department and the obstructionist game of hide and seek that is being played with the truth.

Gowdy, who is at one moment overly supportive of the Mueller witch hunt, the FBI and DOJ while expressing frustration at being lied to and denied access to the information they’re deliberately withholding, describes being provided two different redacted versions of the Peter Strzok memo that started the Russia hoax witch hunt, what he refers to as an investigation.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

He says he’s struggling to understand why. Stop scratching your head, Congressman, it’s because they’re dirty cops who have been caught doing things that could send them to prison and expose corruption throughout the subversive deep state, particularly in their unlawful conduct on behalf of the Obama-Clinton-Soros Mafia.

Bartiromo notes a previously redacted document, the Strzok-Page text in which they discussed influencing a FISA judge, was revealed as having been redacted totally for the cover up, what Gowdy describes as avoiding embarrassment. The South Carolina crime dog may be having trouble sniffing out and identifying deliberate wrongdoing from shyness but says he wants the clean documents regardless.

Bartiromo addresses the ludicrous smoke screen by FBI Director Christopher Wray of doubling the number of agents producing the documents from 27 to 54, and the natural logic that if they produced three thousand over four months the number would now increase to 6,000 over that period, roughly 1,500 per month out of 1.2 million that have been demanded. That’s the obstruction through slow-walking on display.

Gowdy says that’s not acceptable, that the DOJ already gave a million pages to the Inspector General. Just take out any of those that are grand jury material and give Congress what’s left. Gowdy points out that every one of the decision makers who are withholding these documents were picked by President Trump and his role in forcing them to cooperate operate in a manner consistent with the Constitution.

Gowdy says every member of Congress he’s talked to is frustrated and admits his own muted expressions of that frustration in the past. He warns that they are tired of being patient and indicates that “come next week,” there will be consequences for continued obstruction by DOJ and the FBI.

Bartiromo asks what tools they have to force action by DOJ and the FBI. He says there are three. They can bring ‘The Three Amigos,” Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray, in for a Congressional grilling “and they can explain publicly to us why they gave the Inspector General a million pages of material and they’ve given us a fraction of that.”

He said, “We can call John Culberson, who controls the funding for the Department of Justice and the FBI, because that seems to get their attention.” Gowdy adds the other option, placing the blame on President Trump for the failures of Congress to assert itself to this point, saying, “Or the person who actually hired Jeff Sessions, actually hired Chris Wray, actually hired Rod Rosenstein, and who, by the way, also controls the executive branch, might want to communicate to them that he is displeased.” He doesn’t mention the fourth and fifth options, of a symbolic contempt of Congress finding and a removal from office through impeachment of those duplicitous leaders.

Gowdy, who seems to have been motivated by the public’s dissatisfaction over his own overabundance of patience, now has a greater sense of urgency and the appearance of an interest in doing the work he was hired to do, which is not as a cheerleader for Mueller. Perhaps he’s more interested in his reputation and, having been exposed as all bark and no bite, is now claiming to have rabies.

Gowdy says, “I’ve defended Attorney General Sessions when it was kind of lonely to do so. The failure to produce documents is indefensible.” Nice to see you’ve finally figured that out, Congressman.


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