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July 28, 2016


Ever go to a sports event to watch something you could not comprehend at all, like Australian Football?  Just when you thought you could figure it all out, something else comes into play.  If you’re a regular here in The Liberty Beacon world, by now you’ve figured out that everything you were taught is absolute B.S., and worse, you believed it.  Now all you need to do is unlearn all the garbage that’s integrated into your thought process without going into a coma.  What’s worse?  Well, since you ARE here, and you claim to seek the truth, that means you have to be able to swallow the big pills.  Look at it as a mental laxative.   As you read the Article below, you’ll see that the WHOLE WIDE WORLD has a common enemy or enemies, together and/or apart, in one big happy family of Satanic scum.  Whenever two sides of the same ass get together, the product smells, really badly!  The Zionists and anything or anyone connected to them are the diseases infecting this planet.  These stinking criminals can be spotted easily.  They’re busy pointing the finger at anyone who blows the whistle on them, as they fling more dung as ammunition.  They’ll call anyone speaking truth, an anti-Semite, while THEY are NOT Semitic.  They’ll attempt to prosecute anyone who reveals all their revisionist history.  

Whenever Satanists fight Satanists, innocent people die.  Whenever Satanists team up with Satanists, innocent people die.  Zionism is Satanism.  Just look at their HIDDEN HISTORY.  The Zionists are genetic disaster, going someplace to cause mayhem and misery for all those whom they consider to be inferiors, as they believe of Goyim.  Imagine what a twisted mind it takes for a Satanist to conjure the thought that anything COULD be inferior to them.  There’s an exercise in futility!  Living Zionists are DEATH, unperfected.






Posted on July 25, 2016 by David Robinson
By Nina Sidorova

Zioists (Sephardim) against Khazars (Ashkenazi); Two Jewish Satanic Groups are fighting with each other… they sarted WWI, WWII, and now try to start WWIII.

Important! Friends,

I sent only a few of you an extremely important article of Russian General Victor Filatov…
Sephardim (Zionists) against Ashkenazi (Khazars)

I do not have time to translate… If you would be able to find somebody to translate, you will understand much better what is going on in the world…

You will understand how two Jewish Satanic Groups: Khazars (Ashkenazi) and Zionists (Sephardim) are fighting with each other, and how they started WWI, WWII and now tried to start WWIII.

Russian General Filatov explains who the leaders of German Nazis were and who the leaders of Bolsheviks were. He describes important history events, quotes, shows important documents and describes two powers that act now in Israel… The Russian General explains when two Jewish Satanic Groups unite and commit war crimes together.

Now Sephardim Jews of the USA who hate Askinazi Khazars tried to start WWIII, forcing Sephardim NATO to attack Russia that is hijacked by Khazars…

Yes, Brothers, Russia is still hijacked by Khazars!

The Russian Federation is a private corporation that is registered in London in 1991 with Manager Medvedev…

This video below would explain to you a lot if you find somebody who speaks Russian…

У конституции РФ сила равна нулю.

Mr. Gordon Duff several times asked in his articles how this became possible that Israelis bombed Syrian Army in Damask, and why Russian SS 300 did work…

If some of you will see Mr. Duff, please tell him…

This is Treason! Treason!

One day all of us will wake up and see how the Russians will go after those traitors who are now leading Russia, including a Minister of Defense….

I give you a hand… When you will hear that this ginger rossnano scam, Khazar Anatoly Chubays, Putin’s friend, will be arrested, THIS will be a BEGNNING of the Victorious Russian Liberation!

Make sure that President Putin is playing on both sides, Askenazi and Sephardim… Sephardim Rabbi Lazar helped Putin to take down Khazarian Oligarch Michael Khodorkovsky.

This is a photo of Khazarian Rossnano Scam Chubays..

There are songs from the Heart of The Russian Nation

Family of Thieves—Zionists Are Stealing my Russian Home

Russia is Russian Land! Banish the Occupants from the Kremlin

Россия – это Русская Земля!

Friends, look at the new Russian Generation and listen what they sign…

(I translated a part of the song for you to the best of my ability)

We are the Russians! God is with Us!

Russian Land, the abode of the God,
The ineffable light pours dawn,
Russian Land, Who Offended You?
Your Foes will not be forgiven!

We are the Russians! God is with Us!
We are the Russians! Russians DO NOT BETRAY!

For Our Motherland…
We are Russians! Russians Are Coming!

Some of you may say that this is only a parade, and the Russian Spetsnaz does not sing this song themselves. Well, Friends, look at the videos below…

I remind to you once again that when you will hear that Khazarian Scam Chubays was arrested,


With my blessing to all of you,

Nina Sidorova


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