How to Avoid Varicose Veins

How to Avoid Varicose Veins

By TLB Contributing Writer: Martin

Knowledge, so they say, is power. From Sun Tzu’s art of war, according to him, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” This means to engage in a war when you can just avoid it. Surprisingly, this can also be the case as far as the varicose vein is concerned. Outstanding websites like The Ultimate Vein Guide are good sources for authoritative info regarding varicose vein. A varicose vein is a medical condition, an assemblage of bloated blood vessels bulging from the affected skin area. They are enlarged and twisted veins. Most of the time, the varicose vein refers to veins on the leg; However, they can occur anywhere else. Most are painless, but can result in significant distress, hurt, and skin complications. Symptoms of varicose vein include heaviness or tiredness which can be felt throughout the affected skin area, itch, and pain at the site of infection, skin inflammation, discoloration, skin ulcer or skin bleeding.

While any vein can turn out to be varicose, they are mostly limited to the veins in the legs. The leg consists of the deep and superficial veins. The deep veins are lined deep into the legs while the superficial veins are lined very close to the skin surface. Most of the time, varicose veins develop in the superficial veins of the legs. To be more specific, most develop in the saphenous vein or one of its branches. The central superficial vein in the leg is the saphenous vein.

Varicose veins occur when there is excessive pressure on the vein, which is why in most cases they occur in the legs. Unlike other parts of the body, the legs undergo pressure when you are running, standing, and walking. The accumulation of all this pressure eventually results in varicosities.

Here are few pointers on how to avoid having a varicose vein:

Raise your legs up: since varicose veins develop as a result of attempts by the vein to pump blood back into your heart, elevating the legs makes the work more comfortable for the vein. The elevated leg has to be to be at the level of the heart for at least 30 minutes. This routine can be done three to four times a day. You could do that at work or you could use a recliner while seeing a program on the television.

Wear compression stockings: they are tight and fitted socks that extend around the lower legs. Since standing makes it easier for blood to pool in your legs, these socks are very useful in ensuring that your veins are in the right position to pump blood back to your heart. They are available in different sizes and colors but they must be chosen under medical supervision else the wrong sock is chosen. Rather than help the situation, it might worsen it

Walking: pay more attention to deliberate walking. Walking helps stimulate the leg muscles that help in regulating the blood flow. Make a deliberate attempt to walk more. Choose the stairs rather than using the elevator; prefer to visit that neighbor rather than sending a text.

Engage in Routine Exercises: from running to stretching to yoga, to mountain climbers and lots more, all these help increase blood circulation and the good thing is, they can be done anywhere; at home or during work. They ensure that the blood keeps flowing and also supplies nutrients to the muscles.

Truth is, nobody wants to miss his or her favorite activity because of a severe swelling on the leg, so less of sitting and more of action. You don’t want to have a varicose leg? Then maybe it about time you started doing something about it.


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