Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells



Many individuals have heard it a million times, but for the uninformed, or  those just looking to fuel their 2014 fire to finally defeat Monsanto and their  cronies, you’ll be interested to know that Monsanto’s Bt-toxin is far from ‘safe’ as the chemical company claimed it would be when filing their papers with  the FDA. New research from Canada show that BT toxins are  showing up in pregnant women, and low and behold – they are killing human embryo  cells. 2014 is the year of the horse, but we’re not through  beating this one to death.

It’s called reproductive toxicology, and just like their  suicide seeds, these Bt toxins are starting to kill our own unborn children.  This is no exaggeration. Hopefully reading further will compel you to take  action. It is time to put Monsanto to rest, bankrupt them, and let the world  know their ‘secrets’ near and far.

Bt toxins are prominent in genetically altered crops such as corn, soy,  wheat, and others, called Cry1Ab – and they can be lethal. Not only do these cry-toxins target the  kidney cells of developing human fetuses, but when Cry1Ab and Cry1Ac are  combined with RoundUp, they can delay apoptosis of human cancer cells. What’s  worse, glyphosate,  the main ingredient in RoundUp, also causes necrosis – i.e. the death of human  tissue, and this happens even when the substance is found in much smaller amounts than what is currently being used  on our agricultural crops. The stuff is still carcinogenic in the parts  per trillion range.

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In its rush to remain the ‘agricultural leader’ of the world, the US  government erected defunct regulatory bodies that have no means to truly examine  the ramifications of biotechnology on our food. The National Institute of Health  (NIH) is a joke and the FDA gave Monsanto an indefinite hall pass to cause  mayhem on the food supply.

More people need to file lawsuits against this company until they are without  one red cent to continue poisoning the planet and killing our unborn babies. The  Organic Seed Grower’s Association sued Monsanto in 2011, and Idaho wheat growers are suing Monsanto for  cross-contamination, but what about parental groups? Mother’s Against Drunk  Driving was formed when a mom lost her baby to a drunk driver. Perhaps the  mothers who face reproductive failure due to Monsanto’s hand can sue them  collectively.

The FDA’s internal memos about their concerns surrounding  GMO seed crops recently surfaced in one lawsuit, though the public was never  meant to see them. GMO foods are not the foods we have  always eaten. This is an outright lie.

Any lawyers out there willing to go against the monopoly? I’d sign a class  action suit today. Would you? In the meantime, utilize these 5 tips for avoiding GMOs while you  write your local senator, state representatives, congressman, and president.

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2 Comments on Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells

  1. BT as an insecticide and BT as a tool to introduce recombinant DNA are not the same. Air is healthy, right? But if you mainline it, it can kill you.
    Simply denying that the report is true is not convincing. This is only one of several studies independent of the biotech firms that shows severe problems from GMO crops. But the industry, through many mouthpieces and commenters, just keeps saying “Naaaah!” Just like the tobacco industry denied it could even possibly be a carcinogen when documented evidence showed later, they knew it was true all along.

  2. Not there is zero evidence that Bt kills any human cells. It is discraceful you would spread scare stories like this that are not true. Bt is a protein uised for decades by organic growers. It is COMPLETELY HARMLESS to humans and even many insects. It only kills certain insects. You are not only stupid to sugegst it but also dangerous in spreading these blatant lies. It is true that a report said that Bt could be found in human blood but it is a completely incorrect report. They used the wrong test that would have sugegst Bt is also on the moon. Unfortunately there are enough unethical people out there to spread the scare

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