Say No to War Criminal Netanyahu on 3 March 2015!


By S.I.

Netanyahu’s March 3rd planned speech at U.S. Congress Joint Session is a move by the Israeli state to legitimize its latest round of genocide in Gaza and continuation of its expansionist policies in the entire land of Palestine.  Meanwhile, such a move is meant to serve a more concrete and urgent objective of KEEPING PRESSURE ON IRAN.  Why Iran?  Certainly not for Iran’s alleged plan to develop nuclear weapons – which all facts, including several reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency, prove is a falsehood  – but because of the fact that Iran has openly and strongly supported the Palestinian people against Israeli aggression, ever since the triumph of its revolution back in Feb. 1979.

Although there is a real dispute among different sections of the American ruling class on the legitimacy of Netanyahu’s upcoming presence at the US Congress, to an extent that US National Security Adviser Susan Rice calls it “destructive”, by advocating his tough stand, the Israeli Prime Minister is in fact providing leverage to the US government – and its negotiating team in the 5+1 countries  – to put more pressure on Iran.   The pressure, evident by sanctions and threats of war is aimed to force Iran to give up its legitimate rights to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, if not totally, at least partially.  In this context, the US and Israeli administrations are jointly playing the old game of “GOOD” and “BAD” cops, looking for the same objective: gaining more concessions from Iran in the course of ongoing nuclear negotiations.

Considering that the US and Israeli governments are aware of the possibility that Iran not accept their illegitimate conditions, which would result in failure of the negotiations, they wish to put the blame of such a failure exclusively on Iran. That would in turn serve their purpose to justify their sanctions and war agenda on Iran.

While Israel, the Zionist state, is pushing its war drive against resistance movements in the Middle East, the plan of the Obama administration to get the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) from the US Congress indicates that the same perspective is also shared by the US government.  The fake slogan of “war on terror” is going to be used once again to deceive the American people to support the plan of 1% military industrialists and big corporate owners; this time, to topple Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, to crush resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq and to destabilize and eventually suppress Iran.  Such a vicious plan should be counteracted by relentless mass mobilization everywhere, especially in the US and Europe.

In view of the above, SI – Solidarity Iran Campaign fully supports the initiative of a number of antiwar organizations in US, including International Action Center (IAC), the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition to organize protests against Netanyahu’s presence in the US Congress.

We demand: Lift All Sanctions on Iran Unconditionally, NOW!

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