How The Deep State Plans To Kill Economic Freedom

How The Deep State Plans To Kill Economic Freedom

by Daniel Carter

Two hundred and forty-one years ago, this country was wrestled away from the tyrannical forces of the British Empire. The United States founders planted the seeds of enlightenment principals that have lasted all these years later. Enlightenment principals include things such as freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to defend yourself and the overall ownership of yourself. Basically, these principals protect individuals from oppressive government rule. These ideas also manifested in the form of economic freedom, in which you are free to carve out your own path by making voluntary transactions. Unfortunately, governments stand in opposition to all freedoms, including economic freedom. Now, economic freedom is in severe danger of being lost.

An attack on our freedoms should not come as a surprise. Freedom is always fleeting and must be fought for to be maintained.

Earlier this month, I wrote an article called Trump’s Gravest Mistake. In that article, I describe why Trump should not be taking credit for the economy. The economy is highly cyclical and most likely about to crash once again. I also say that if you are a Trump supporter, I am not trying to disparage your leader. I am on your side in many ways. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into how the Deep State is setting up Trump for a fall, and how they will take more of our economic freedom if they are successful.

The left is almost completely incapable of thinking critically about the Trump administration. They have so easily bought into the mainstream media hysteria. Everything the administration does, the left immediately wants the opposite. There is no pause for analysis; just emotional reaction. The Deep State is consistently and effectively using the left’s hatred for Trump to brainwash millions of Americans into being opposed to economic freedom.

People who believe in economic freedom believe that government should take less of a role in society to allow individuals to act without state coercion. Trump exhibited this belief by proposing the end of government funding for Meals on Wheels. The idea was that this service was best left to private organizations. As you can imagine, the left freaked out and accused him of not caring about poor people. It turns out that not even 4 percent of their donations come from the funding that Trump is trying to cut. The private market already contributes the most to Meals on Wheels, but that didn’t stop the Deep State from spreading their propaganda. In short, they want you to believe that big government is the only solution to economic problems.

The Deep State and their mainstream media accomplices are spreading their narrative with the tax reform bill as well. They have encouraged the left to dust off their old and simplistic “trickle-down economics” arguments. This is to brainwash the masses into believing that self-determination through lower taxation is somehow evil. Again, they need the uninformed public to believe that big government should be centrally planning every aspect of our economic and personal lives. Lower taxation means more freedom to do what you want with the money you earn. Higher taxes mean more power to the government, which is exactly why they want you to believe that lower taxation is evil.

The recent Net Neutrality argument is yet another example of the Deep State using the left’s hatred of Trump to promote economic enslavement. There used to be a time when Americans didn’t want government involved in the internet at all. Thanks to the left’s hysteria regarding Trump, people are begging for the government to get involved. Net Neutrality is truly a complicated issue, but countries such as Australia and Japan have gotten along fine without these laws.

When the economy finally collapses, the Deep State, the mainstream media and all the useful idiots they managed to brainwash will say “See! We told you less government regulation wasn’t good!” When the left votes their terrible politicians back into power, they will most likely move quickly in the opposite direction. That means higher taxes, a larger welfare state, more government interference in the internet and other businesses, and a clampdown on many more economic freedoms that we currently take for granted. Don’t let them get away with this assault on our freedom. Educate yourself and others on why the Deep State wants Trump to take credit for the economy.


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