How can I be so sure that REGULAR vaccines cause autism? I asked the ONE question that no autism researcher has EVER asked.

ER Editor: Terminology matters. In psychoanalysis, for example, the word ‘autism’ refers to a type of mental structure and functioning, that someone would have been born with and will exhibit all of their lives. In medical matters to do with ‘autism’ in relation to vaccines, however, we are talking about straight-on BRAIN DAMAGE, to a great or lesser extent. The child was normal one day, went for his/her vaccines (multiples in one sitting, usually), and then runs a high fever (perhaps not in all cases), after which the child shows often severe mental and developmental problems for the rest of his/her life. And we are talking about NORMAL VACCINES.

Readers familiar with the term ‘vaccine adjuvants’ like the highly toxic aluminium adjuvant will know what we are talking about.

That this topic is getting traction from prominent names like Dr. Peter McCullough and Steve Kirsch is heartening. It isn’t just the mRNA genetic shots that need to be stopped in their tracks.

Dig down into the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule to see medical criminality at work. It didn’t start with Covid. Dr. Peter McCullough mentions this below in his latest piece —

Association between Childhood Hyper-vaccination and Autism

His introduction:

Throughout the pandemic we have heard the tenuous phrase “correlation is not causation.” I can tell you as an epidemiologist, we always look at the strength and consistency of associations in addition to many other factors in the evaluation of determinants of disease. In the 1970s, the rate of autism was 1 in 10,000 and the rate today has exploded to 1 in 36. Most cases develop early in the childhood years where there has been a massive expansion of the CDC ACIP routine vaccine schedule. In 2004, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, issued this statement on the vaccine-autism issue.

It has often been said by Robert F. Kennedy that Big Pharma can never show the real harms done by vaccines because it is parents, who were vaccine believers, who took their kids to the pediatrician for all their shots as recommended by the experts, yet ended up with a permanently damaged child. So Big Pharma has to resort to the ‘anti-vax’ smear to cover their tracks and avoid publicizing these actual cases of harm like the plague. (Apparently, 50% of US pediatricians spend their time giving vaccines as per the CDC schedule, for which they are handsomely rewarded. See this by Dr. MercolaIs This Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines?)

Why do kids even need pediatricians for those routine ‘wellness’ visits unless they’ve got a particularly harmful disease?


How can I be so sure that vaccines cause autism? I asked the ONE question that no autism researcher has EVER asked.

I asked parents when they first noticed ASD behaviors in their child relative to the time of the NEAREST vaccination visit. The results were stunning.


Executive summary

If vaccines aren’t triggering autism, then the number of times a parent notices autistic behaviors BEFORE a wellness visit where a vaccine is given should be comparable to the number of times AFTER the visit.

I asked 642 parents who had previously reported having an autistic child in previous surveys to fill out my survey. I received 273 responses.

58 parents reported first seeing autistic behaviors within a month AFTER a vaccine appointment.

0 parents reported first seeing autistic behaviors within a month BEFORE a vaccine appointment.

This is stunning.

It is highly unlikely you’ll get a disparity like this if vaccines aren’t triggering autism. It’s about the same as the chance of throwing a fair coin 58 times and getting all heads: 1 chance in 2.8e17 (2.8e+17 = 2.8 × 1017 = 280,000,000,000,000,000 – ER: a quadrillion is 15 zeros) which is about as close to impossible as you will ever find in nature.

But the more stunning thing is that no autism researcher in the world has ever even thought to ask such a question. Ever.

In nearly 100 years, there are no papers in the scientific literature that have ever looked at this. Zero. Zip. Nada.

And that tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

My survey results

The survey.

Survey results (record level).

Here’s a chart of the responses. The survey had 4 categories of responses for BEFORE and AFTER. But only the AFTER responses were all fully populated. The BEFORE responses of <1 month and earlier all had NO responses.

For <1 month before:after, the odds ratio was 0:58. That’s really stunning. That’s extremely unlikely to happen by chance.

For all responses (sometime before:sometime after), the odds ratio was 12:174 which is 1:15 odds. That’s very significant. A 1:2 odds ratio is a sign of a causal relationship.

Parent responses for when they first noticed autistic symptoms in their child. NOT A SINGLE PARENT could recall seeing symptoms <1 month BEFORE a scheduled wellness visit.

Surveys on Facebook autism support groups

I’ve been told that it is absolutely forbidden to do a survey like this on any Facebook support group. I tried to do such a survey and they wouldn’t even let me into the group. My membership request is still “pending.”

These groups will all kick you out if you go against “the science.”

Your survey will be immediately taken down.

So you’re not allowed to ask this question, unfortunately.

They don’t want to know the truth.

Nobody wants to know the data

Doctors treating autism don’t want to know when it occurred relative to the shot.

Few doctors will actually ask the parents when they noticed the first symptoms of ASD and put this in their medical records.

Researchers looking into finding the cause of autism don’t want to know this either apparently. I talked to a top autism researcher at MIT and this person had no clue. Nor was he/she interested in exploring the topic any further.

Validating my survey: stats from a retired pediatrician who can speak freely

Doug Hulstedt, a former pediatrician, told me that in his practice, he saw over 150 autistic kids.

He said that 74 of those cases were absolutely caused by the vaccine and 44 cases happened within 1 month after vaccination.

He said 0 cases happened within a month BEFORE vaccination.

So my survey wasn’t biased at all.

There are simply not enough pediatricians in the entire world for me to be able to “cherry pick” such a result.

In fact, even if everyone in the entire world was a pediatrician, I still would be extremely unlikely to cherry pick a result like that.

