I Demand My Equity As A Male To Murder For My Convenience…

I Demand My Equity As A Male To Murder For My Convenience…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Since there is clearly no such thing as Morality anymore, and the Left is always talking about EQUITY (which, for them, just means, allowing them to have their way for whatever they want or they are somehow in some way a Victim of an oppressive Society). IF Women are allowed to Murder for convenience, then WHERE IS MY EQUITY?

Why do I not have the “supposed (even though it doesn’t exist, never has, never will) Right” to Murder for my own convenience?!?! You know, if “Jane Doe” (why or how does if Jane Doe is in or out of the womb matter? If the Left were consistent, which they never are) wasn’t here, my Life (my positive MENTAL HEALTH) would be more “convenient” (because, that is what the majority of Abortions are, for convenience, given modern Science the risk of carrying a Child on a Woman’s Life is virtually NIL) so I should have the Right to Murder Jane Doe to make my Life more convenient.

That’s what Roe V Wade created. And the Dobbs decision all of a sudden discovering the 10th Amendment, where-as it doesn’t apply to anything else ever, over the other “guidelines” and “Rules” and “Law” (like the precedence that if a Baby dies because someone Kills the Mother, IT IS DOUBLE-HOMICIDE (and established RIGHT TO LIFE and “Person-hood” of/for the Baby/fetus) and especially while ignoring the 14th Amendment.

The Left loves and keeps using that “EQUITY” word, and to paraphrase Princess Bride “they keep using that word, I don’t think it means what they insist it means!”

VIDEO: (12m 30s) “How is ‘Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ an Anti-Abortion (value of ALL LIVES, and notions of RIGHT AND WRONG do matter) film?”

Remember when the first PURGE film came out and the discussions of how ABSURD the notion was. Well, there is NO SUCH THING AS MORALITY anymore. Now, like in the 1960’s, it’s all about IF IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD THEN I GET TO DO IT and consequences should not apply. In Rush Limbaugh terms, demonstrating absurdity with absurdity to make a point. But, today, the Left doesn’t get it, they never have, they never will – all that matters is THEIR CONVENIENCE!

So, once again, I DEMAND MY EQUITY of such too.

Now, of course, since I understand the concepts of RIGHT AND WRONG, I would not engage in such behavior because I understand there is RIGHT AND WRONG and there are consequences EVENTUALLY in some shape or form, but that is exactly why the Left wants the notions of God, Faith, HELL, morality, removed from Society – the ends justify the means of WHATEVER THE HELL IS CONVENIENT NOW.

Power and Control, enrichment of the Elites while garnering that Power/Control by having suckered morons with talk of EQUITY and that Socialism makes everyone have EQUITY. George Orwell if alive today would be writing a sequel to Animal Farm (and part of the concepts in my TERROR STRIKES: COMING SOON TO A CITY NEAR YOU book, not just about Terrorism but about WOKEism and Leftism destroying Western Culture) and the new line would be: “Some Animals get MORE EQUITY (Special Rights) than others!” We are, by our system of Governance, A REPUBLIC, NOT MOBOCRACY, supposed to be EQUAL UNDER LAW and suffer the consequences – but many escape any and all consequence. The Left still not getting that under their Socialist Utopia nonsense SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS as everyone is Poor, except (of course) the Ruling Elites they keep electing to bring in that farcical notion that just keep enriching themselves and deliver more RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME decrees.

And before I go any further, since I’ve mentioned morality, that automatically sets off the Left anti-Religion crowd and false-narrative of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, which how the Left wishes to apply such (and is NOT found in our Founding Documents, but a Jefferson Letter). Let me say THE NOTION OF RIGHT AND WRONG IS NOT LIMITED TO RELIGION. For example, famous Atheist PENN of Penn and Teller, noted self-professed Libertarian, understands, professes, Be your brothers keeper, and Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you – WITHOUT ANY BIBLICAL encouragement in his Life.

