Huge: New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA Over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers



Like many Americans, you may be beating your head against the wall trying to  figure out how governmental agencies could so blatantly ignore the facts  concerning GMO dangers. A new lawsuit filed March 12, 2014 by Center for Food Safety (CFS) demands that federal  documents be released which might incriminate the United States Department of  Agriculture over findings that GMO were harmful, while shielding the public from  this knowledge. The complaint is filed with the US District Court for the  District of Columbia, and can be viewed in full, here.

The lawsuit attests that political pressure was asserted on the FDA to  approve genetically engineered alfalfa. It seeks 1179 documents from the USDA’s  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) which explain why the agency  reversed its original decision to deny GMOs, specifically RoundUp Ready Alfalfa,  being promoted by Monsanto. The Director of CFS, Andrew Kimbrell, states:

“USDA determined Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa posed significant  environmental and economics harms and initially proposed placing restrictions on  it. Yet the agency went ahead and granted full unrestricted approval one  month later. Did the White House intervene? Did Monsanto pressure the  agency? The fact is we don’t know, and unless the court orders USDA to hand over  these documents we may never know,”

In 2005, the USDA agency, APHIS, gave Monsanto permission to sell  their poison alfalfa under the name RoundUp Ready. The very next year, CFS,  along with a coalition of farmers, challenged the approval. And even though  Monsanto tried to intervene, courts sided with the Center for Food Safety. APHIS  was ordered to complete a thorough analysis of the GMO crop’s impacts on farmers  and the environment before making a decision.

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Sadly, Monsanto got its way after appealing the decision at the Supreme Court  level, even though the APHIS report showed significant damage to agronomics and  the environment at large. The report recommended restrictions of this Monsanto  crop.

In January of 2011, APHIS reversed its decision in favor of Monsanto,  seemingly ignoring all the data they had uncovered showing that GMO alfalfa was  not good for the environment, farmers, or consumers. They even stated that they ‘had no choice’ but to grant unrestricted approval.  Alternative media then questioned the abrupt reversal, raising questions  of undue influence.

“APHIS’s sudden change of heart on the approval of Roundup Ready  alfalfa has led to the contamination of organic and conventional alfalfa to the  detriment of U.S. farmers, and threatens the health of our environment and the  survival of sensitive species,” said Sylvia Wu, attorney for Center for Food  Safety. “The public deserves an explanation from the agency. APHIS cannot be allowed to disregard the public’s right to access governmental records  guaranteed by the Freedom of Information Act.”

While it isn’t corn, wheat, or soy, alfalfa is the fourth most  commonly grown GMO crop in the US. It is grown in every US state and asserts  huge economic outcomes on farmers who grow it. Data now shows that 90% of all  alfalfa grown in the US is covered in Round Up Ready chemicals.

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