I’m Sick of These Lazy, Entitled Free-Loaders Gaming the System and the Job Sites That Are Enabling Them

I’m Sick of These Lazy, Entitled Free-Loaders Gaming the System and the Job Sites That Are Enabling Them

by Sin Remover

Sorry in advance for the rant, but even though the economy is on the rise and we seem to be headed in the right direction, there are still far too many lazy, pathetic, entitled losers amongst us that its’s a drain on the entire system. It’s going to take a lot more than tax cuts to reverse the severe damage 8 years of Obama and his nanny state, leftist friends have done to this country.

I own a small, family-run business in Illinois and we were recently hiring for an office position. We decided to post the position on a few job boards such as Indeed and Zip Recruiter. What happened next really pissed me off.

We had plenty of people who applied for the job in just a few days. We went through all the resumes and chose what we felt were the best six and proceeded to schedule them for interviews. So, these were people who actually applied for the job, responded to our interview request and corresponded with us to schedule a time for the interview. I couldn’t believe what happened next.

We had six interviews lined up over three days. Not a single one of the six applicants showed up for the interview. NOT ONE! Not a single phone call or email. Nothing. All of them simply blew it off. After thinking about it I realized what was happening.

I’m not sure if it’s the same in every state, but in Illinois, in order to continue to receive unemployment benefits, you have to show that you are actively looking for work. These scum were simply using these job sites to “apply” for jobs so they could show they were looking and had interviews. All they had to do was show they had contact and scheduled interviews. This is absolutely disgusting.

These large job sites, such as Indeed, allow for these pieces of [S…]t to more easily game the system. I have since spoken to other business owners and all have said they have had similar experiences. Not only are these people costing the rest of us tax dollars, but they are also making it more difficult for people actually trying to find employment by cluttering up the sites with their bullshit resumes.

I was so mad I actually called and emailed the state unemployment office and reported the names of all of the people who did this. Unfortunately, being in Illinois, I know nothing will happen. I think business owners should be able to report this type of activity and get these low life’s cut off. Not only that, but these job sites should allow for comments from businesses on a persons profile so that others can see they are scammers. Save others the time and effort of dealing with these losers. Keep others from possibly hiring one of these idiots just so they can work a few months and quit so they can get back on unemployment. Obviously that won’t happen either as these sites want as many users as possible. It’s a system that’s a true hinderance to economic growth. Business owners have a hard enough job to have to waste precious time dealing with free loaders.

It’s a shame what 8 years of leftists did to this country. I remember when people used to actually look for work. Actually go to a business and put themselves out there. Now, most of these lazy ass[…..] just upload their bull[….] resumes and wait for a business to contact them. Like they’re entitled to the job. God forbid they had to actually work to find work.

Never again will I post a job online as we found a great person to fill the position through word-of-mouth. Not only that, but I will never hire anyone who simply sends me a resume. To me, all that says is I’m too lazy to make an effort. Sorry for the rant, but this really had me pissed off.


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