How the UN Plans to Make People Move to Smart Cities & Go Vegan (COVID-related)

ER Editor:  G. Edward Griffin has reissued a blog post from UK journalist Sandi Adams’ website, which we’ve just discovered and highly recommend. It is called Sandi Adams – UNDERSTANDING AGENDA 21 AND HOW TO COMBAT IT.
She discovered a document on the website, innocently titled Six nature facts related to coronaviruses. It’s short and worth a look at HOW THEY DO IT. In this document, it claims that 75% of ‘emerging infectious diseases’ faced by humans come from animals and are therefore ‘zoonotic’. 75% is a lot; ’emerging’ conveys unlimited, unknown potential and danger. Further, these diseases are claimed to come from ‘human activity’ such as ‘forest losses’, ‘pig farming’ and ‘fruit production’ in various parts of the world. We’re to blame. Further, these emerging diseases are listed as MERS, bird flu, Ebola, etc., ‘and, now, the coronavirus‘. Which one? ‘Coronavirus’ is an interesting and meaningless choice of label, not something more specific like ‘SARS-CoV-2’ or ‘Covid-19’. 

No mention is made of the fact that any of these diseases might have been made in a biowarfare lab, and that there is ZERO evidence for the bat-to-human crossover in the case of SARS-CoV-2.

The link is made abundantly clear, that animals transmit dangerous diseases; human activity in nature, which includes the all-purpose ‘climate change’, is bringing our species closer, with risky, unknown consequences for the future. The Fear Factor at work. 
The conclusion of Sandi Adams’ piece contains an interesting prediction …


How the UN Plans to Make People Move to Smart Cities and Go Vegan

Journalist Sandi Adams uncovered a UN paper that shows a new excuse for following the UN’s Agenda 2030 goal of forcing people out of rural lands and into ‘Smart Cities’. She found a United Nations Environment Programme document that claims COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, meaning it jumps between animals and people, and that livestock serve as a bridge between wildlife and human infections.

[To make a long story short, the laborious and twisted argument is that we now have one more frightful natural phenomenon (COVID-19) as an excuse to herd everyone into cities where they can be more easily monitored and controlled. Living on a farm now is dangerous to human health!] -GEG


I keep hearing the word ‘Zoonotic’ being bandied about in the press in the last few days. Could this be a form of preparation for what’s coming?

I have been wondering how the next phase of the global UN Agenda 2030 could be played out. After all, the end game plan is to re-wild the countryside and herd us all into their SMART-controlled cities and habitation zones.

I found what could be the answer on the United Nation’s Environment Programme’s website yesterday. Here is UNEP’s Factsheet for Zoonotic Diseases.

This is what they say…

“COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it jumps between animals and people, and is therefore closely connected to lands they inhabit. Human and economic activity is eroding wild spaces, forests and other important ecosystems, bringing us closer to “reservoir hosts”-animals and plants that can harbour diseases.”

“COVID-19 underscores the relationship between human health and nature and reveals a fundamental problem, humans have unlimited needs, but the planet has limited capacity to satisfy them. Often, land degradation is caused by unsustainable human consumption and needs.

Scientists and specialists working at UNEP have been pulling together the latest scientific facts about the Coronavirus – what we do know about the virus…and what we don’t know.

While the origin of the outbreak and its transmission pathways are yet to be discovered, here are six important points worth knowing:

1. The interaction of humans or livestock with wildlife exposes them to the risk of spill-over of potential pathogens. For many zoonoses, livestock serve as an epidemiological bridge between wildlife and human infections.

2. The drivers of zoonotic disease emergence are changes in the environment- usually the result of human activities, ranging from land use change to changing climate; changes in animals or human hosts; and changes in pathogens, which always evolve to exploit new hosts.

3. For example, bat associated viruses emerged due the loss of bat habitat from deforestation and agricultural expansion. Bats play important roles in ecosystems by being night pollinators and eating insects.

4. Ecosystem integrity underlines human health and development. Human induced environmental changes modify wildlife population structure and reduce biodiversity, resulting in new environmental conditions that favour particular hosts, vectors and /or pathogens.

5. Ecosystem integrity can help regulate disease by supporting a diversity of species so that it’s more difficult for one pathogen to spill over, amplify or dominate.

6. It is impossible to predict where the next outbreak will come from or when it will be. Growing evidence suggests that outbreaks or epidemic diseases may become more frequent as climate continues to change.

Not so long ago, there was something called science. It included the discovery of truth about nature, the universe, the elements etc. It was practised by honest and accountable practitioners called scientists and engineers, but generally they had no primal urge to use their ‘knowledge’ to dominate others by use of hidden agendas.

Things are different now! The pseudo-science being peddled today has been skewed – it is now a system of theories and assumptions being touted as ‘scientific truth’ to dominate and control people, society and the whole planet.

Pseudo-science is the domain of technocrats. Real science is an inconvenience to their social engineering goals of leading the world towards being ruled by an Orwellian technocracy – a future where SMART 5G AI cities and habitation zones exist to ‘protect’ the human race from what’s out there!

There is absolutely no evidence at all, as stated by the UN, that COVID-19 was caused by animals.

We are all now living with misinformation, disinformation and deliberate fake news by those holding positions of trust. As the human race starts to wake up to the common-sense truth about what’s really happening, the secretive, unelected and unaccountable cabal that makes up corporate and central banking ‘deep state’, are speeding up their final global push to entrap and imprison humanity into a future of all-out tyranny. The ‘totalitarian tiptoe’, to use David Icke’s brilliant phrase, has almost come to an end.

Jane Goodall, the primatologist honoured by the UN as a ‘Messenger of Peace’, stated a direct and chilling remark in a very recent interview with the World Economic Forum (the Davos billionaires’ club). She said bluntly, “if we don’t do things differently, we’re finished.” She essentially believes that the world should preferably eat no meat at all as, due to zoonotic disease, it is “dangerous” to do so.

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