LEARN 2 UNLEARN – Return to Health (E4) – THE FEAR OF IT ALL

CannaSense Total Wellness (CTW) & The Liberty Beacon (TLB) Present: LEARN 2 UNLEARN – Return to Health (E4) – THE FEAR OF IT ALL


Your Host: Luca Majno

It’s terrifying ~ at best ~ The feeling for me of ‘not having control’ can easily induce panic if we don’t learn to ‘speak’ to and with our own bodies, to let it know that ‘everything is OK, that ‘we will work together’ (heavy breathing) ~ When you see the challenge as a game, to get to know yourself better, ‘It’s just you and me, kid.’ it becomes more ‘fun’, more tolerable.

I use BREATHING techniques that I never even knew I had ~ it just came naturally ~ breathing with the body, anticipating what is going to happen, reducing the bodys stress as much as possible.


I am telling you this story because this stuck with me, and I have done this ever since that day, really… And so with my ‘condition’, it makes it a lot easier and more comfortable to urinate, and it seems more natural, too… But you don’t ‘see’ anything until you ‘get up’ … That can be quite alarming when you are going through intense moments of passing blood clots and then getting up and turning around, only to see a ‘blood red’ toilet…

It’s OK’, I remember saying, breathing deeply and just doing what I had to do…

And there was a whole entire process to follow when I had the catheter inserted, not one, not two or three, but FOUR of them through all that time, and how certain movements would send shockwaves through you, not even being able to bend down to tie your shoes, let alone to put them on… It’s a whole new world… Restrictions, messes because it leaks when you move a certain way, then there’s cleaning it, and yourself, being non-circumcised, it has to be washed EVERY SINGLE TIMEand that for the past YEAR…

See? Again, someone else would try and cut corners, “Naaah, I don’t need to wash myself EVERY TIME…” and poof… an infection…

But something told me… “You need to wash every time after you either do #1 or 2…” and I am grateful that I listened…

After a while of following your patterns, and doing what YOUR BODY tells you to do, and not arguing with it, magic starts to occur… You get better… You WILL get better… Your body is always trying to heal… The problem is that we just do not let it… From those who don’t have a clue about what we are talking about, to those who do, but just take the easy way, to those who care enough to sit down, do the math and wise up.

Listening to the body is SO CRUCIAL at that time of stress and anguish… And when you learn to back off and let your body decide for itself, at first it is hard, but then, slowly, being dedicated to follow that way of thinking, your body THANKS you and shows you how appreciated that is….

I want a coffee!”

Uh, Luca, you know that it might not be a …”

I am going to GET my coffee, the heck with it!”

Then, you FORCE your way upright, HURTING yourself as you try to get up, swearing the whole time, you go and GET that coffee and your body rejects it BIG TIME, because it strains the urinary tract at the best of times, and that is NOT what you need… and then, complications arise…

Catch my drift? Rather than wanting a coffee, and LISTENING to what your body says… and mine said No way, Jose… Not at the present time, no, no coffee, thanks… we are stressed out enough down here… are you kidding me?”

So this is pretty simple, really… it is a CHOICE all of us have to take… and for me, well, it was pretty easy to figure out… The LazyBoy became my best friend for WEEKS on end, just lying there, as you would HAVE TO if you were in the hospital… Sitting there… Anything you want as a distraction…

You can watch TV, watch a movie or two (or three), write on Facebook, but just SIT and try NOT TO MOVE”, my body said very strictly… and so I did… and THAT is one of the only reasons why I am able to sit straight on my stool and talk to you people nowbecause I LISTENED to my body, and not some doctor trying to make money from me(we’ll get to that in a second) .

Again, meditation works wonders too get us there, as well as Reiki, when bad times arise, and you are by yourself ~ The ER is always there, as the last resort ~ but there’s a certain amount of pride in going through heavy trauma and being able to say I DID IT… What a great feeling ~ and on to the next chapter!!

So… Want to hear about my last oncology visit?

I think it’s very timely, since we are talking about LISTENING to yourself and how YOU feel and trusting the process…

DIAGNOSIS: (not one, but) TWO cancers… One of the prostate and a very aggressive bladder cancer as well… and I am told that this oncologist was going to give me the very best treatment that modern medicine has in store for me”Reluctantly, I accepted to at least go and see for myself, knowing deep inside, that I was going to ‘never forget’ this doctor’s visit…

One thing I learned is that our bodies are perfected machines which have been bombarded with chemicals, poisons and un-natural substances almost our whole lives, for most of us… Poisoned air, food, water, soil… Only to now try and ‘fix’ all that, and want results NOW… It doesn’t work that way ~ We have been poisoning our system all our lives, most of us without even knowing it or to what extent

This is why FOOD, the body’s fuel, is so important , but unlike a concerned parent, I am not going to scold anyone, not even myself… I am just going to share a little bit…


Depending on how much of Big Pharma you are already a prisoner of, it will vary from person to person ~ For me, I have more of a connection made on the inside, because I do not have diabetes, or any other complex dis*eases that ‘modern medicine’ says needs ‘meds’, etc… I try my best to eat healthy, and most of the time can use others around me as a barometer to remind myself to be stricter than usual about intake (diet) ~ Which brings me to a very important note ~

RADICAL CHANGE of any kind is not favorable, I think ~ The exaggerated, hardcore, un-natural and not fitting to your routine can possibly do more harm than good ~

I have heard stories about how people diagnosed with cancer or some serious illness go into their kitchen and take it all out of the cupboards and throw it all away… Only to go on a diet that totally grosses them out, that they won’t enjoy, not motivating in the least… and that will not last…

Better to eat normally and to train myself to eat less of what I know to not be so good for me ~ A lover of pasta, bread, cheese, bacon… (sigh)

Not today”, I tell myself… “Not now”… instead of this “Never again!!” stuff…


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Show Host Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.


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