VIDEO: (3m13s) “LIVE AND LET DIE” Beatles

So, we return to the dumbest amongst us: WHAT DO I WANT (doesn’t matter about needs, or how it effects others) TODAY FOR MY CONVENIENCE???

As then all that matters is WHAT CONVENIENCE DO I GET FROM WHATEVER NOW! There are other lessons about consequences of unchecked and out-of-control spending (for the thinking will understand was already eluded above) and the consequences of inevitable Economics of Inflation and eventual BANKRUPTCY (at which point, the Nation cannot help even the neediest in the “Safety-net” fashion, let along the Welfare hammock we’ve become). That without anyone to pull the cart, no-one gets the FREE RIDE in the cart. But, again, the Left, and seemingly anyone and everyone under 40 due to lack of any real Education in this Nation anymore, do not get that, or any of this, never have and never will.

For the dummies on the Left “CLOWARD AND PIVEN” that they engage in while being too stupid, they are useful idiots for the Elites engaging in said strategy as well as all other Alinsky type “never let a crisis go to waste” to be used for more power, more control, more enrichment of the Elites and their donors/cronies. All the while falling for the BREAD AND CIRCUS routine from the Elites – which of course the ignorant and uneducated Left will completely have zero understanding of the reference.

WHERE IS MY EQUITY? Cuz I’m tired of Rules applying to just some of us, but not all of us. So, there should be NO RULES, complete Anarchy, FOR ALL.

I demand my Male EQUITY to Murder for convenience!

Using the Lefts EMOTIONAL HYSTERICAL twisted “EQUITY” pretzel-logic, if one has the “CHOICE” to Murder another for convenience, then we ALL have to be allowed that “CHOICE!”

I demand the “CHOICE” to be able to either directly myself or have someone on my behalf to use Tools that were designed to DO NO HARM (The Medical Oath now ignored) to DISMEMBER A LIVING BEING to the point that their Life expires, and then me to be able to PROFIT by selling off that Person’s body parts.

There is NO DIFFERENCE in that and the MURDER OF A LIVING HUMAN BEING IN THE WOMB and one outside the Womb. NONE. PERIOD!

And, in closing, I know THINKING PEOPLE will surely get it/this, but the Emotionally hysterical non-thinkers will still NOT HAVE A CLUE and will never “get it!”


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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3 Comments on I Demand My Equity As A Male To Murder For My Convenience…

  1. Wish I would have come upon this before I wrote this piece, so-as to be able to embed his Set…

    This Comedian is GREAT… He dare do PRO LIFE humor… Sure he gets Death threats from the BABY MURDER crowd…

    Pro-Life Comedy in London (full version) | Nicholas De Santo

  2. I wish I would have found this before completing this piece, as I would have included an embed of this video…

    Whoa… Care/dare to SHARE this?!?!?
    Dares clearly state PlannedSlaughterhood worse than NAZIs (they had “standards”)
    Pro-Life Comedy in London (full version) | Nicholas De Santo

  3. If I wasn’t CONTROVERSIAL enough above, let me try this on you too…
    I didn’t want to detract from the BLUNT point of the article, so left out, but important: I blame idiot Chief Justice Roberts for the BOTCHED (IMO) Dobbs Ruling, as he’s always looking for “middle-ground” and “excuses to appease the Left” (like RINOs in Congress) deciding on 10th Amendment rather than plain 14th Amendment “nor shall any State deprive any PERSON of Life…” and the Left’s use of same twisted logic/language that a fetus isn’t a Person just as did their SLAVES as “not-Human” manure. YET, DOUBLE HOMICIDE (if you MURDER a Woman and Child in Womb, charged as DOUBLE MURDER/HOMICIDE) established that Childs RIGHT TO LIFE and PERSONHOOD long before Roe or Casey. We must challenge on 14TH AMENDMENT GROUNDS and the ESTABLISHED RIGHT TO LIFE precedence!

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