How Long Will We Let Pan and Others Ruin Human Health?

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

On June 30, 2015 California Governor Jerry Brown passed SB 277 a law that restricted the rights of parents to opt out of vaccines for school attendance. This made California only one of three states in America to allow for medical exemptions only when it came to opting out of vaccines. All other states offer religious exemptions, with many of them offering philosophical exemptions.

Prior to SB 277 a parent could use a non medical exemption and could decide what was in the best interest of their child. It should come as no surprise to anyone that this bill was the brain child of a former pediatrician turned politician named Richard Pan. With this new law parents are forced to vaccine or homeschool, their only option being a medical exemption which already “experts” are trying to limit or possibly remove all together.

Another direct and dangerous result of SB 277 is that newspapers are now endangering the privacy of children by listing CA schools that have the highest number of children using vaccine exemptions. Here is an example where kindergartners are being targeted and treated as if they are disease spreaders.

As awful as all of this sounds, things are about to get worse! A new bill in California SB 1424 aims to control news websites and limit content to only what is considered “factual” information. The aim of this law is to shutdown anyone who questions societal norms and wants to dig deeper for the truth. It should be of no surprise that this proposed law comes from Senator Pan who does not want people questioning the safety or necessity of vaccines. SB 1424 would turn bloggers, online journalist, and website owners into criminals.

THIS IS PURE MADNESS! Laws like SB 277 have opened the floodgates for states and businesses to silence anyone who is not singing the praises of vaccines. Pennsylvania is currently trying to change the law to remove moral or ethical exemptions in an effort to force more people into vaccinating.

In Texas a nurse has lost her job because she posted the details of a measles infection in an “anti vaccine” group on facebook. On the surface this looks like they are trying to protect patient privacy but the facts say otherwise. The nurse posted that measles was much worse than she had expected. It makes one wonder if she would have been fired had this been on a pro vaccine facebook or twitter feed promoting vaccines.

What convinces me the most that this was a witch hunt against “anti vaxxers” are the comments from Rebecca Lunstroth of the University of Texas “If you don’t believe in vaccines, you probably shouldn’t go into pediatrics and you would be warned of that, that this is the standard and if you don’t believe in the standard, you should probably go into another practice,” and the statement from Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus that measles is “a highly-contagious, vaccine-preventable infection. We know vaccination is the best protection against measles.”

Nurses being fired for the mere mention of a case of measles and for questioning vaccine safety, new laws that limit the right not to be poisoned by vaccines, and now possible laws that will cut into the heart of free speech. Where will it all end? I challenge Senator Pan and other supporters of the vaccine lie to watch the following videos and to have the courage to publicly address those who have been vaccine injured. All of the childhood illnesses are being misrepresented as the plague while countless people are suffering from needless injury. I think it is time for the pharmaceutical industry and the vaccine pushers to be held accountable.

We The People NOT They The Elite (CW)


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