How the Elite Gained Control of the Earth’s Land, and the Future of Humanity.

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By Mary C. Giacobbe|March 2, 2015 (TLB)

The world is on the brink of an economic collapse, the manifestation of a corrupt few that have systematically attached themselves like parasites to the prosperity of mankind. Seemingly, this is not enough for us to endure in their eyes. Many people were unaware of their other plans. They have attacked humanity on all fronts out of pure selfishness, claiming the future of our planet and yes, our very lives.It has been referred to as End Game for we the people. While ushering in the new generation, I urge you to hear, in their own words, what they have planned for you and your children, grandchildren.


This is the worst assault on humanity in history, they must be named, and brought to justice. Time is running short. Please share this knowledge with others. If you show five people, and they show five, we may just get enough awareness, to fight back in larger numbers. If you choose to nothing, know that you have been warned. See UN Agenda 21 at their website . I call it the deceitful plan for color blinding the population. It is wrapped up in a bright green bow called climate change, and inside it is rotten red to the core, with a massive global depopulation plan. It is everywhere around you, affecting every aspect of your life.



To educate yourself about Agenda 21, please see the following video. it is a good representation of how it affects us in all areas, globally. It will cost us the future, if people do not act. I am sure you have noticed the erosion of our liberties, this is no accident. The police state is needed to control the civil unrest. People that are unaware, please wake up. Yes it is happening in the US, as unreal as it may seem. I recommend that you look up the players, better known as the Bilderberg group (the elite, that control major corporations and our banking system). What  you  are about to witness with  the police state in the coming months, will shock you back to Nazi Germany. It is even worse today, for the technology we face in this war, is far superior.



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