HEIL HOGG – Disarmament Teen Figureheads Lead “Surrender to Tyranny” Movement

HEIL HOGG – Disarmament Teen Figureheads Lead “Surrender to Tyranny” Movement

Soros and his Democrat manipulator allies are using Che’vid Hogg and other talking head students the left has made celebritiy spokespersons for the takeover. Naive, gullible. and…

by Rick Wells

Anyone who thinks this March for Our Lives, the gun confiscation spin-off from the folks that brought you Black Lives Matter and all of the other Soros-funded attacks on America, is being led by these punk kids at the forefront, is an idiot of the type that shouldn’t go outside unsupervised or without their name and address pinned to their shirt.   [[WATCH VIDEOS BELOW]]

The foul-mouthed teens are the tools being used to manipulate a lot of very naive and short-sighted people, they’re the child actors in a much less cute remake of “The Goonies.”

They are the talking heads promoting the political agenda of the same control freaks who marched in New York and elsewhere to put the UN in charge of our economy through “The People’s Climate March” in 2014 behind the excuse of our supposed obligations due to “climate change.” They’re the same ones who tried to confiscate our guns with a UN small arms treaty during the Obama nightmare and failed.

But progressives never stop trying to overthrow our country and they have absolutely no shame in using traumatized or self-promoting kids in advancing their agenda. They use any means necessary, notorious for believing that the end justifies the means.

Remembering that these kids are high school students, yet they organized a national event like this? Despite CNN having made their faces way too familiar for most of us, they’re just kids, not capable of putting this thing together. “Uncle George and the Democrats handled the organization and the details.

The script they’re following is quite obvious. The “victims” play on the “guilt” of society for not doing something, anything, even if it’s wrong, including surrendering the future of our nation and children to the inevitable tyrants that they have waiting in the wings.

The punk that told establishment politician Marco Rubio that looking at him was like looking down the barrel of an AR-15 during a televised CNN propaganda event was rewarded for his rudeness by being invited to kick off the “gun protected” attack on the Second Amendment.

That punk, Cameron Kasky, feeling quite full of himself, greeted the crowd with the words, “Welcome to the revolution,” and then patronized the dead for political purposes, reading the names of the 17 individuals killed in the Parkland massacre. He’s got no more shame than CNN, the Democrats or his fellow “celebrity disarmament teens.” Borrowing a page from Chuck Schumer’s theater training manual, the normally rude Kasky “chokes up” at the end.

A Barbie Doll comes out next, a familiar blonde with over-sized glasses and the obligatory ripped blue jeans and knit hat.  Her less-than-clever speech writer told her to say it’s about doing more than putting “a simple Band-Aid on a broken bone.” She threatens those in power that if there is no “assault weapons ban” they will be voted out. We’ve heard that one before from these same globalists; the Jews heard something similar from Hitler.

Next came the single most full of himself talking head that has been paraded in front of the endless line of television cameras since the Parkland shooting took place. David “Che’” Hogg had an even worse script writer and delivery than the bimbo before him, saying, “Who here is going to vote in the 2018 election? If you listen real close you can hear the people in power shaking.” No, it’s probably just the contents of his head rolling around.

In one of his customary overly-dramatic moments, Che’vid Hogg tells the stupid people gathered before him, “We can and we will change the world,” following it up with the familiar Communist fist in the air. It was good of him to provide us with the confirmation of what he is and that he’s working for the Soros globalists; not necessary but helpful.

Central casting delivered a black girl as the final speaker in the video, who told a tale that has nothing to do with Parkland, although the propagandist AP editors of the video cut it at just the right moment to make you think she was relaying her experience as a target of Nikolas Cruz. She was actually talking about her experience in gun-controlled Chicago, the sewer run by Obama crony Rahm Emanuel and  decades of other corrupt Democrats.

She’s the kind of idiot who wants to spread their misery and helplessness to the rest of us, who wants to make sure that Democrats are elected in 2018. There’s a reason they choose naive, ignorant children, who haven’t been taught the lessons of history or of life to carry their message to their peers. They’ll believe and say anything.

The black girl wasn’t talking about Parkland, but about gun control killing field Chicago. [One speech, One Size Fits All. Here she is in Chicago. ~TLB ed.]…


TLB published this video report from Rick Wells.US with our appreciation for Rick making it available.

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