If the vaccines don’t cause autism, it should be easy enough for anyone who doesn’t believe me to show me a pediatrician where the number of autism cases a month before the vaccination appointment is comparable to the number of autism cases a month after the vaccination appointment

Where is that pediatrician and can we see the records?

Note: in my entire life, I’ve only discussed these before/after autism statistics with just one pediatrician so I cannot be accused of cherry picking.

Why won’t anyone show me their survey?

Reuters “fact check” and any other “fact check” organization should commission their OWN survey of parents if they want to fact check me where all of the respondents are contactable just like my survey.

But they won’t.

Also, all of my respondents (at least the first 273) have VERIFIED email addresses because the only way they found out about the survey is via email from me.

Prior to this article (which is being published at 8am PST on June 3, 2023), the survey link was never posted publicly.

So I can verify each and every response for the first 273 responses.

And no respected survey company will ever run their own survey because it would destroy their business. So the NY Times can’t commission a survey because nobody would do it.

The mainstream media could validate my survey by calling a few pediatricians for their statistics. It would really only take ONE phone call to a pediatric practice which tracks this statistic. But hey, nobody really is interested in asking this question, are they?

US Government expert testifies under oath that vaccines can trigger autism

Even the expert relied upon by the US government to “prove” that vaccines do NOT cause autism admitted that vaccines can trigger autism and that the US government deliberately mischaracterized his testimony. See his affidavit.

Autism is a huge problem, but nobody wants to ask the question I just asked

Commentary: California must prepare for rising cases of autism | CalMatters

The CDC says the rate of autism is 1 in 36.

I couldn’t validate this. I think it is MUCH higher than that.

About 1/3 of my friends have an autistic kid in their household. That’s shocking. I thought it was zero. I never thought to ask.

The rates of autism in the 10,000 kids of my followers in my latest survey was 4.9% which is 1 in 20. But my followers are mostly white and my followers are “anti-vax.” This means the true rate of autism might be higher than this. Or it might be lower than this because my followers may have become anti-vaxxers after their kids were injured.

I did quick poll on Twitter to get another estimate, but this time on a per household basis (not per child):

This is horrifying. The odds ratio of having an autistic child in your household is 1:3.

In other words, my quick survey showed that over 22% of American households have 1 or more autistic children.

The true number of households in America with at least one autistic child might be higher or lower, but the mainstream media is never going to ask that question, are they? Like Congress, they don’t want to know.

It is estimated that it will only take 10 to 20 years before half our kids are autistic if we don’t find the cause soon.

But because we are afraid to implicate the vaccines, we’re not likely to ever find the cause. You can’t find what you aren’t looking for.

Don’t expect Congress to ever investigate

Unfortunately, they aren’t talking about this at all in Congress. Why? Because the drug companies don’t want them to.

For example, there was a House bill (H.R.3069) in 2009 which would have required the NIH to do a survey on the health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yup, it was killed in committee. Never saw the light of day.

Black males are disproportionately affected (2X greater risk)

We learned from the DeStefano study in 2004 that the rate of autism among black males is more than double the rate of males in general.

See Brian Hooker’s paper that was retracted by the journal because of undisclosed “concerns about the validity of the methods and statistical analysis.” They always keep these retraction notices very vague because they don’t want anyone to know that the analysis was valid. So they make a hand-waving argument with absolutely no evidentiary support to censor the result.

Note however that CDC author William Thompson found exactly the same result in his analysis and he was the lead key researcher at the CDC on the study that Hooker referenced.

The result was damaging to the narrative so the CDC authors unethically erased it from their paper. William Thompson was ordered by his bosses at the CDC to destroy the documents relating to the race analysis (and not any other documents)! If it was good, they would have included it. Think I’m kidding? Watch the movie Vaxxed. You can also watch it on Rumble.

There is a good reason why Thompson was never asked to testify under oath in Congress about what happened. It’s because they do not want you to know the truth ever that the CDC is corrupt.

The black community should be outraged about this

But they are silent as well. Completely silent. This is tragic. The only black leader that I’m aware of that is speaking out about this is Kevin Jenkins.


No respected autism researcher is ever going to try to replicate my survey.


They are all afraid of retribution. The medical community doesn’t like being embarrassed like this. They’ve been telling parents vaccines are safe and that there is no link for decades.

If I’m wrong, they should show us the study they did where they reached out to parents to find out when the parent first noticed autistic symptoms.

If I’m wrong, there will be approximately the same number of kids who demonstrated autistic behaviors before the shot vs. after the shot in every medical practice in America.

You should be able to ask any pediatric clinic in the country for their stats. But do you think any of them know their stats because they asked the parents this question? I’ll bet very few. Because we just don’t want to know the answer.

I was easily able to find a pediatrician with 0:44 stats for one month before:after. It took me just one phone call. Why can’t “they” find a pediatrician with 44:0 stats? It’s simple. There are no such pediatricians.

In fact, they won’t even be able to find any pediatrician in the world with even stats. That’s simply devastating for their “vaccines don’t cause autism” narrative.

Kids who avoid all vaccinations (including the vitamin K shot) whatsoever are uniformly healthier than kids who follow the CDC schedule. I’m not aware of a single counter-example, i.e., a pediatric practice that eschews vaccination that has inferior outcomes relative to their peers with the same patient demographics (e.g., surrounding practices).

But the CDC will never allow any researcher to access the VSD to do such a study. That is why it’s never been done. You are simply not allowed to ask questions like this in America.

Nor will any state epidemiologist ever do such a study. But they probably don’t even have the records to be able to do such a study. Nobody wants to know.

Nobody wants to know the truth. They are all afraid of learning the truth. So they won’t look. But I thought you should know the truth, even though they are never going to tell you.



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