Human Rats, and the Indomitable Men Of Light


By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive.

My definition of what it means to be a man is quite simple and twofold. It is a person who consciously chooses to accept responsibility for his actions. This responsibility is self-designed to promote good and right where personal welfare is secondary to the common good, family, and his God- and not necessarily in that order. Those who do not aspire toward these goals cannot stand in the light of men. Selfish concerns keep them firmly planted in shadows of their own design, and their lives are filled with troubles they themselves create, to the point of self destruction.

Men have evolved and developed specific innate characteristics, though mostly denied today, and these characters helped protect him and family in what one may consider a mostly inhospitable world. He found that when he used his spiritual side for hope and strength of purpose, and balanced it with a newfound intellect, they enabled him to be creative and visionary. With these tools he could now look at the world with dreams of his own design, and freeing him. He yearned to find new ways, better ways that would give security, value, and reason to his life, and creative ideas gave light to his mind. There are many men of light in the world today making dreams reality, and the reason we are now doubling our store of knowledge every four years.

In wonder, and sometimes horror, men willed to harness earth, fire, water, and recently even the nucleus of the atom. From dreams they harnessed power to move mountains, build roads, drill for oil, and advances in medicine and science are growing, recently cracking the genome code. Banding together for a common cause, men of light are now poised to break the back of disease and genetics that have plagued us from the beginning.

The same marvelous advances are being found in every science, and in every milieu. Men of light are working together for progress and a common cause, plowing forward, learning, growing, understanding, and foundational elements adhered to as truth for thousands of years are becoming redundant and obsolete. Progress continue, back muscles ripple from hard work, bridges span, dams set, and buildings reach upward, built by men of vision and their dreams of light.

But there are other entities at work here on earth, a sub species of human beings who ride on the backs of men of light. I call them rats. They scurry, trying to stay undetected in a world of beauty and dreams. Parasites, they offer little or nothing to the advancement of men, and know only the selfish motivation of taking, of mimicking, of stealing without an original thought. Using many trusted forms, they dwell within the framework of every society, as if they belonged, chameleons to the casual glance, but parasites none-the-less.

Generally, all professions are needed in this world, and all have men of light among them. Men, who fit the criteria of a man, as I have set forth, can tap into a source of power unavailable to the sub-human rats. Rats self-destruct one by one, and the epitome of their lives is what can be found under their fingernails as they scratched to survive. They wallow in a muck of their own design, and as the men of light and dreams move forward on righteous reasons greater than themselves, the rat does not conform. These rats know nothing of pride, honor, or true love, and live their miserable lives by measuring the amount of alcohol they can consume, the number of women who will have them, notches on their gun, what they can steal undetected, by faulted life-personifications of their own design. There is no ultimate rule or universal law for the human rat, and he will react with only selfish concerns in mind. Because they live only for the moment, nothing of them will live on but perhaps their police records, a few newspaper articles about their capture in the public library, a few stains perhaps, and the dust they held without reason will blow away forgotten.

When the light of men shines on a rat they shrink away into the shadows. Only in shadow can they exist. They take the benign and beneficial inventions of men and use them as weapons, attempting to make profit no matter what the outcome may be, or the cost to humanity. So long as they profit, little else matters, and though they might attempt to justify their actions for a myriad of reasons, they live the lie. They attempt to find contentment among other rats, even trying to have a base code of rat honor. These justifications are their reason for being, empty and shallow, and this honor is in name only, as they soon find out.

Want to see past their chameleon robes, and the rat face that peers from inside? Find them in the media where they attempt to control you with half truths and bias, international banking systems that finance both sides of war, promoting war, and the selling of arms to the highest bidder. Rats with guns patrol our streets, looking for anyone to prey upon. Some sit behind tinted windows, listening to the mobster-rap to feed their hatred, lust, and ultimately their own doom.

Some governments are run by human rats. They promote cruelty for the sake of revenge, knowing full well that violence begets violence. Rats of like mind will group together for this common purpose and use the science of taboo, and persuasion by indoctrination, propaganda, and misinformation.

Shine the light on the rats that tolerate and promote meaningless violence and drugs through music, magazines, Hollywood, and the many billboards and advertising that reaches our children from every direction. Look to a judicial system that makes a mockery of law, and law abiding citizens that are nothing but a mark.

There are some who may go undetected, so practiced; they mimic men of light skillfully. Sooner or later they all fall. Some walk our most hallowed halls dressed like judges, politicians, lawyers, and play lip service through tongue and cheek. They thread their way through trusted institutions, like religion, law enforcement, government, industry, banking, medicine, and media, smiling and playing the game with a practiced ease. But behind the curtains they plot and scheme, promote and conspire, to take, to take, to take, with nothing to put back but to cover their tracks.

Most of us have a bit of both good and bad, and it is a war, constant and unrelenting. Not only must we fight inside to remain on track and whole, but the world is full of rats to manipulate you, to control you, to coerce you out of both money and soul. Most fight successfully to stay in the light, and to go forth day in and day out for the good and right as their beacon. In spite of the rats around us, it is a wonderful time to be alive; as it is quite evident the men of light are winning.

Winning over the rats is not easy. We must look to ourselves and purge every element of them from the inside out. Let the flame continue by teaching our children love, responsibility, and pride. They will learn from us only if we walk our talk. To surround ourselves with light, fill it with family and friends of like mind. Rats will have a hard time finding a way in.

Author’s note: Using the word “men” in no way excludes woman. A man, like in definition of “mankind”, describes our human race as both sexes. There are indeed female human rats as well.


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